Custom Educational Software Development

Originate an impeccable e-learning solution to augment your education industry

The education industry was built to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and spread positive vibes and is still growing rapidly. The major challenges that the education industry faces include:

  • Imbalance in Student-teacher ratio: The gap continues to widen between the student teacher ratio and there is necessity reduce the wide bridge and equip and recruit teachers with good quality of education quality skills via tools to minimize manual effort and develop tools for easy access of education.
  • Poor Infrastructure facilities: Institutions and their inability to provide necessary physical infrastructure to run the institutions which include real estate, state of the class-rooms, library, hostels, furniture, sports facilities, transport.
  • Lack of making education affordable: If education has to be made affordable ten there must be a bar kept on the minimum leverage of fee prescribed by the public and private sector school.
  • Increase in Quality of education: The education system must adopt certain benchmarking techniques for improving instruction models and administrative procedures in universities and colleges to move forward. Increase in brand recognition and competitive pressure has been adversely impacting the financial sustainability of the education industry.

Role of IT in Education Industry

Bring an extensive shift in the education industry with the exposure of latest technologies
Education is a life-long process therefore information explosion is an ever-increasing phenomenon. Education should meet the needs of variety of learners and therefore IT is important in meeting this need. It is basic necessity of the society that the individuals should possess technological literacy. Digital technologies have been the driving factor for improving educational’ operational efficiency.
Custom software projects have been built and used to reduce costs and optimize the efficiency of the business processes. IT collaborative learning, multimedia approach, digitalization, open courseware, online library has helped to boom the industry.

Our Proficiency

Transform your ideas and acquire measurable solutions by choosing us

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer custom education software development company in India, provides custom software development services to organizations in the Education industry. The company showcased its expertise to provide users with web applications and sustainable technology solutions that meet user expectations, devoted time to provide digital tools using various platforms and technologies.

Our team of custom software development experts creates seamless and user-friendly e-learning experience to our clients and have proven experience in the following services:

Communication and Collaboration Tool for Educators Communication and Collaboration Tool for Educators
Built a sustainable technology solution we help educators communicating and sharing everything with students by offering a safe chat environment with modernized features. We involve in developing safe chat environment with dashboard that permits the students and teachers to collaborate and communicate productively and easily.
School Management system School Management system
iFour develop an inventive cloud-based system that streamlines different school administrative operations. A smart school management system that modules components for computing, compiling and managing school finances, students’ records & other school management processes, all together at one place.
Learning Management system Learning Management system
We develop feature rich and synergetic custom education software with the target of assuring that the educational content is handover appropriately to the ones who learn and who educate easily. This platform will assist teachers and students to engage and cooperate in projects and discussions.
Mobile Learning platform Mobile Learning platform
Custom e-learning mobile applications will help institutions and students as well as encourage interaction with the parents. our online e-learning platforms are developed to supplement your classroom curriculum at school and diminish the manual load for teachers and students.
Customized corporate Learning Customized corporate Learning
We create on-premise and cloud-based solutions which expands efficiency, capability and decision making for training, certification and knowledge supervision for organisations.
Third-party integration solutions Third-party integration solutions
We offer the best fitting and outlasting third-party integration solutions that would amaze you with smooth business operations. We fix all your traditional needs into innovative solutions that get the best out of it. Analyzing all your necessities our software developers will embark on the right solutions with a holistic approach and address all the obstacles.

How iFour delivers business value?

iFour believe in providing cutting-edge and Cost-effective e-Learning solutions

Nowadays education system is digitized and revolutionary changes are being involved constantly. Software applications are developed depending on the user requirement, technology dependency and platform support in order to enable various users to login and increase the business value of the customer and gain world-wide recognition.

Our company has a wide range of experience and expertise in developing custom software applications for educational institutions. iFour team has successfully launched and developed various software applications that are of great need in the education industry. We help our customers to accelerate business by choosing the right technology and platform that suit budget and requirements and vast user range to become an enchanting experience. Our objectives include:

Technical Excellence

with our highly expert in-house team of IT professionals with the highest priority to satisfy customer requirement with continuous delivery of valuable software.

