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iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd, is a leading Blockchain Software Development Companies in USA specializes in providing high-end sustainable solutions for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. We are innovators and experts in Blockchain development, creating Blockchain-related applications. According to IDC, the Blockchain technology has successfully created market for itself that is expected to reach the milestone of $2.3 billion by 2021. We have

dedicated Blockchain developers

and team to develop a unique, scalable and secure platform to meet the customer needs for various business verticals.


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What Are the Blockchain Solutions that We Offer?

  • Use case implementation for various business verticals

  • Custom Blockchain Mobile and Software Solution

  • Blockchain Consulting

  • Decentralized Blockchain Development (DApp)

  • ICO Development Services

  • Enterprise Blockchain Development

  • Ethereum Blockchain Application Development

  • Blockchain Wallet Development

  • Secure Cryptocurrency Applications Development

  • Smart Contract Development using Solidity

Our Technical Expertise

Back End Technology Real blockchain development for
  • - notably Government
  • - Healthcare
  • - Legal
  • - Real estate
  • - Finance
Back End Technology Simplification of business process
Design Patterns Expertise
  • - in varied Blockchain varied platforms
  • - Ethereum(Solidity)
Framework Diversified technical skills in
  • - Angular2
  • - Typescript
  • - Ionic2
  • - Node JS
  • - Java
  • - .Net MVC
  • - Web3js
  • - Solidity programming languages
Database Database
  • - MongoDB
  • - AzureB2C
Payment Gateway Expertise in distributed
  • - ledger system
  • - ICO Development Services
Third Party Component Implementation of security
  • - with evolving compliance requirements

Why hire ethereum smart contract developers from iFour Technolab?

We house the team of skillful Blockchain developers, who have hands-on experience in

Blockchain application development services

, integrated multi-cryptocurrency as a payment option in various web and mobile devices, decentralized application development and smart contract. We provide suitable and ingenious solutions as per the requirements of the client with relevant applicability and precision.
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Our key benefits are

Proficient Blockchain Software Developers1
Best practices with AGILE methodologies2
Deliver projects to our clients within the time frame and on budget.3
Intellectual property rights protections4
Transparency and integrity5
Years of industry experience6

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FAQs for Hire Blockchain Software developers:

This leading Blockchain software development company offers three possible ways to hire Blockchain developers: They are - Hire a dedicated team, Fixed-price model, and Hourly-based model.

  • Hire a dedicated team:The client can hire our Blockchain developers to work on their project on a monthly basis. The team would provide you effective support to your project team and rages the potential for your success.
  • Fixed-price model: A client can hire a Blockchain developer for a fixed price based on the project scope and requirements.
  • Hourly-based model: This model is based on hiring a blockchain developer from iFour based on hourly charges.

Besides these, let’s have a glimpse on the hiring process:

  • Walkthrough meeting with business requirements.
  • Analyzing and sharing the CV of our resources based on the business requirements.
  • Finalizing the developers with excellent skills matching perfectly with the business requirements.
  • Contract agreement and payment conditions discussion.
  • Team introduction and sharing the views on SCRUM duration, goals, expectations, timing, work process, time frame, etc.
  • Environment setup for project work.
  • Project begins.

Talking about the benefits of iFour Blockchain developers, you can find so many. A few of them are discussed below.

  • You will get a first-class opportunity to work with our techy Blockchain software developers.
  • A masterly and highly experienced Project Manager will handle your project without any compromise on the quality of work, bugs, functional performance, timescale, etc.
  • In addition to that, we also allot you a dexterous and meticulous QA engineer, examining every component of your Blockchain development project deeply and performs unit testing until it reaches the bug-free state.
  • You will have full control over the whole Project lifecycle.
  • iFour ensures you the IP and ownership rights and protection..
  • When you are handling a complex project, you could have an instant connection with our technical experts.
  • iFour offers Blockchain development services covering all the aspects and requirements of the business at affordable prices.

iFour Technolab is an esteemed Blockchain development company that is having a rich set of experienced and adroit developers at all levels. They are well-equipped with subject understanding and domain knowledge. Among them, we have a team of Blockchain developers having an average experience of 3 years each.

You can hire our resources like Blockchain software developers, Frontend developers, backend developers, UI/UX designers, SCRUM masters, QA Engineers, Support Engineers, Project Managers, etc.

Being a reputed Blockchain development service provider, we have so many clients with different time zones. We always assist with our services very efficiently in all the feasible ways. Our Blockchain developers come up to the table in the respective time zone for project-related discussions with the client.

Generally, iFour Blockchain developers follow Agile methodologies. Following that, our developers use setups like Skype, Microsoft Team, GoTo Meeting, JIRA, Slack, voice calls for coordination with clients and other developers. We also prepare a worksheet of each developer with essential screenshots and share it with the client.

The transactions done with this platform are fully secured with Cryptography. Every participant would have his own private key that has to be assigned while performing transactions. It stands as a personal digital signature. At the endpoint, it is further verified by making use of a Public key. If anything gets mismatched or altered information, then the signature becomes invalid. And due to this, the block gets ignored and not gets added to the Blockchain. In short, the Blockchain adds impeccable security to the system.

Both Public and Private Blockchain stands tall at their point of view. Both have so many features unmatchable to each other. Below are a few of them.

  • Public Blockchain does not require a middle person and thus, it is a completely decentralized platform. But at some point, private Blockchain could require a third party for making transactions.
  • Rate of transaction is higher in private Blockchain comparing with public Blockchain.
  • Proof of Elapsed time, Raft, Istanbul BFT could be used by private Blockchain but not by public Blockchain.
  • Private blockchain may have trust issues but public Blockchain does not.
  • Public Blockchain is more secured than Private Blockchain.

Being known as an eminent Ethereum Blockchain software development company in USA, our developers could conceivably assist you with the following Blockchain solutions:

Cryptocurrency development, DApp development, Custom Blockchain for software and mobile, smart contract development, Blockchain consultation.

Our Blockchain software professionals are well equipped with the below mentioned technologies:

Ethereum, Quorum, Eris, Ripple, Multichain, Hyperledger, Fabric, IOTA tangle, etc.

Yes, we have worked on making POC prototype related to Blockchain solutions for a few of our clients belong to Healthcare, Insurance business verticals.

Depending upon the project type and complexity, iFour Blockchain experts utilize these project management tools: Trello, Asana, BaseCamp, JIRA, Microsoft Team.

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