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Emerge an ideal Retail software solution to enhance your retail sector

Wholesalers or manufacturers sell a huge quantity of their product to retailers who in turn sell those products to the consumers. So, the chain starts from the wholesalers, after which the retailers come to the picture and finally the retailers make these products available to the consumers. This chain basically governs the entire market scenario.

As the retail industry is a very widely used sector by the customers, it also poses many business challenges:

  • Seasonal change in demand of many items which reduces cash inflow for many retailers.
  • With the increase in technology, security breaches have also been a concerned.
  • Protecting customer information is one more challenge that the retailers face. Confidential information like credit/debit card details remain with the retailers and the responsibility to keep them safe from hackers is a continuous concern for the retailers.
  • Customer tastes and preferences also affect the sale of a product as the tastes and preferences of customers are very dynamic.
  • With change in the external scenarios, customer service needs betterment and hence better workforce is required. Hence, continuous grooming of the employees is necessary which involves cost.

Throughout the experience of iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. in the retail industry, it has been successful in helping the clients to solve these challenges by delivering custom software projects.

Role of IT in the Retail industry

Accede with retail directives & reinforce feasibility performance
Technologies like e-Commerce, mobile, cloud, analytics offer a multi-channel for retail adding up new selling channels. These channels make retail easier than the traditional methods. Technology in-store and in customer’s own smart phones devices is a common trend. Hence, Social media is used to target customers.
Analysis through big data is another trend that has brought a huge change in the retail industry. This technology targets potential customers to market and also uses predictive analysis to predict their preferences. The inclusion of third parties and custom software programs in the delivery process ensure that all the deliveries are made successfully. The multi-currency form of payment acceptance including coupons, cards, digital transfer through single click payments for faster transactions

Our proficiency

Transfigure your objectives and achieve tangible solutions by hiring us

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., an evolving custom retail software development company in USA, provides custom software development services to firms in the Retail industry. The company showcased its expertise to offer customers with web applications and sustainable technology solutions that meet user expectations, devoted time to provide digital tools using different platforms and technologies.

Our team of custom software development experts creates seamless and user-friendly retail experience to our clients and have proven experience in the following services:

iFour team not only expert in the retail software development but also in other software development technologies. You can hire Angular developer, ASP.Net developer, WPF developer, NodeJS developer and blockchain developer as per your need.

eCommerce Website and Portal Development eCommerce Website and Portal Development
iFour is a custom eCommerce solution provider in USA, develop a reliable and robust eCommerce website and portal that assists users to reach out to the wholesalers, retailers and also increase the selling without any difficulties. We also involve in integrating all the sales data to a single location thereby creating an opportunity to customer to sell its products online and expand its market reach.
Inventory Management Software solution Inventory Management Software solution
Inventory status management, Ordering, warehouse integration, and stock notifications are few of the features which we are experienced in developing.
Product management System Product management System
We build a vigorous product management software that assists in product categorization, organization of catalogue image, pricing and preservation of product life cycle across all principles.
Third party payment gateway and systems integration Third party payment gateway and systems integration
We choose a third-party payment and integrate safely with an e-commerce platform using web API frameworks for Content Management Systems (CMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), CRM, and more. Hence, we provide e-wallet alternatives to users for faster and effortless transactions.
ERP Software development services ERP Software development services
ERP applications are integrated to empower activities such as purchasing, warehouse management, operational oversight, and franchise management.
Mobile eCommerce Development services Mobile eCommerce Development services
iFour provides ecommerce development services for online solutions on peer-to-peer platforms, group buying marketplaces, and social networking sites. We program the web store to third-party platforms, drift data sets and legacy software to conserve data and develop custom applications.

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How iFour Technolab helps the Retail Industries?

iFour provides Top-notch software services to Retail firms based on their industry needs

iFour is one of the best retail software development company with the brilliant team of experts which help the offshore clients in developing Retail Management software using various shades of technologies. We have dispatched our perfect IT consulting services to both technical as well as Outsource clients in executing software solutions for the retail businesses.

This Offshore firm has meritorious retail software developers that can offer IT consulting services to build Retail Maintenance software that focuses on the preventive maintenance aspect and repairs of Business verticals for the Retail industry.

Our team can assist the retail Industrial clients in executing the custom retail Management software.

Our team can assist the retail Industrial clients in executing the custom retail Management software.

