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iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Angular development company in USA, providing excellent Angular development and consulting services to clients across the globe. Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework, developed and maintained by Google. Its goal is to enhance web-based applications with MVVM capability. With two-way data binding and regular DOM, Angular can be executed completely at the client’s site. It makes it easy to build real-time applications because it has a two-way data binding feature. It is an extremely reliable and flexible framework to develop single-page applications like Gmail. Our expert developers have created innovative ways of developing Angular-based customized and sustainable web, desktop and mobile applications that are scalable and reliable for various business verticals.

With hands-on experience starting from AngularJS to the latest version of the Angular framework, we render effective IT Consulting services to both, the technical as well as outsourcing sectors. A few times, we have worked with AngularJS for our clients. Given the development in technology, we have moved to working with the latest Angular frameworks which include amazing features compared to the old AngularJS. One of them is that Angular uses Typescript, a superset of the JavaScript language, which provides effortless results in web development.

iFour: Your trusted partner for Angular development services

At iFour, we use the latest version of the Angular framework for project development. Angular8+ has impeccable features like Angular CLI update, support for building Native Mobile Apps using Nativescript or ionic, extensive support for Bazel and Typescript, support for Router with location and lazy-loading, Builder Api support, among others.

The Angular framework has been a boon for web developers. It has a clean, ready-made code built inside with the support of different libraries. This helps save a lot of time while writing the code from scratch and improves efficiency.

Since the establishment of iFour, we have gained great traction in delivering Angular services for many innovative products and software systems.

Making the best use of Angular development services, our dedicated software engineers help global clients in developing web applications as well as in building a quick cross-platform prototype for mobile-related applications based on their requirements.

We are a reputed offshore and trusted Angular development company; our Angular services also deal with the integration of best-suited third-party tools with superior security. The front-end of an application is as crucial as the back-end functionality in a project. Thus, clients can hire Angular developers from us who can assist them by developing interesting UI/UX front-end services for their products.

Why should you hire Angular developers from iFour?

At our company, we understand the significance of making the right choice when it comes to hiring Angular developers. Here's why our decade-long experience in Angular development sets us apart:

Trusted Expertise: With a solid decade of experience, our Angular developers bring a level of expertise you can trust. We've honed our skills through numerous projects, ensuring a deep understanding of Angular's capabilities.

Efficient Development: Our seasoned Angular developers excel in efficiency. We streamline the development process, delivering solutions promptly without compromising on quality.

Proven Success: Take confidence in our proven track record. Our history of successful Angular projects is a testament to our commitment to client satisfaction and project excellence.

Continuous Learning: Staying abreast of the latest Angular trends and best practices is ingrained in our culture. Our developers have in-depth knowledge, ensuring your project benefits from the latest advancements.

Optimized Performance: We comprehend Angular intricacies, optimizing application performance for a seamless user experience. Expect nothing less than a high-performing, user-friendly solution.

Tailored Solutions: Our experienced Angular developers specialize in customization. We tailor solutions to your specific business needs, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with your objectives.

Scalability Assurance: Looking to the future, our developers understand how to build scalable solutions. We lay the groundwork for your application's growth, ensuring it can evolve with your business.

Quality Codebase: Trust in the quality of our code. With a decade of Angular coding standards under our belt, we deliver a clean, maintainable, and high-quality codebase.

Effective Problem Solving: Our developers thrive in problem-solving. Challenges are opportunities for us to showcase our efficiency and innovative problem-solving skills.

Comprehensive Support: Beyond development, we offer a wealth of Angular knowledge and reliable support. Consider us not just as developers but as partners invested in your project's success.

In choosing our Angular development services, you're not just hiring a team; you're partnering with a company that values expertise, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

Why should enterprises adopt Angular development services?

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Two-way data binding

Two-way data binding eliminates the need for DOM manipulation, thus saving time during the software development process. Also, the UI of the applications made with Angular automatically update once the data model changes.

MVVM architecture

The Model-view-view-model (MVVM) design is a widely used development pattern because of its parallel workflow and separation. The Angular MVVM architecture ensures faster app development, higher SEO-friendliness, and easier maintenance.

Reusable HTML components

In the Angular framework, user interfaces are mainly built on HTML. It also regulates the implementation of the application.

Huge community and support

Angular has a huge community all around the globe that actively contributes to its betterment, thus creating the best JavaScript framework for real-time applications.

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  • Custom Angular web app

  • Single-page Angular applications

  • Mobile app development

  • Angular API development services

  • Enterprise app development

  • Migration services

  • E-commerce development

  • Portal development

  • Transparent and customer-focused approach

  • Diversified domain proficiency

  • Exceptional technology competency

  • Agile and trusted deploy methods

  • Robust solutions and in-depth analysis

  • Transparent communication with professionalism

  • Assured round-the-clock support

  • Competitive pricing and cost-effective delivery

  • Use of modern technologies

  • Flexible hiring models



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FAQs for Angular technology

We are a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner having experienced, vetted, and certified professionals. With over 10 years of market experience and extensive subject knowledge, we offer top-notch software services that help you stay ahead in the competition.

First of all, Angular is not a programming language as that of Typescript and JavaScript. It is just a client-side framework or front-end framework, which means it runs on the user’s web browser but not on a web server specifically. Of course, there is an alternative called Angular Universal that makes it possible to run on a web server.

The Angular framework requires a language called Typescript to work. It is maintained by Google and can deal with single-page application development very efficiently.

Angular is one of the highly preferred platforms for UI development and its features are just extraordinary. Let’s take a look at the advantages of Angular –

  • Modular structure of development with outstanding performance.
  • No need of using third-party libraries to create applications with basic functionality.
  • Angular offers various tools that handle routing and testing effortlessly.
  • Higher code quality and better security.
  • It is built with Typescript which helps you in keeping your code clean and understandable. As Typescript is a superset of JavaScript, you can exceed the limits of JavaScript with your code.
  • Easily understandable by beginners and maintains a high level of consistency.
  • Enhanced productivity with a great time-saving.

The building blocks of Angular are - Modules, Templates, Component, Data binding, Directives, Dependency injection, Services, Routing.

We use GitHub to manage the source code of your Angular project. It is a simple yet powerful platform that allows to review threads, bug fixes, and debugging easily. However, we are also open to using any tool of the client’s choice.

We have precise procedures to follow for software quality assurance. Besides, we perform periodic code reviews to enhance project quality and performance.

We have veteran project managers who supervise and monitor projects of various domains without compromising quality and time. One of them would be assigned to your Angular project.

No, there wouldn’t be any hidden charges in your Angular project. iFour Technolab offers top-notch software services at affordable charges and maintains complete transparency throughout the project duration.

Yes, depending on your project type, size, features, functionalities, modules, etc., we offer 90-120 days of warranty for your Angular project.

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