Secure, scalable and sustainable solutions

that fit your business and environment under which it runs and provides secure custom applications to sustain and nurture drastic change in system required

Higher and faster business value realization

aligning IT with your business processes and delivering the solution on time

Business process transformation

through constant and continuous improvements and innovation as and when required

e-learning & Education Case Study

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. develops and builds custom software applications to solve various customer problems and leveraging IT to help in business transformation. We strive to deliver better solutions with a vision in mind to gain customer confidence over the system at reduced budgets and higher business expectations. We go beyond the traditional approach to deliver the custom software development services and meet customers’ demands with various tools and deliver world class systems. Some of our projects include:

FAQs for Custom Education Software Development:

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a top-notch Custom Education software development company deals with most-promising educational software developments for the clients. Studying the requirements deeply, our active Business Analysts meet developers and project managers to make clarifications about the work scope that would include factors like the required team of developers, designers, timeline, tools, technology stack, frameworks, etc. The estimated end-result would be shared with the Education clients.

Throughout the years we have been helping the clients in making a comprehensive shift in their growth levels. We assist them with a wide variety of e-learning and software-based solutions. Few of our services include:

  1. School Management system
  2. Learning Management system
  3. Corporate learning and Knowledge management
  4. Educational platform development solutions
  5. Mobile Learning
  6. Third-party integrations
  7. Plug-in extensions

Keeping consistent eyes on the latest trends and technologies, we also consider these technologies for implementing an Education based software project.
Angular, JavaScript, Asp.Net, Swift, Umbraco, WPF, PHP, Node.Js, etc.

Following are the benefits we get through Learning Management System:

  1. As every individual has a different way of learning, therefore, LMS would help in delivering engaging and motivating content.
  2. Manually implementing and getting trainer reports is a time-consuming task. But through LMS you can make these things faster.
  3. Multiple users would get a centralized learning environment.
  4. Whole system would be managed easily including operations, communication, content, etc.
  5. The tracking and reporting tools in LMS would help in enhancing the level of performance.
  6. You can schedule the assignments periodically and keep the track record.
  7. With a refined learning process, LMS also manages easy upgrades.
  8. Time-saving and cost-effective.
  9. No matter wherever you are, you would have instant access to LMS for learning.

Education based software like Learning Management system helps in empowering the business and seamless transformation in the current system of education. We can build the following kind of features for your LMS software:

  1. Course Calendar to manage course-related activities.
  2. Modules for Notifications and messaging.
  3. Report management for various roles and activities.
  4. Course Management
  5. To track the skill set of team members for achieving business goals, we can build competency management.
  6. Administration
  7. Customizations as per the client’s choice, and many more.

Being also recognized as a remarkable Mobile app development company in India, it also deals with mobile app development services for Educational sectors. We have implemented an array of e-learning apps, LMS management apps, School management apps, etc., both native and Hybrid. Our meritorious mobile app developers assist in Android, Windows, and iOS platforms.

Yes, we will help you with third-party integration services rightly matching to your existing system in your Educational agency. Our dexterous web developers would spare no efforts in achieving your objectives.

Our adroit team of developers would check and verify your codebase first. After reviewing the operational factors, they make the decision to go with it or not. They will proceed if they find it as high-quality code otherwise they will make the development from scratch to avoid critical bugs, uncertain faults, etc.

We are among the top trustworthy Bespoke software development companies in India and hence we take extra care of the project security and privacy of confidential data. Every developer would sign an NDA agreement before working on Educational based project. iFour takes all the required measures for strict security.

This eminent Educational software company has top-class Network Engineers who take consistent steps for maintaining a secure barrier over the project working environment. As they maintain password-protected permission access, they provide access rights to only project-related software developers. Additionally, the firm also utilizes popular tools like Firewalls, antivirus, etc.

You would be the owner of your Educational software project right from the development phase. In the end, you would be handed your IP rights, source code versions, copyrights.

Certainly! At iFour, we have our own server used especially for internal project developments. We can provide you the credentials and obviously you can review the functionalities, modules, design, features, loading speed, etc. of your on-going LMS software development project.

Yes, we do provide maintenance services for Bespoke LMS software. We have master-class Technical support engineers who would provide impeccable L2 support to the clients’ software.

Yes, conditionally, based on your project size, level of complexity, etc. we provide 90-180 days of the warranty period to fix the uncertain bugs and faults of your custom Educational software.

We follow ISO 9001:2015 standards and procedures for Education software quality assurance. iFour has a meticulous and skilled team of QA who would perform testing strategies throughout the project life-cycle and ensures it as bug-free.