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We offer complete legal service to dispatch perfect solutions for our clients

The legal industry is a mysterious market that even its regulator doesn’t appear to have a great hold on it. The legal industry has a large number of procedures with various conditions. Their tasks include completing legal research and billings to document reviews and assembly.

These tasks require a huge amount of lawyer’s time and the client’s tremendous amount of money. In today’s fast-moving world, the legal industry also needs to deliver an immediate solution to the clients.

Role of IT in Legal Industry

Enhance your legal functioning with the help of advanced tech solutions
IT is changing conventional methods for giving legal services, presented new competition and consistently searching for better and more productive methods for giving legal services. These patterns guarantee to proceed as legal assets and knowledge turn out to be progressively available through different technological advances.
Technology makes sure that lawyers will get required information ‘just-in-time’ and support them to manage the huge data related to increasing the quality of judgment and creativity. However, one solution for many clients cannot lead to the best solution. The best approach for a firm is based on the size and special expertise of the firm. Custom software based on the law firm’s specific business need gives two constant profitability advantages– keep customers happy and keep costs down.

Our expertise

We built cutting-edge software solutions especially for all areas of the legal world

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a leading offshore and custom legal software development company in India provides custom software development services to legal firms based on their business problems to increase their productivity and competitive advantages.

We dispatch superlative and user-friendly experience to our customers and have substantiated experience in the following services:

Legal Records Management System

We indulged in developing an automated web-based solution that rationalizes law firms’ operations with secured storage of vast amount of data with dispute free authorization offering features. Robust data handling and dynamic report generation are few of the complementary features offered by the solution. Automation platform of legal operations with a target to diminish conflicts involved in the services.

Legal case Management Software

Centralize and supervise all your case correlated data and focus more on your clients and cases without misplacing any deadlines. Our reliable case management software incorporates matter management applications, applicable case matter filing process, automated workflow, database research, file attachment, sharing functions and more that assists you to synthesise data and cooperate better with your customers.

Law Firm Management Software

Our law firm management software solution involves custom attorney practice management software, case management & Virtual law office systems with top-notch end-features like cloud-based platforms, mobile applications, accommodated user interface, data reports and client communication and more as per your organization requirements.

Legal Hold Software

Protect your most sensitive information with fortified, repeatable method in the cloud. We at iFour offers integrations with major cloud enterprise systems, making it simple for you to connect and go. Our experts design legal hold software tools for data preservation which help them automate e-discovery, track compliance and trigger automated data collections.

Courtroom technology modules

We code trial presentation modules that can be utilized at each level of the justice system, from traffic to criminal court and hence indulged in developing courtroom technology modules for jury management, case history and warrant tracking. We can execute predictive analysis features that divulge concealed bias and risk elements.

Legal Mobile app development

iFour’s proficient developers develop mobile apps which can be utilized by modern and virtual law offices that ensure clients to remain updated on their cases, manage documents and more, across systems. Platform incorporates solid security features, like encryption, data backup and remote location, to avoid data outflow.

Litigation support software

Our experts assist you handle the stages of litigation by programming custom e-discovery software tools for data processing, review and production. Software can convert native files to tax increment financing files and can create TIFF load files.

Legal firm billing software solutions

We develop bill preparation applications that involves low retainer fee notifications and integrate payment methods, incorporating credit, debit, EFT/ACH and payment gateways. Our outcomes are suitable for any size law organization.

Legal firm Analytics software

Our developer’s program analytics features for data-driven perceptions to acquire lawsuits and new customers. Our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) features empower your organization to evaluate client satisfaction, the usefulness of your advertising tactics and more

Law firm software integration

Our expert developers combine your firm's existing case management platforms with legal research databases and technologies. We also program data capture features that associate matter and contact records, track case notes, examine stored data and more.

Virtual Law firm solutions

We create platforms for virtual law firms that involve user and client portals, collaboration tools, task management, web and video conferencing, and more. We provide custom mobile apps for document and case management, empowering time tracking and ticket creation.

