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Task management and scheduler system

Task management and scheduler system

About Customer

Customer is a leading provider of highly integrated

transportation software solutions and administrative services

in Canada and USA. It has a vision to develop the quality products and dependable business relationships required by the transportation industry. It offers automated administrative services to various third party cab service providers. It leverages the expertise of its consultants and delivers a great value to its users.


As technology is upgrading day by day, customer needs to come up with a sustainable solution that uses the latest technology. Customer's website was built in VB6 and so it needs to provide a robust solution with the most upgraded version of technology. It conceptualizes a comprehensive solution which offers different modules and features for cab service providers. It provides various administrative services including automated vehicle maintenance scheduling and tracking, cashiering integration, online account management etc.


iFour Technolab, a leading

transportation custom software development company

, re-engineered the old legacy website, using latest technology, architecture and framework, that offers automated administrative services to various cab service providers with following features:
  • Automated and manual running of different tasks including data backup, extraction of credit card transaction, cab driver bookings etc
  • Flexibility for payment invoicing- cash, credit card, debit card etc and secured online electronic payment processing
  • Automated calculation of travelling charges using per km charges and distance travelled.
  • Automatic as well as manual financial management that includes electronic invoicing, gift card voucher discount entries and cash discount offers
  • Manual modification and filtration of active tasks
  • Automatic updating of tasks at a specific time interval
  • "Event Log" modules helps tracking and auditing events
  • Event Scheduler for scheduling automatic updating of tasks
  • Separate database access to different third party service providers for extracting payment or booking details
  • Easy and automated database management
  • User friendly"SQL Compiler" to compile SQL Script

Along with the industry specific solutions, iFour Technolab is proficient in software development and web development services with customization. You can always hire NodeJS developer, developer, Angular developer, WPF developer or Blockchain developer from our team at anytime according to your business needs.

Technology Used



Web Server


Programming Language

ASP.Net (C#) Framework 4.0

Database Management Server

Microsoft SQL Server 12


MVC NHibernate

Client Technology

JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX

Version Control



iFour Technolab provided a sustainable solution using latest technology and technology with a complete set of features which meets requirements of its target audience. It has brought a robust and automated booking engine that is taking more than 100 bookings per day. Revamped system also helps removing manual allocation of location to cabs. It aids in easy maintenance of rewards, commission and customer data as well as drivers and their bookings data.