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Airport Parking Operator Booking System

About Customer

The customer is a leading Airport parking operator in Australia. With the facilities ranging from undercover, outdoor parking to free shuttle services, this customer has been gaining incredible trust and fame across the entire country. With the parking facility being ten kilometers away from the airport, self-collection of keys, competitive prices, staff with great hospitality, the parking facility makes customers more delighted.


Website and booking engine are crucial for the customer’s business as most of his bookings were online. The previous website was developed in WordPress, and the compromised issues, inefficiencies are affecting the customer’s business. Compromising customer data and related information is a big issue and could put the customer in legal complications.

This made the customer consider revamping and redevelopment of the current booking engine and website.

Airport Parking Operator Booking System - 01

Technology Used




Web Server

ASP.NET (C#) Framework 4.5

Programming Language

Microsoft SQL Server

Database Management Server

MVC / Entity framework


JavaScript, JQuery

Client Technology


Version Control

eWay Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Airport Parking Operator Booking System - 02
Airport Parking Operator Booking System - 03

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  • Reliable and robust booking engine with smooth, easy, and secure online payment gateway integration

  • Novel website has the ability to manage information of website through its customized module "Content Management System"

  • Dynamic allocation of the location to members when they check-in the facility through its innovative module "Parking Location Management"

  • Dynamic calculation of parking prices that are well-aligned with the customer’s revenue model through its self-calculative module "Discount Management"

  • Proper management of rewards and commission to the members who bring in new consumers through its reliable module "Affiliate and Referral Management"

  • Detailed and dynamic reporting to aid managers of the parking facility in the decision making process through its automated module "Report Generation"

  • 24*7 online chat support to assist the customer with their queries and complaints.

  • Secure and encrypted customer data storage and management to comply with the government and industry-based norms and regulations

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. provided a sustainable solution that is running successfully since a while. There has not been a single security breach or information threat incident. The system has improved workflow of the business and has made it more efficient and reliable. Robust and Resilient booking engine that has the capacity to handle more than three digit bookings per day. Elimination of manual allocation of location to cars resulted in the reduction in the number of possible human errors in misallocation of the cars. Maintenance of the agents and bookings they made is extensively easier.


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