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As an industry, the Environment is facing a lot of challenges. Our planet is surrounded by environmental problems that harm natural resources and livelihoods. Environmental problems affect businesses both directly and indirectly, as they disturb the supply chain and also cause health problems and negatively impact the workforce.

Some of the common problems caused to the environment by the business world are pollution, climate change, and global warming. All these reasons can pose a challenge to the sustainability of any business.

Role of IT in the Environment industry

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Today’s world is all about IT and how well IT can be implemented in different sectors. Similarly, the Environment industry has also been implementing many technologies. Given the changes taking place around us, it is important to stay abreast of the changing environment. With the latest technology available today, it has become possible to predict natural disasters – for example, remote sensing is a technique that can assess changes and predict natural disasters.

When one area in the world gets hit by a natural disaster like an earthquake, the world unites to help them. Maintaining a database in a computerized form in such a situation is quite helpful. The Distribution Information Centers in different countries are linked with each other, which allows access to these databases. Hence, sharing information across the world becomes easier.

An Environmental Information System (ENVIS) is used to maintain a network of databases in areas like pollution control, biodiversity, remote sensing and many more.

However, various techniques have to be used in different situations. Since the Environment is a critical sector, customizing the software demands the necessary expertise.

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Our proficiency

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iFour Technolab has collection of dedicated software developers, who can assist clients in implementing Environment related software such as EMS (Environmental Management Systems) that can help manage water, air and waste processes to comply with environmental regulations. It can also help to track, report and enforce Internal Environmental Policies in accordance with government regulations.

Our team of experts helps you to create software that can provide an edge over competition. These are some areas where we have assisted the Environment industry vertical.

  • Custom Environmental software solutions

    At iFour, we develop custom software and modification upgrades to assign, track and rationalize Environmental Management processes. We improve and execute custom database reporting platforms for limitation triggers, software automation and notification solutions.

  • Lifecycle assessment software

    We develop an integrated design method that can assess all the aspects of a project. Performing all the procedures in the life cycle of building design requires significant time and manual effort. Since the process also need a large number of calculations to arrive at the final impact of building designs on the environment, we see an opportunity to automate these procedures and calculations.

  • Environment risk management assessment system

    Risk management is an integral part of the health safety development of environmental assessment software. Risk management software assures code compliance at the local, state and federal levels to handle cleaner-greener ecosystems.

  • Environmental GIS mapping

    We implement 3D rendering of soil, rock, groundwater or shallow water mapping into data for analysis using geospatial technology. We merge GIS mapping software and geospatial technology software into model behavior for CAD operability with iOS, Linux and Windows platforms.

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  • We provide a secure client portal; our dedicated developers can assist clients in creating web-based Environmental management software incorporating communication tools and online payment modes.

  • Lower integration costs are a key element of commercial software. Hence, custom software can be transformed to integrate with the existing environment.

  • Software adoption is higher as it fits your business requirement perfectly.

We are one of the best environmental software companies. No matter what kind of software you are looking for, connect with us and let us know your requirements. Our services are tailored to suit your requirements.

  • We have worked with a wide range of clients with varied requirements in this industry. We have the right skills to develop a bespoke solution for every challenge that our client faces.

  • Customer satisfaction is the primary key to success. Therefore, to implement an intuitive UI and better digital experience, our dedicated developers and design experts conduct an in-depth business analysis for the client’s project.

  • Our team can assist clients with customization, software enhancement or upgrades, based on their needs.

  • Our basic aim is to follow a process that makes it easy to offer customer solutions that help companies garner sustained business benefits.

Every problem is looked at holistically - in order to keep track of all the aspects that would be affected, the outcomes that would result from the solution, the risks that are associated with the implementation of the solution, and the effect on the allocated resources, including time, cost, and quality. After appropriate data analysis, an estimate of the effort required to implement the solution is arrived at.


Environmental management case study

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. has significant experience in developing customized software for the Environment industry. Some of our projects are

Through the above custom software applications, we have helped organizations in the environment industry by providing sustainable and customized solutions. Our team has offered powerful and automated bespoke software programs that solved the customer’s challenges in an efficient way. Automating processes led to cost and time benefits to customers while minimizing human intervention errors. Also, it made tiring calculations simple and more effective.

To get your app requirements fulfilled, you can efficiently hire WPF developers from us. They can help you with incredible applications that could speedup your business growth.



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FAQs for Custom Environmental Software Development

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., is a top-notch Environmental software development company in USA that deals with astounding custom IT consulting services for various industrial domains.

To begin with, our experts analyze and assess your business requirements keenly and meet up with the development team to discuss details such as resources, timeline, and technology stack. The final print would be shared with you with complete estimation and details.

Our experts use these technology stacks for custom environmental software development -

.NET MVC, Angular, Node.js, .NET Core, React, Java, Ionic, Xamarin, and Flutter.

We help our Environmental clients with these custom development solutions and services:

  • Bespoke Environmental software solutions
  • Inventory management and hazardous waste management software
  • Environmental compliance software system for Audit, inspection, and permit.
  • Environmental GIS mapping
  • Environment Application development services
  • Environmental risk management assessment database
  • Third-party integration services

Yes, as a reputed Mobile App development company in USA, we offer app development services for iOS, Windows, and Android platforms.

Mobile applications always stay demanding in all the business verticals because of their boundless benefits.

Our mobile app development process includes 5 phases -

  • Requirements gathering: Analyzing business requirements and forming ideas for a functional mobile app.
  • Prototype: Making a prototype to identify key features and develop them in response to user feedback.
  • Design and develop: Frontend and backend development for your mobile application.
  • Testing: Our QA team follows specific strategies and processes to ensure its quality.
  • Deployment: This is the last phase in which the app is made live.

Yes, we provide third-party integration services for your existing Environmental software.

Our professionals would assess your existing codebase to check its quality. If it is of high quality then we will proceed to work with it else, we begin a new development to avoid uncertain errors.

Our software professionals are bound by company policies and would sign an NDA to enhance project security and respect confidentiality.

Our adroit Network engineers employ password-protected mechanisms to enhance security over the working atmosphere. Only project-related developers are given access rights. In addition, we use some exquisite tools such as antivirus and firewall to provide a secure barrier over the system.

You would be the true owner of your Environment software project. Just after the deployment, we will hand you all the source code and ownership rights of your project.

We will provide you the login credentials of our in-house server to monitor and check your project status.

Our experts use exquisite tools such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Slack, and Gmail for the communication process.

We manage your Environment project source code using GitHub and Bitbucket.

We analyze the change request and carry out thorough impact analysis. Accordingly, we create a time frame and cost of making changes. On final approval, we proceed with alterations in the next sprint.

Yes, we do offer maintenance services for the Bespoke Environment software. Our technical support engineers observe the faults keenly and troubleshoot the issues effortlessly.

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