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The customer is an Application development company in Malta, Europe that is focused on developing innovative and revolutionary applications for Educational institutes. It is a leading end-to-end services provider aimed to provide clients with business efficiency and profitability. Its offers services such as smart web applications, inventive mobile applications, and bespoke software solutions.


Managing school data is a challenging task and it is important to maintain security on critical information of instructors, students, and administrators. To enhance such solution, the customer conceptualized to develop an innovative cloud-based system that automates various school administrative operations. It has a vision to launch a smart school management system that features components for computing, compiling and managing school finances, students’ records & other school management processes, all in one place.

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Technology Used




Web Server

ASP.NET (C#) Framework 4.5

Programming Language

Microsoft SQL Server

Database Management Server



JavaScript, JQuery

Client Technology


Version Control

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The system has the following features:

  • School management system provides services and details such as booking of courses, accommodation, and other related information

  • Manages user registration with permission access for different users including students, teachers, and administrative staff

  • Administrative staff manages all automatic operations and services

  • Select accommodation with a range of options at different prices. It also provides a reservation facility.

  • Students can opt for courses of their own choice based on time duration, type of course, and price details of the course

  • Students can also review details and reserve courses, as well as accommodation effortlessly.

  • School management system calculates prices for the course and flight booking as well as provides all details of course, accommodation, price in the quotation.

  • Application offers the facility of selecting agents for making reservations through agents.

  • Referral promo code facility in the system for various discount offers during the payment transaction.

  • Students can select host families for their accommodation by reviewing details of a contact, address, and other social media details and their prices.

  • Generating different types of reports based on arrival and departure of flight, courses, and accommodation.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. launched a smart cloud-based school management system that delivers automatic administrative school operations including course booking, accommodation, lecture schedules, etc. It renders discounted offers for course booking, accommodation and flight tickets. It also manages all course, flight and accommodation details on cloud in easy and efficient way.


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