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Hose Management System

Hose Management System

About Customer

The customer is a leading international industrial service provider, a multi-product specialist offering a wide range of high-quality mechanical engineering components and associated technical and logistics services.


The customer realized the need to develop a

robust web application

to smoothen processes that are involved and which help in solving the following challenges of the current system-
  • The entire authentication should be done from the Azure portal which is required for critical security.
  • Import bulk records in an application using excel import.
  • Records display based on unit settings defined for a related user account.
  • Time-consuming and tedious to manage hoses manually.
  • Tracking feature to monitor hose transfer from one department to another department and from one customer to another customer.
  • Inspector can easily get detail for hose via the system and do an inspection.
  • Generation real-time certificate for inspection hoses.


iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. a leading custom Blockchain software development company developed a reliable and innovative system for the company to manage its Hose products. The entire management can be done from the web and

mobile applications

. There are the following roles with its features:

Roles Management Module

  • “Master Admin” function is for overreaching above all organizations.
  • "Admin" functionality manages admin to give access to customers and internal users.
  • "Employee" user that can manage records and customers daily.
  • “Tester Intern” tester which is responsible for testing within the organization.
  • “Tester Extern” tester can do the test at a customer location.
  • “Super User Customer” main contact person who can create profiles and filters within the client organization.
  • "User Customer" consultant of adding data of different hoses, e.g. from competitors.
  • "Inspector Customer" can inspect own hoses.

The solution comprises following features

  • Flexibility to include and manage customer data through “Hose Management Module” in which the customer can add or import (using excel file) hoses in the system and manage it in the system.
  • “Risk-based Inspection data” in this module the inspector can add their review for hoses as inspection. The inspection data can be calculated to provide the appropriate tools for the Integrity Management process.
  • “Track & Trace module” to track moment for hose transfer from one department to another.
  • “Quote Management Module” to manage the order of hoses in the system.
  • “Reporting function” in which Hose locations can be described and grouped in a structured way to allow the appropriate reporting and analysis.
  • “Alert module” displays the status of hoses based on availability.

Technology Used


Web Application

Programming Language

ASP.NET, Ionic

Database Management Server

MS SQL Server

Software development method

Agile Methodology

Client Technology

Java Script, JQuery, Bootstrap

Version Control



iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. developed a sustainable and reliable solution for Hose Production Company using Asp.Net. This system brings ease and added value to Hose Management System. The web, as well as the mobile application can easily manage hose registration, inspection, self-inspection, quotation, track, trace, manage customers of hose, and all the messages alerts regarding the Hose by simply scanning the QR code of the Hose. iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd made all efforts to ensure that this system although robust, is both scalable and adaptable to new technologies and innovations.