With the cooperation of vigorous tools and architecture, we develop highly efficient, systematic, logical and detail-oriented backend structures for the apps.

How iFour delivers business value?

We believe in offering cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions to retail firms

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer custom retail software development company and eCommerce solution provider in USA ,specializes in providing custom software and eCommerce web portals for customers in retail sector. Following are the impeccable benefits of choosing us.

The requirements of customers keep on changing due to the rapid change in industry demands. Hence, we have kept ourselves updated with the latest trends and technologies

The IT professional team in our company has great experience in various technologies and platforms with expertise in Microsoft technologies, PHP and mobile technologies.

Our customers have been from all over the world and we have developed different solutions in eCommerce.

Cost Optimization and upgraded operational efficiency by using cloud services open source tools, and automation.

Business process transformation via constant and sustainable improvements and innovation as and when needed.

Fabulous maintenance services for your software and exceptional troubleshooting services add more advantages when you go with choosing iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd.

Retail Management Software Case Study

We have great experience in serving our customers with industry-wide solutions. With an expert team of IT professionals, we have undertaken some projects under the e-Commerce sector. These projects are:

eCommerce Portal for Industrial Products

eCommerce Portal for Industrial Products

eCommerce Portal for Ranchers’ Products

eCommerce Portal for Ranchers’ Products

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FAQs for Custom Retail software development:

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., an esteemed Retail software development service provider, serving Retail industries with fine quality, robust software solutions. Our dexterous Business Analysts accumulate the Retail client’s requirements and study them properly. They decide the project utilities like tools, technologies, framework, team, etc. by meeting up with project managers and a team of developers. The final document would be shared with the Retail industrial client.

We provide software solutions for retail industries of all sizes and accelerate their business growth. Our software services include:

  1. Custom Retail Management software
  2. Shopping Cart software solutions
  3. Retail ERP services
  4. E-commerce website development services
  5. Mobile Apps development services
  6. Third-party integration services

iFour professional developers have revamped so many Retail industries with their software services. We prefer these technologies for the custom retail management software -
Angular, Asp.Net Core, MVC.Net, Java, Xamarin, ionic, flutter, Node.JS

We can build stand-alone and robust solutions for Retail management software industries. We can implement these features for your Retail Management Software:

  1. Customer management
  2. Inventory and materials management
  3. Rewards management for the customers
  4. Discounts and Rates management
  5. Store structure
  6. Supplier and Customer relation management
  7. Sales and Analytics
  8. Report management and many more.

Being one of the best Mobile application development organizations, iFour serves Retail clients with perfect Mobile app development services absolutely fitting their business needs. Our Mobile app developers can help you with native and hybrid app developments in iOS, Windows, Android platforms.

Yes, we offer third-party integration services for the Retail industry and we keep no efforts left to achieve your intent.

The foremost step we need to do is verify your codebase which includes functional operations, code processes, performance factors, lines of code, etc. Then we recheck whether your codebase has done following the latest standards and procedures. If yes, then we can proceed otherwise our experts would start all over again. This is how we decide about your old codebase.

We stand as a trustworthy software development firm in the market, especially, recognized for fine security maintenance. Before the project gets started, we make every employee sign an NDA agreement to ensure the privacy of the Retail software project. We consider every required step of security in the enterprise.

By utilizing crucial tools such as Firewall, antivirus, etc., our Network Engineers put a barrier on the working environment. In Addition to that, they maintain the password-protected mechanism for the project, by which only genuine developers would be given access to work.

All the ownership and copyrights of the Retail Industrial software project would be yours. At the end of the deployment phase, we will handover you the Intellectual property and Source code version of your project.

Yes, as a notorious Bespoke software development company we maintain our own server for in-house developments. The client would be provided with credentials to get logged in and check their Retail software project status and updates.

We utilize some of the indispensable tools such as GitHub and Bitbucket for Retail software source code version control.

By making use of prominent tools such as Skype, Slack, Gmail, Microsoft Team, GoToMeeting, voice call, etc., we handle the communication process with Retail industrial clients and the team of developers to pace up the project work.

Talking about the warranty period, it would be around 90-120 days depending on your Retail project size, complexity, features, modules, etc.

Yes, we have adroit technical support engineers who provide fabulous software maintenance services to the Retail industries. They are well-versed in providing L2 support and troubleshooting the issues.

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