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What is Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)?

Azure Active Directory or Azure AD is now called Microsoft Entra ID which is basically a cloud-based identity and access management solution. This directory and ID management service operates in the cloud and offers authentication and authorization services to various Microsoft services such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 development, and Microsoft Azure.

iFour Technolab is an eminent Microsoft Entra ID Services provider that helps businesses streamline their identity and access management in the cloud. It has been redefining businesses with simplified solutions and secured ways of user authentication and authorization. This includes both external resources (data and tools) on your business intranet and internal resources such as Microsoft 365 and SaaS applications.

Why Microsoft Entra ID?

Microsoft Entra ID, often known as Azure AD, is your one-stop shop for contemporary, secure, and user-friendly identity management. This cloud service provides a unified solution for access controls, authentication, and authorization, guaranteeing that your company's digital assets are safeguarded using cutting-edge technology.

With our Microsoft Entra ID services, you will experience a streamlined user experience with simplicity, and robust security.

Still concerned about managing resources, identities, and access in Microsoft Azure. Worry not. iFour cloud experts are here to help you. Reach out to hire vetted Azure Active Directory Developers.


iFour: Your Trusted Partner in Microsoft Azure AD Services

iFour Technolab, a recognized Microsoft Solutions Partner proudly stands as a reliable firm for flawless Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) login services. We have a decade of industry experience, and extensive knowledge in Microsoft Azure cloud solutions to help you cover your business needs through Microsoft Azure App Services, Continuous Deployment Services, Auto-Scaling for Optimal Performance, Azure DevOps CICD Pipeline for Deployment, and many more.

Our solutions are crafted by industry veterans who understand the evolving landscape of identity and access management.

As a reliable Microsoft Azure cloud development company , we don't just provide services; we build lasting relationships. Our commitment to being your trusted advisor in Azure AD Services is reflected in our collaborative approach, tailored solutions, and unwavering dedication to your success.

Why choose iFour for Microsoft Entra ID Services?

iFour has been a top-notch Microsoft Azure App Services company helping organizations for more than a decade. We have 120+ Microsoft professionals and 7+ SCRUM masters known for their dedication and commitment to delivering cutting-edge identity and access management solutions to global clients

Our experts begin by assessing your business requirements and providing you with the best solution for your business. They help you configure the set-up, manage access to resources, and ensure that proper permissions are in place.

Our professionals have a wealth of knowledge in cloud-based development services. They will show you how to structure Azure resources with an appropriate governance hierarchy, as well as how to regulate access for users, devices, groups, and apps on Azure Active Directory (Microsoft Entra ID). Our expertise can also assist you with passwordless sign-in, conditional access, role-based access control, privileged identity management, Entra ID monitoring, access reviews, entitlement management, and other solutions.

Our Highlights

  • Certified Microsoft Solutions Partner

  • Decade of experience, unparalleled proficiency

  • Tailored solutions with unwavering commitment

  • Operates with the highest level of security.

  • Quality services followed by Agile processes.

  • 120+ software professionals

  • Driven by 7+ SCRUM Masters

  • A wide array of Global clients

  • Over 15 Industries benefitted.

  • 4 Global locations, 300+ Happy clients

Partner with iFour – where experience meets innovation, and trust transforms into tangible results in Microsoft Azure AD Services.

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Future-Proof Your Access with Microsoft Entra ID login services

We can help you with the following Microsoft Azure AD Services (Microsoft Entra ID services):

  • Holistic Identity Management

    iFour's Azure AD Services are designed to offer a comprehensive approach to identity management. We understand the critical role of a centralized identity database in fostering secure and efficient access controls.

  • Authentication Excellence

    Elevate your security posture with our authentication expertise. iFour ensures seamless user sign-ins, prioritizing robust security measures to safeguard your organization's sensitive IT resources, including Azure SQL Database Services

  • Granular Authorization Controls

    Empower your organization with fine-grained authorization controls. iFour ensures that users access only the resources explicitly permitted, both within your corporate intranet and external platforms like Microsoft 365 and various SaaS applications.

  • Seamless Integration

    Backed by a decade of experience, iFour excels in seamlessly integrating Azure AD into your existing infrastructure. Our aim is to facilitate a smooth transition without disruption, ensuring that your organization reaps the benefits of advanced identity and access management.

  • Security Standards

    Security is not just a checkbox; it's embedded in our DNA. iFour ensures that your organization operates within the highest security standards, safeguarding user identities and sensitive data.

    Want to secure your business on the cloud? Hire Entra ID developers from iFour.



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