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Healthcare Statistical Analysis System

Healthcare Statistical Analysis System

About Customer

The Customer is a well-established brand in offering sales, marketing, distribution and executive management related activities in healthcare and life-science domain. They offer their expert services to hospitals, physician offices and research centers mainly in Europe and Britain. Professionalism and dedication are the driving forces behind their massive success in the industry.


Customer developed a new method for diagnosing and treatment of acute appendicitis that needed to be showcased to its various clients (hospitals, physician offices and research centers). As a part of its marketing strategy, customer prepared a manual statistical analysis that could demonstrate cost-benefit analysis of the new method in comparison with the existing methods being practiced. However, customer realized the need to automate this analysis to appeal and convince its clients to adapt to the newly developed method.The automated analysis could accommodate extensive factorial analysis, instantaneous report generation, tracking and managing user requests, storage of historical patient information.


iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd.,

leading sustainable IT services and solution provider

, built an automated solution fundamentally offering cost-benefit analysis through statistical models. Predictive modeling includes analysis on an average number of patients reported with acute abdominal pain, the average time taken for CT scan and ultrasound, level of sensitivity & specificity, radiation consequences and many more. On-the-spot report generation with varied charts and currency support, effective storage and rapid retrieval of a huge amount of data, are supplementary features of the web-based solution delivered by iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd.

The solution consists of the following features:

  • Precise Estimation and Analysis Module for calculating the average number of patients, best imaging and observation rates, level of prevalence, sensitivity, and specificity
  • Predictive Modelling and Statistical Methods through demographic, geographic and exchange rate related inputs with Exporting facilities
  • Creation of charts and graphs through dynamic Charting Tool with automated Currency Conversion
  • Management of historical user specific requests through Tracking Mechanism module
  • Flexibility to manipulate default inputs and study the outcome of models through Modelling & Analysis module
  • Effective and user friendly Profile Management for members
  • Role based Access Control Mechanism to prevent exploitation of the system
  • On-the-spot Report Generation of various models in comparison with varied currencies

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Technology Used

Web Server


Programming Language

ASP.Net (C#) Framework 4.5

Database Management Server

Microsoft SQL Server


MVC / NHibernate framework
Code management

Client Technology

JavaScript, JQuery

Version Control





With the

sustainable and analytical solution

provided by iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., the customer is now able to showcase its new method through automated cost-benefit analysis. Moreover, the solution has enabled customer to deliver better estimates, accurate calculations, effective storage and retrieval accompanied by the prompt generation of reports leading to improved decision making and endorsing its new method. Extensive post implementation support from iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. has established a long-term relationship with the customer.