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Best Mobile App Development Ideas in this Pandemic Time

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Moving through this Pandemic situation is as unanticipated and critical as one is walking through a threatening thunder striking the city. COVID 19 has impelled many nations to forcefully lockdown their people and work areas. Many nations had experienced devastating economic downfalls that had ever faced before. Every industrial sector is facing a huge loss that directly and indirectly affected the lakhs of human lives in such kind of situation. During this tough time, it has become much difficult to decide whether to start a new business that could result in acquiring customers and provide favorable results. But keeping a ray of hope, hiring mobile app developers that could give a plethora of ideas for business application development, native mobile app development with future growth, would make a lot of sense.

Tammy Savage, Founder and CEO of Groopit

“Groopit is crowdsolving platform that makes it easy for disconnected people to work together in real-time across teams, departments, communities, or countries. The ability to solve the magnitude of problems that have arisen and will continue to arise from COVID requires relying on an extended team of people more now than ever versus the more traditional teams we’re used to and the Groopit app helps people do that. The faster the disparate people in our extended teams can solve problems, the faster we walk out of this crisis.

The app has been deployed across a few COVID-19 situations, one upcoming one that will help companies and offices re-open and get their employees back to work. The app has also helped through the below situations recently:

  • Two college students at Harvard are using the crowdsolving app to build a crowd-sourced database of reviews to collect real-time data about if, how, and where COVID-19 testing is working. It's a Yelp-like experience to help people better understand the best places to go should they need a COVID-19 test. For screenshots of the project and more info you can visit:
  • The city of Omaha equipped the residents with the crowdsolving app to work together in their real communities - the apartment building, church group, cultural center, or a neighborhood where people really know each other, and trust among them already exists. You can read more about the program in Omaha and see product screenshots here:”.

Adil Advani from PureVPN says,

“Due to this pandemic, a mobile app with a blockchain feature to transfer payments or funding will be a succesful app. Because hackers all around the world are now more alert to do malicious activities and to hack bank accounts and all.

Benefit of this app:

  • Social distancing
  • Encrypted data
  • Easy & Quick to transfer”

Luis Acevedo from Segal Communications says,

“With so many stores placing limits on the number of occupants, some businesses are looking to a new App called NeedAnything? to help maximize every checkout. The innovative shopping app has received 5-star reviews since its launch earlier this year. Developed to solve the problem of returning from a store only to be asked, “Why didn’t you tell me you were going? I needed something!” The free app works with local stores to alert select friends and family via app to app chat or SMS (for those who are yet to install the app) anytime a user walks into a favorite store, restaurant, retail shop, or farmers market. Recipients don’t need to download the app to get messages.

The app had been in development for several years but the developer fast-tracked bringing it to market for the current critical need. NeedAnything? is the easiest and fastest way to send an auto-alert to the people you choose to ask if they need anything. The visionary app ensures you never have to make two trips to the store, saves time, helps friends, and benefits the environment. The Coronavirus has business owners and customers searching for ways to shop in a safety-first fashion. NeedAnything? makes it even easier to follow essential public health guidelines and directives.”

Anne Szustek Talbot, VP of Content Marketing at BX3 Capital says,

Clara Terra, a blockchain-based app that allows corporations and individuals to join forces in the battle against climate change. Consumers can pay the world back, one simple transaction at a time.

How? Take, for example, a cup of coffee. Consider the heat required to dry the beans; the cost of transportation; the power to make the brew. Imagine if you could offset the environmental costs of these activities when paying for said cup of coffee by paying a 5-cent donation to a UN-sanctioned environmental project.

Now—imagine if your 5 cents were matched by a corporate donation. This is the mission of Clara Terra: helping companies and consumers lower emissions and thanks to the power of blockchain, verifying that your money is going exactly where it was meant to go.

Every dollar contributed via the Clara Terra app is matched by corporate sponsors, doubling the consumer’s initial carbon offsetting efforts and leaving a positive impact on the world around us.”

Melissa Frakman, Managing Partner & Founder at EMVC says,

“During this pandemic and as we proceed into the "new normal" of a post-COVID world, an example of a mobile app that is viable to attract customers as well venture funding right now include [insert 1-2 of the ideas below]

  • A digital health solution that provides mobile, low cost access to quality medical advice and even health insurance
  • A fresh, ultra-convenient digital payment experience that enables mobile shopping and online services delivery with instant integration with your bank account and personal finance tracking
  • Highly-personalized mobile video content with an educational bent, given that everyone is home with time on their hands (Masterclass has been masterful at leveraging this moment)
  • New financial products for savings and investment delivered through a fun, educational mobile experience. As more millennials read about economic fallout post-COVID, they will seek to reimagine their relationship with their money and risk management. There is ample open space for new entrants both in the US and internationally”