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With the advent of mobile applications, customers and business are just a touch away. Mobile apps are fast, easy to access & operate and highly efficient. With so much competition around, today, any business cannot survive without being proactive. Mobile apps are sure short cut to gain a competitive edge. Mobile apps help businesses to extend their reach in the market, retain existing customer base, helps manage customer accounts and last but not the least increases the visibility of any business. Hence, it’s almost naïve on the part of any business organization to ignore mobile apps. The market share for smartphones is progressing rapidly among various platforms and hence the requirement of any platform is uncertain. The number of platforms makes for huge competition in the market place and repeatedly build constraints on what can be delivered to the end-user.

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. is a swiftly expanding Mobile Application Development Company in USA. We at iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. have a passionate, experienced and an expert team dedicated to mobile app development along with software developers and you can hire dedicated ASP.Net core developer, angular developer, nodejs developer or Blockchain developer as per your business need.. iFour is a one stop Mobile App Development Company accomplished to perform the best in the Android, iOS and Hybrid app development space. Our flawless software solutions serve up-to-the-minute technologies, Supreme-edge mobile and Integration with distinguished market solutions. Thus, a detailed insight of the operating environment and requirements is necessary to identify the best fit solution for customer needs.

Why Mobile Application Development Services are Important?

Perpetuate high performance, digitally metamorphic and feature-packed Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have modified the way humans identify and exploit computing. Mobile phones have transfigured from an ordinary conservation device to a major point of attention for individuals and firm alike due to their distinctive features. All this is a result of the growth in technology and acquire to high-speed internet. All this was feasible through transformation in the mobile app development.

Let’s spotlight few of the key points:

  1. Enhance and reinforce your Brand Value in the Market
  2. Increase Sales and Boost Profits
  3. Offer value to your clients
  4. Expand your visibility
  5. Enumerate multiple revenue streams
  6. Brace customer engagemen
  7. Transfigure the retail experience

Our high-end Enterprise Mobile App Development Services

iFour delivers transformative enterprise-class solution for your Business

iFour team has vast and extensive experience in mobile app development for various industries like Travel, Logistics and shipping, Insurance, Oil and gas and Retail industry. The team follows app guideline properly to maintain a high probability of app acceptance by various stores. We can design any types of apps be varying from personal assistance to m-educator apps to enterprise apps.

Our core areas of expertise include:

iPhone app development

iPad app development

Android mobile app development

React native app development

Progressive web app development

Windows mobile app development

Cross-platform app development

Hybrid app development

Xamarin Mobile App Development

Cloud Boost Mobile App Development

Mobile App Realization Process

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. follows following application development process to ensure that customer receives bug-free and quality mobile app.

  • Conceptualize the business idea or thought

  • Develop a detailed wireframe

  • Implementation

  • Test the mobile application with customer

  • Publish the app on store

Why hire us?

We craft top-level Mobile Experiences at Scale

iFour engages the customer at various stages of development life cycle and ensures that the development is within the project scope and meets customer requirements and expectations. We give extra focus on user interface. We focus on simple but elegant user interface. UI is very important for the marketability of the mobile app. Our mobile design and user interface are unique and adds value in the marketability of the mobile application.

Our value-driven outlook is originated to assist you hit the market with an exemplary mobile app swiftly. We dignify ourselves on progress transparency, rapid turnaround time, and consecutive quality assurance, all the way through.

User Experience Design 1
Top performance 2
Cross-Platform Coverage 3
Rapid results4
Scalability & Interoperability5
Accelerated Delivery6
100% transparency7
Customer-first Approach8
Our Agile Approach
iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd.
Top 10 FAQs for Mobile Application Development Services

iFour Technolab has talented Mobile Application developers who are experts in converting ideas into reality. Our developers provide effortless services for native and hybrid mobile app development on both Android and iOS platforms.

iFour Technolab is considered among the top remarkable Mobile app development companies in USA. Being a trusted partner, we maintain the great security of the client’s intellectual property with their confidential data. Apart from that, there were other essential factors that show why to choose iFour:

  1. We provide high-quality and off the chart mobile application development services to the global clientele.
  2. With strategic teamwork and coordination, our developers can craft any type of mobile apps for you with outstanding features and functionality.
  3. On top of all, we provide effective mobile app development services at affordable rates covering all your business requirements. Unlike tricky IT vendors, we never impose any hidden charges. We follow everything clearly and transparently.
  4. We have a meritorious team of Mobile app developers, refined UI/UX designers, masterly Project Managers, meticulous QA team, technical support engineers, Business analysts, that could add value to your business app development.
  5. Delivering the project within the timeline is also a major factor for any business. We are well equipped with time management and delivering quality apps within the client’s timeline.

Not all mobile apps created are equal. Some are outstanding, and the rest are flipped among unsuccessful ones. We convert your idea and perspectives into reality and that’s our strength.

Our Mobile application developers prefer Xamarin, Ionic, and React for Hybrid mobile app development.

Just after the introduction of smartphones and tablets, the demand for mobile applications has touched the roofs beyond expectations. Talking about various stages of the mobile app development process, they are done in 5 phases.

Research: Figuring out how the requirements and ideas could be merged and converted into a functional mobile app.

Prototype: Developing the prototype i.e. a rough mobile app to understand the salient features and shaping the needs that audiences are looking for.

Design and Develop:  Designing visually appealing UI and developing astonishing functionalities. These need to be done properly.

Testing: Once the app development was done, the Software testers would examine and test the core components deeply to ensure everything is working fine without any concerns.

Deployment:This is the last phase in which the app is made live.

To minimize the rejection, our developers build applications following to App Store and other store guidelines.

As an eminent mobile app development company, we have served many industry verticals such as e-commerce, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Transportation and logistics, etc.

Generally, we follow the MVC pattern for designing applications regardless of the platform you go with. While talking about the technologies, we work on Objective C, X-Code Editor, SQLite database for iPhone-related apps. And for Android-based app development, we use Android SDK, eclipse editor, Java, and SQLite database.

Today approximately 80 % of the businesses in the world maintain their mobile apps to run their business. Different industry verticals have different types of mobile apps. The following are the benefits you can find for your trade business:

  1. Provides more value to the clients and customers.
  2. Customers do not need to wait.
  3. Helps with cost reduction and increase in customer engagement.
  4. Through mobile apps, you can make easy promotions, and offer fabulous support.
  5. Mobile apps enhance your brand visibility.
  6. These are known for the best social media platforms that make marketing possible and help you achieving a lot of new customers.
  7. Mobile apps help to reach your targeted audience and helps to give an edge over the competition.

The hired Mobile app developers would be working for your project and thus you will be the true owner of your mobile app and IP rights just after the deployment.

We can suggest you the available country-specific payment gateways. The price and conditions are also depending on certain local factors like govt. taxes, etc. iFour will help you with choosing the right gateway considering your geographic location.

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