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The customer is an Australian-based organization that provides substantial tools and advice to startups and mid-sized enterprises in order to help them expand their businesses. The firm has passionate individuals who are experts in resolving business difficulties and sketching out precise strategies to attain corporate objectives.


Starting a new business is difficult and expanding a startup into a profitable business is even more tricky. Every business faces some common challenges like what to do next, how to grow the business at a large scale, things to optimize for better results, etc.

There may be times when one becomes perplexed or face concerns like

  1. What should I do next?
  2. How to grow my business at a large scale?
  3. Which things do I need to optimize for better results?

In those cases, you might require some expert advice and this web app is something that helps you with that.

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Technology Used

ASP.NET (C# web forms)

Programming languages

JavaScript, JQuery, HTML

Client Technology

Microsoft SQL Server is used to cache data and store user-related data




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  • Interactive dashboard – This app allows each user to create their own personal business plan by answering several pre-set questions such as "What are your quarterly priorities?". The Dashboard also displays the status of the questionnaire pages.

  • Role-based access control – Quick secure and easy access control. When a user logs in with the correct credentials, he or she is authorized and redirected to the dashboard based on the user role.

    1. Subscriber: Subscriber is the default role. Subscribers can create 1plan and invite other users as well.
    2. Advisor: Subscribers can invite advisors to their 1plan and thus advisors will be created. One advisor can access 1plan of more than one subscriber based on the invitation by the subscribers.
    3. Admin: Admin can view all users but will not be aware of their 1plan until an admin invites them to it.
  • Invite user module -Subscriber (which is the default role for a user) can invite other users to view or edit their final plan from the invite user screen.

    By default, the user rights for that invited user will be read-only. After accepting the invitation, the user's permissions can be modified.

  • Final Plan module - The user may view information from all questionnaire screens on a single page.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab, an esteemed .NET development company in USA developed an application that gives outstanding advice and helps in the resolution of company growth challenges. It is an effective platform for typical concerns such as business expansion on a wide scale, optimization for better outcomes, and so on.


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