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The customer is a US-based application development company that is focused on developing innovative and revolutionary apps for Event management in the education sector. Its mission is to provide users with web applications and sustainable technology solutions that meet user expectations. The team of this development company consists of extremely talented educators who have devoted time to providing digital tools. The company has succeeded in bringing a positive change and influencing professional development environments such as conferences.


Event management has been a challenging task nowadays. It is difficult to connect and manage multiple attendees during an event. To overcome this concern, the customer conceptualized to develop an application that helps to communicate and manage all attendees of an event or conference.

Events Management System - 01

Technology Used




Web Server

PHP 5.x

Programming Language


Database Management Server

JavaScript, JQuery

Client Technology


Version Control

Events Management System - 02
Events Management System - 03

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  • Solution provides a personalized system to manage unique events

  • Event organizer can manage rooms, sessions, workshops and all other activities in an event

  • User can manage sessions, workshops with their presenter and co-presenter information

  • Secured attendee information management

  • Secured presenter and co-presenter information management

  • Individualized access to attendees where the attendee can join sessions, provide feedback and interact with other attendees

  • Personalized login for presenter and co-presenter to schedule his session, receive feedback and interact with attendees

  • Online messaging among users, presenters, co-presenter, and attendees

  • Attendees can interact with event organizer by giving feedback and inputs

  • Exhibitors can communicate with all attendees using the dashboard

  • It provides social media features for attendees

  • User can manage Exhibitors in the system

  • Event organizers can increase revenue by managing advertisers and their advertisements in the system

  • Event admin can easily access data and report it to ensure a successful event.

  • It is fully optimized for any mobile device because almost all users will be using their mobile devices during the event

  • Alerts and notification module for important messages

  • Support ticket system to address complaints and issues of all users

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. provided a sustainable solution that allows event organizers to manage conferences effectively. It provides a way for conferences to ensure all participants are completely engaged in it. When dealing with various types of events, it delivers true engagement and significant professionalism.


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