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Running a freelance business is more than just being a contractor with an LLC. To build a sustainable business, you need to recruit talent, establish marketing channels, build a sales pipeline, manage accounts, dispatch work orders, send proposals, manage projects, approve time, send invoices, and more. Using our solution, it is easy to manage a modern service provider.

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Technology Used

.NET Core 2.2

Programming Languages


Client Technology

Microsoft SQL Server






.NET Core 2.2, Web API


.NET Core-based website


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Given below are some of the key benefits of this platform:

  • 1) Scale up your service, marketing and recruiting operations by adding variable streams of income to billing rates.

    2) Each role in your company has a portal where they can complete their tasks, and dashboards to see their commission growth.

    3) Each person gets paid as the invoices are paid. The more roles a person has, the more commission he can make.

    4) Up to 5 unique roles per contract allow for comprehensive profit sharing, white-labelling, and channel partner arrangements.

    5) End-to-End agency management: Manage your marketing, recruiting, accounting and service operations in one integrated solution.

    6) White labelling: Build your revenue base by completing projects for other agencies, or by having other agencies do the work under your banner.


This solution supports various freelancer roles in the professional services system:

  • Contractor - Contractors are the only role that tracks time. Every other role makes an override from these hours. They are the main base of any service provider agency because their working hours drive the revenue of the entire organization. Contractors make money for tracking time.

  • Recruiter - Recruiters make a stream of income for every hour billed by the contractors they recruited. Recruiters drive candidates to service provider agencies. They can simply earn through their contractor references. 

  • Project Manager - Project managers earn revenue for every hour billed on a project. They can manage customer accounts and projects seamlessly.

  • Account Manager - Account managers can close deals and delegate work orders to project managers. Account managers can earn well for every hour billed to an account.

  • Agency Owner - Agency owners have full access. Using this role one can add new projects, approve/qualify/reject candidates, and view time tracking.

  • Marketer - Marketers drive leads to service provider agencies. Marketers can earn based on every hour billed to an account.

  • Time Tracking – The entire system is driven by contractors’ tracking time. Everyone’s commission flows from these working hours, automatically.


With this Agency management platform, you can automate the payouts to your professional service providers and partners.

It gives you a comprehensive model that lets you scale your marketing, recruiting and service operations with one unified platform.

  • Accurate - know that every hour contains the exact commissions needed to drive your team along with the company profits that you have set.

  • Scalable - Pay-as-you-grow model aligns quality with performance. Everybody wants one thing - quality hours billed and invoices paid on time.

  • Automatic - You will never have to worry about paying your providers, all commissions are automated through the platform.

  • Customizable - choose the affiliate margins that make sense for your business. The higher you are willing to go, the more leads you will receive.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab USA. Inc. has developed a robust website, which can help us to convert the recruitment process to one digital business process to minimize the recruitment process time for hiring candidates. Further, the website simplifies the processing of bills and invoices to facilitate quick and easy work processes.


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