Legal Software Maintenance services

Being a fabulous Software Development firm, we help the Legal clients not only with design and development solutions but also with whimsical software maintenance services with excellent support. iFour Technolab has prowess technical support engineers who would cope-up with hinders and troubleshoot them expeditiously.

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How iFour Technolab help the Legal Industry?

iFour provides top-notch software services to legal firms based on their business needs

Running a Legal firm is not an easy thing. Legal clients need to cope up with immensely time-consuming cases and judicial documents and their management. After observing the pitfalls of the Legal industry, the professional lawyers have now started to focus on technology-oriented solutions for their fields. Incorporating IT consulting services with Legal industry can benefit clients in a tremendous way like saving money and a high amount of time by automating tasks such as scheduling meetings, managing documents, task handling, etc.


iFour Technolab can help Legal clients in implementing time and billing custom software that calculates and records the hourly rates. We can also deal with fully customizable legal practice management software encompassing it with indispensable features such as workflow process following to court rules, legal calendaring, billing, time-track management, invoice, etc. Through this software, clients can communicate with other staff members and their customers for legal works.

Being one of the best legal software companies in USA, we have helped many Legal organization clients by providing business solutions in the following ways:

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We build a robust and reliable Legal management software and integrated solution for the Law firms.

We have meritorious developers who can guide you with all sorts of services as per your business requirements.

We provide solution that enlarge operative efficiency, follow compliance principles and grant intuitive decision making in a cost-effective manner.

We are also indulged in legal custom software development, file storage solutions as well as cloud-based solutions with synchronization feature, PDF conversion feature, etc. for the significant document management of Legal firms.

Offering a secure client portal, our dedicated web developers can assist the Legal clients in making web-based legal management software incorporating communication tools and online payment modes.

Apart from these, we are well-versed in mobile technologies and can assist the outsourcing clients in making Legal apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

How iFour delivers business value?

Discover our robust legal software solutions that assists to expand your law firm proficiently

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a custom legal software development company in USA enables technology that the legal industry needs to operate efficiently and effectively. The solutions are driven by consumer’s desire for more convenient services with constant innovation and adoption of new technologies. iFour Technolab guarantees both security and privacy, as the legal industry needs to handle sensitive and critical client data.
IT professional team in our company has great experience in various technologies and platforms with expertise in Microsoft technologies, PHP and mobile technologies. Along with the industry specific solutions, iFour Technolab is proficient in software development and web development services with customization. You can always hire NodeJS developer, developer, Angular developer, WPF developer or Blockchain developer from our team at anytime according to your business needs.
Exploring with designing and modifying the product as per your business requirements, our solutions can profit you in the following ways:

  • Our skilled experts repeatedly adapt to changes in the technologies and train themselves to improve skills and competencies to deliver the latest technologies to customers for better solutions.
  • Expanded extensibility and pliability competitive advantage leads to Higher and swift business value realization Cost Optimization and upgraded operational productivity Business process transformation Case Study.
  • Lower integration costs, which is one of the chief deliberations of commercial software. Hence, Custom software can be transformed to integrate with its preplanner environment.
  • Cost-effective continuous change or development to suit your organization’s requirements is not required in case of custom software.
  • iFour’s proficient specialty enables us to render customized solutions that allow the customer to give simplified, flawless legal services to their client with the latest and best technologies.

Legal domain Case Study

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. has a great experience in serving customized software systems to legal industry firms and some of our projects are:

These applications streamline the law firm’s operations with secure storage of huge amounts of data with conflict-free authorization granting features, reduces dependency on manual efforts, created many hiccups in offering the legal services. The Legal firm includes daily handling of a huge amount of crucial information and maintaining the confidentiality of legal matters. Our custom software systems offered automated legal services and powerful data handling facilities with great performance. Automation involvement gives cost and time benefits to customers with minimizing human intervention errors.

