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  • As an industry, the environment is facing a lot of challenges. Our planet is surrounded by environmental problems that harm natural resources and livelihoods. Environmental problems affect businesses both directly and indirectly, as they disturb the supply chain and also cause health problems and lessen the workforce.
  • Some of the common problems caused by the environment in the business world are pollution, climate change, and global warming. All these reasons can lead to a challenge in the sustainability of any business.

Role of IT in the Environment industry

Comply with environmental directives & strengthen feasibility performance
Today’s world is all about IT and how well can IT be implemented in different sectors. Similarly, the environment industry also has been implementing many technologies. For so many changes that happen around us, the use of technology is a must to keep a track of the changing environment. With the kind of work done today, it is important to predict natural disasters with technology at its peak of advancement. Remote sensing is a technique that can assess the changes and predict natural disasters.
When one area in the world gets hit by a natural disaster like an earthquake, the other parts of the world help them. Maintaining a database in a computerized form in such regards is quite helpful. The Distribution Information Centers in different countries are linked together with each other which allows access to these databases and hence proper information of the remaining world is maintained.
Environmental Information System (ENVIS) is used to maintain a network of databases in areas like pollution control, biodiversity, remote sensing and many more.
However, various techniques have to be used in different situations. As the environment is such a critical sector, there must be enough expertise, so that customization can be made when required.

Our Proficiency

Explore our environmental software solutions that assists you proficiently expand your firm

iFour Technolab has collection of dignified and dedicated software developers, who can assist the Clients in implementing the environmental related software such as EMS (Environmental Management Systems) that can help managing water, air and waste processes for environmental compliance. It can also help to track, report and enforce the internal environmental policies in accordance to the government regulations.

Our team of custom We guide the businesses via our amazing software solutions that provides an edge over the challengers. We have been assisting the Environment industry vertical with the following services:

Communication and Collaboration Tool for Educators Custom Environmental software solutions
iFour developers develop custom software and modification upgrades to assign, track and rationalize the Environmental Management processes. We improve and execute custom database reporting platforms for limitation triggers, software automation, and notification solutions. Transverse our Environmental Management software solutions
School Management system Life Cycle Assessment Software
We develop an integrated design method that can assess all aspects of entire project. Manual efforts to perform all procedures that are required in life cycle of building design required tremendous amount of time and efforts. Also, it required lot of calculations to find out final impact of building designs on Environment, an opportunity emerged to automate these procedures and calculations.
Environmental Risk Management Assessment System Environmental Risk Management Assessment System
Risk management is an integral division of health safety development of environmental assessment software. Risk management software assures code compliance at local, state and federal levels to handle cleaner-greener ecosystems.
Environmental GIS Mapping Environmental GIS Mapping
We implement 3D rendering of soil, rock, groundwater or shallow water mapping into data for analysis using geospatial technology. We merge GIS mapping software and geospatial technology software into model behavior for CAD operability with iOS, Linux and Windows platforms.

How iFour Technolab helps the Environment Industries?

iFour offers high-quality software services to Environment firms based on their business needs

In this modern era, while every organization and Industry is busy in making their personal progress in the market, but no one really cares about the negative impacts occurring on environment. At some point these industries should begin to think about ideas to use renewable alternatives, a positive step towards the environment. However, many IT companies has started making eco-friendly innovations to avoid non-renewables. After all, a single positive step can make a difference to the Environment. Apple organization is being top of them.


iFour has the best software development environment. And our team of experts can also help the offshore clients in building Waste Management software using different shades of technologies. The main purpose of this kind of software is to manage the wastes, container tracking, route management, etc

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We provide a secure client portal; our dedicated developers can assist clients in making web-based Environmental management software incorporating communication tools and online payment modes.

Expanded extensibility and pliability competitive advantage leads to Higher and swift business value realization Cost Optimization and upgraded operational productivity Business process transformation Case Study.

Lower integration costs, which is one of the chief considerations of commercial software. Hence, Custom software can be transformed to integrate with its preplanner environment.

Cost-effective continuous change or development to suit your organization’s requirements is not required in case of custom software.


We are one of the best environmental software companies. No matter what kind of software you are looking for. Just connect us and describe your requirements to our professionals. We will help you in all the possible ways.

How iFour delivers business value?

We built cutting-edge software solutions specially for all domain of your business world

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. a custom environment software development company in India enables technology that the environment industry needs to operate efficiently and effectively. We have an expert and experienced team that offers IT consulting services to build custom software for the Environment industry that can help to analyze environmental change analysis.

We have worked with a wide range of clients with varied requirements in this industry and we have the right skills of developing a bespoke solution for every challenge that our client faces.

