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iFour Technolab Private Limited is a leading  Angularjs development company in USA, providing excellent Angular Development and Consulting Services to clients across the globe. Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework, developed and maintained by Google. Its goal is to enhance web-based applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability. With two-way data binding and regular DOM, Angular perform fully on the client site. Angular makes it simple to build real-time applications because it has a two-way data binding feature. This is a very reliable and flexible framework for developing single-page application like Gmail. Our Angular expert developers are inventive in developing Angular based customized and sustainable web, desktop and mobile applications that are scalable and reliable for various business verticals.

Having hands-on experience starting from AngularJS to the latest version of Angular framework, we render effective services to both technical as well as outsourcing sectors.

At times, we have served with AngularJS for a few of our clients. Moving on with the waves of tech era, we began working on the latest Angular frameworks as well which benefits us with amazing features over the old AngularJS. One of them is like Angular uses Typescript, a superset of JavaScript language which gives effortless results in web development.


At iFour, we preferably use the latest version of the Angular framework trending in the market for project development. Angular8 has impeccable features like Angular CLI update, support for building Native Mobile Apps using Nativescript or ionic, extensive support for Bazel and Typescript, support for Router with location and lazy-loading, Builder Api support, etc.

Angular framework has turned up as a boon for web developers, that has a clean, ready-made code built inside with support of different libraries. This helps them to save a lot of time from writing the handy code right from scratch and improves efficiency with minimal effort.

Since the establishment of iFour Technolab, this IT consulting services has gained great success in delivering Angular services for many innovative products and software systems.

Making the best use of Angular development services, our passionate Software Techies at iFour Technolab, help the global clients in developing web applications as well as building a quick cross-platform prototype for mobile-related applications as per the requirement.

Being a reputed Offshore and trusted Angular development company, our angular services also deal with the integration of best-suited third-party tools with no concern of security. Front-end of an application is as crucial as back-end functionality in a project. Following this fact, clients can hire angular developers from us who can assist them with eye-catching UI/UX front-end services to their products.

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Why Adopting Angular Development Services is best choice for Enterprises?

AngularJS Solutions that promise optimum success

  • Two Way Data Binding

    With two-way data binding, it eliminates the need for DOM manipulation, thus coming as a great timesaver during the software development process. Also, the UI of the applications made with Angular automatically updates once the data model changes.

  • MVC Architecture

    Model-view-controller (MVC) design is a widely used development pattern because of its parallel workflow and support for swift. The Angular MVC architecture ensures faster app development, higher SEO-friendliness, and easier maintenance.

  • Reusable HTML components

    In Angular Framework user interfaces are mainly built on HTML and also it regulates the implementation of the application.

  • Huge Community and Support

    Angular has a huge community all around the globe who are actively contributing to its betterment and thus making the best JavaScript framework for real-time applications.

Our Top-end AngularJS
Development Services

Experience the difference in class of AngularJS Development Services

With our extensive experience as a best Angular Development Company,


we have been offering development and consulting services to enable our customers to scale new heights. Over the years we have worked on several projects delivered them successfully and achieved customer satisfaction with our services.

Our Angular technology experts are proficient at developing a wide range of sustainable solutions integrating the capability of this popular front-end JavaScript framework, including:

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Custom Angular Web App
Single- Page Angular Applications
Mobile App Development
Angular API Development Services
Enterprise App Development
Migration Services
Ecommerce Development
Portal Development

Simple frontend with sustainable backend - Few minutes to future

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iFour deliver the feature-rich AngularJS solutions in the entire enterprise niche

Our team at iFour, has expert Angular developers’ in-depth knowledge of Angular features in their technical skill set to provide our customer, best dynamic and robust applications that enhance their business. We are flexible in providing our customers with the software development approach that suits their requirements, budget and timeline. We have invested our years of knowledge in developing out-of-box and user-centric custom web app and mobile development solutions that help our clients in scaling their business as per their needs. Thus, with our knowledge and vast experience, we assist you to choose what is best for your business not only in the short-run but also for your long-term business goals. Avail the best of Angular and get the best front-end application developed by adroit Angular developers.

We also have certified full-stack developers working with us, proficient in providing the services related to Docker, React, Java, Native-script, MEAN stack-based projects.

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Top 10 FAQs for Angular Technology

First of all, Angular is not a programming language as that of TypeScript and JavaScript. It is just a Client-side framework or Front-end framework, which means it runs on the user’s web browser (or at client-side) but not particularly on a web server. Of course, there is an alternative called Angular Universal that makes it possible to run on a Web server.

This Framework requires a language like TypeScript to work. The Angular framework can deal with Single Page application development very efficiently and it is maintained by Google.

Angular is one of the most utilized platforms in the Angular frontend development companies and its features are just extraordinary. Let’s take a look at the advantages of Angular –

  1. Modular structure of development with outstanding performance.
  2. No need of using third-party libraries to create applications with basic functionality.
  3. Angular facilitates impeccable functionality with the assistance of tools that handle routing and testing.
  4. Higher code quality and better Security.
  5. It is built with TypeScript which helps you in keeping your code clean and understandable. As Typescript is a superset of JavaScript, you can exceed the limits of JavaScript with your code.
  6. Easily understandable by Beginners and maintains a high level of consistency.
  7. Enhanced productivity with a great amount of time-saving.

Following are the building blocks of Angular that play a significant role while Front-end development - Modules, Templates, Component, Data binding, Directives, Dependency injection, Services, Routing.

Services assist you to overcome the repetition of code while application development. Once you create a Service, you can simply utilize the same code from different components. The command which is used to create a User service in Angular is – ng g service User.

To represent data from a component, we make use of this set of braces with HTML tags. For instance, we use h1 tags in this way- {{Name}}. Here “Name” is a Typescript component data that represents the value of Name on the HTML Template. This process is basically called “String Interpolation”.

The following is the sequence of Angular Life-cycle hooks:

  1. OnChange()
  2. OnInit()
  3. DoCheck()
  4. AfterContentInit()
  5. AfterContentChecked()
  6. AfterViewInit()
  7. AfterViewChecked()
  8. OnDestroy()

In order to manage the dependencies of the Angular web development project, we use package.json. In the case of using typescript in the project, we can specify the typescript package and typescript version in package.json.

ngModel is a directive in the Angular that is applied to a text field. Basically, it is a two-way binding of data and it is denoted with [()]

The major difference between ng-Class and ng-Style is that- By using ng-Class we can load the CSS class and in the case of ng-Style, we can only set the CSS style.

If you want to render the template components at a specific or particular location then RouterOutlet would be used.

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