Competition in legal firms is huge, those with a strategic focus will benefit as clients want greater cost-effectiveness in the delivery of legal services. The firms that have focused on improving business processes and support them with smart technology will have many more opportunities in the future. iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. rendered powerful and sustainable custom and bespoke software development services that allow the customer to give immediate and flawless legal services to the client with the latest and best technology.

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FAQs for Custom Legal Software development:

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. is an esteemed Legal Software development organization, that offers astonishing legal software consulting services to clients. After studying your business requirements, our Business Analysts discuss the work scope which includes all the factors such as Timeline, the team of developers, technology stack, tools, etc. The final print with all these details would be shared with the client.

We can provide outstanding services to clients in a plethora of areas such as criminal law, bankruptcy, personal injury, etc. Some of our Legal services include:

  1. Law agency management software
  2. Legal Hold Software
  3. Courtroom technology modules
  4. Bespoke case management software
  5. Legal Mobile app development
  6. Litigation support software
  7. Legal firm billing software solutions
  8. Legal firm Analytics software
  9. Law firm software integration
  10. Virtual Law firm solutions

We have been persistently offering IT consulting services for major industrial clients. For custom Legal Software project, we utilize these technology stacks -
MVC.Net, Node.JS, Angular, Asp.Net Core, Java, Xamarin, ionic, and Flutter.
Apart from that, we also keep consistent eyes on the latest trends of the market.

Being a top-notch Legal software solutions provider, we help our clients to boost their business growth with our Custom Legal Software services. Here are the prominent features we build for Legal software:

  1. Case Management software
  2. Document assembly
  3. features managing contracts
  4. Calendaring
  5. Analytics
  6. Accounting and Billing solutions
  7. Case status tracker
  8. Client coordination
  9. Other modules of the client’s choice, etc.

Yes, we have also been recognized as a reputed Mobile app development company that provides native, cross-platform mobile app solutions for the Legal industry. We have adroit mobile app developers who can help you with seamless apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

Certainly! We have assisted many Legal firms with third-party integration services for their core software and left no stone unturned in their success.

We need to check the whole source code, and its behavior with other modules inside. If we find your codebase is of top-quality then we would proceed for further developments. If it wasn’t that case, then we have to reassess your codebase and start with fresh development so that we couldn’t have to face unexpected bugs, uncertain errors. We prefer to deliver high-quality software to all of our customers.

Over the years, we have been standing as a trustworthy and reliable Legal software development company in USA. Keeping security at prior importance, we make all the professionals sign an NDA agreement before starting the Legal project. In addition to that, all the needed steps for enhancing security on confidential data would also be taken.

We have master-class Network engineers who maintain password-protected mechanisms in the project work environment. However, the project-related developers would be given access. To provide a secure barrier, they also utilize effective tools like firewalls, antivirus, etc.

You would be the legal owner of your Law-based project. Just after the deployment, iFour will hand you all the source-code copy-rights and ownership rights of the project.

Absolutely! This eminent Legal web development firm maintains its in-house server, especially for on-going client projects. We provide you the credentials and you can simply check your Legal software project status with essential factors like functionality, loading factor, speed, etc.

Depending on the size, extent, and complexity of your law-based software project, we can offer 90-180 days of the warranty period.

We have meticulous technical support engineers that assist customers with L2 support and troubleshoot the issues without consuming much time. While talking about hosting services, we can recommend you the best hosting service provider.

Having perfect client-handling features with its in-built CRM, the legal software helps in mapping out the client interaction and provides a clear picture of your experience in the Law firm. By gathering detailed client data, you can easily make plans to give a strong fight to the case. Ultimately, it helps in your brand recognition and attracts new customers for you.

Our Legal software developers ascertain the software quality following ISO 9001:2015 standards and procedures. Our skilled QA engineer unit tests the whole project, provides the list of bugs to the developers and gets them resolved.

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