Customer satisfaction is the primary key to success. Therefore, for implementing an instinctive UI and better digital experience, our dedicated developers and design experts make in-depth Business Analysis for the Client project and then starts implementation with their financial software development services.

Our team can assist the clients with the latest enhancements or customizing the existing modules in the project.

Our basic aim is to follow a process that makes it easy to offer customer solutions that help companies garner sustained business benefits.

An overall consideration of the problem is taken in order to keep a track of all the aspects that would be affected, the outcomes that would result from the solution, the risks that are associated with the implementation of the solution, and the effect on the allocated resources, considering time, cost, and quality. After appropriate data analysis, an estimate of the effort required to implement the solution is made.

Environmental management Case study

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. has a great experience in serving customized software to the environment industry and some of our projects are:

Through the above custom software applications, we have benefited the organizations in the environment industry by providing sustainable and customized solutions. Our team offered powerful and automated bespoke software programs that solved the customer’s challenges in an efficient way. Automation involvement gave cost and time benefits Automation involvement gave cost and time benefits to customers with minimizing human intervention errors. Also, it made the tiring calculations simple and more effective.

FAQs for Custom Environmental Software Development:

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., an India-based top-notch Environmental software development company deals with astounding custom IT consulting services in the market. Our fastidious Business Analysts read the Business requirements of the client and sorts out the estimations with developers, project managers, etc. All the details such as technology stack, the team of developers, timeline, frameworks, tools, features, server, etc. would be discoursed. The end result with all the details would be mailed to the client.

iFour has revamped many businesses with its astonishing services in the market. Depending on the business features, our developers pick the right matching technologies from the below technology stack:
MVC.Net, Asp.Net, Node.Js, Angular, PHP, JavaScript, Mobile technologies, WPF, etc.

We craft the businesses through our fantastic software solutions that gives an edge over the challengers. We have been serving the Environment industry vertical with these services:

  1. Custom Environmental software solutions.
  2. Environment Inventory management and Hazardous Waste Management software.
  3. Environmental compliance software systems related to Audit, inspection, and permit.
  4. Environmental GIS Mapping.
  5. Environment Application development services.
  6. Environmental Risk Management Assessment Database.
  7. Third-party integration services.

Being a top-class Software Development Agency, we are also known among the best Mobile App Development Service providers which offer its services in iOS, Windows, and Android platforms. Our developers can efficiently build Environmental apps in native and hybrid categories.

Mobile applications always stay demanding in all the business verticals because of its boundless benefits. We have meritorious Mobile app developers who assist the clients in both native and hybrid platforms. Our procedure includes:

  1. Research: Gathering the requirements of the Environment industry, examining them to convert into a fully functional app.
  2. Prototype building: Building a sample Environmental app with required features and understanding the audience mindset.
  3. Design and Development: Designing an eye-catching UI and building attentive functionalities for the Environmental app. This is an essential stage of the Mobile app development lifecycle.
  4. Testing: Our adroit QA engineers test the components and functionalities of the Environmental app to ensure it as bug-free.
  5. Deployment: Making the Environmental App Live.

Yes, of course, we provide third-party integration solutions into the existing setups of the Environmental industry.

Our professionals would respond you whether to go with your existing codebase or not just by inspecting its quality, process of operations, etc. If the code is of high-quality, then without any hesitation we can utilize it. But if it is not so, then we have to start your Environmental project from the beginning to avoid bug concerns in the future.

As a trusted Environment Software Development Company in India, it maintains strict rules and regulations to preserve security for the Environment project and data. Here, the developers, project managers who would work on the Environment project have to sign an NDA agreement. It also takes high care of the Client’s intellectual property.

To enhance indispensable security over the working atmosphere, our masterly Network Engineers utilize password-protected access mechanisms. That means only genuine professionals related to Environment project would be allotted the right to access. Apart from that, we also make use of exquisite tools such as antivirus, Firewall, etc.

You would be the genuine owner of your Environment project and we work completely as per your regulations. Just after the deployment, you would be handed the true ownership rights of source-code, IP, etc.

We can provide you the login credentials of our in-house server, which is used for internal project developments in the organization. Eventually, you can review your Environment software features, UI, modules, functionalities, etc.

This eminent Environment web development company has skillful developers at all levels. These experts make use of exquisite tools like Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Team, GoToMeeting, Slack, voice call, email, etc. for coordinating with team and clients.

In our firm, the source code of your Bespoke Environment software project would be managed using GitHub and Bitbucket.

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. has dexterous project managers who never compromise in work quality, codebase, code strategies, UI, loading factor, timing, etc. One of them would be handling your Environment software project.

Yes, we do offer maintenance services for the Bespoke Environment software. Our technical support engineers observe the faults keenly and troubleshoot the issues with proper accuracy.