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Comprehensive healthcare checkup is critical for discovering internal threats to help individuals in escaping healthcare risks. The Healthcare client was looking for an autonomous and intelligent tracking system that could help their healthcare professionals respond quickly to unpredictable situations with fast and secure data transmission. Getting all of these procedures optimized and controlled with flawless data transfer throughout the nodes was a significant challenge for our expertise..

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Technology Used

Angular 14


.NET Core 6.0 Web API


SQL Server 2022


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  • Dashboard

    1. The homepage displays a summary of the member's health, activities, and other essential updates.
  • Chatbot (Yasmina Chatbot)

    1. After logging into the application, the user may access the symptom checker function to get analysis results via infermedica API integration.
    1. Members can find answers to other questions by using the ChatGPT-integrated chat view.
    1. With the integration of Azure Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech services, members can explore various pages on the website and receive feedback by voice or text-to-speech.
  • Symptom checker

    1. The symptom check dialogue will appear based on the user's age and gender. This allows the user to conveniently choose symptoms they wish to evaluate rather than having to type them into the chat box.
  • Contact & Emergency Contact

    1. Members can add their contacts to the application, specifying whether they are friends, family members, doctors, or business contacts. They can also set any of these contacts as emergency contacts, with an approval process.
  • Appointment

    1. Members can integrate their Microsoft and Google email accounts and access all appointments and meetings in one place.
    2. They can also create their own appointments using this application.
  • Setting

    1. Members can integrate their Google and Microsoft accounts to manage their appointments in the application.
    2. Users can upload and manage files in the file section and adjust their application settings or change their password as needed.
  • History management

    1. In the history section, members can view their historical data related to heart rate, temperature, activity, and spo2.
Application Visualization (with Digital Avatar Integration)

Here are the key considerations:

    1. It will be used in the tab bar as the most essential element of the mobile application, making the major components of core functionality available with one tap and allowing rapid switching between features.
    2. You would see two tabs on the tab bar (bottom) (Home | Yasmine / Digital Avatar) Yasmine / Digital Avatar – With this, the user/patient can interact with the digital avatar.
    3. Home – This tab displays the other features of the mobile application.
  • Home tab

    1. When a user/patient requests his/her heart rate or its history, the digital avatar displays the data on the Home tab.
  • Device connection

    1. You may connect the device via Bluetooth to read the temperature, heart rate, SPO2, and battery status. You may manage your data on the mobile app and upload it to the Azure IoT Hub. The web application displays updated data to users.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab Pvt., Ltd., a top-notch Healthcare software development firm, developed a desired solution for the client that could provide a complete health monitoring experience. It employs advanced sensors, AIoT network technologies, Informedica, and ChatGPT to enable quick and secure data transfer. Healthcare staff in hospitals can now respond quickly to unexpected incidents recognized by an autonomous diagnostic system.


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