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Blockchain Solution for Dental Healthcare Insurance

About Customer

The customer is a well-established Dentist’s Association (i.e. Healthcare Association), offering a safe and high-quality digital environment for participants in healthcare chain to exchange administrative data for insurance processing. The association was founded by health insurers with an objective to share and reduce administrative burden of processing insurance policies.


There are different types of insurance plans available in the Netherlands’s market and the customer wants invoice calculation according to plans in the customer’s account. The customer realized the need to develop an automated system that can help him to perform all the invoice transactions to ease administrative burden in Blockchain and also improve the security of data related to invoicing and patients’ details. The customer also observed the need to develop an integrated system with the refund capabilities because sometimes the treatments offered to the customers remain unused in the last stage.

Blockchain Solution for Dental Healthcare Insurance - 01

Technology Used



Apache, IIS

Web Server

ASP.NET (C#) MVC Framework, Android, Node.js, Solidity

Programming Language


Database Management Server

MVC / Entity framework 4.5


JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap

Client Technology


Version Control

Solidity, Web3.js, Parity


Blockchain Solution for Dental Healthcare Insurance - 02
Blockchain Solution for Dental Healthcare Insurance - 03

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  • Flexible Treatment Planning Module’ precise collation of dental treatment and procedures is efficiently drafted into the system with proper treatment planning and its price based on year.

  • Robust and easy ‘Dentist Management Module’ to add dentists and modify dentist’s information add patients and insurance company information.

  • An effective and smooth communication system between dentists and patients.

  • Insurance Management Module in which insurance companies can add different insurance plans in the system and offer various insurance plans to their patients and also users(patients) can do electronic claims, for instance, medical insurance.

  • Real-time tracking of insurance plans and to manage acceptation or rejection of incoming plan or connection requests through patient management module.

  • Billing and Invoicing Module’ to add an invoice for patients and manage their invoices with enormous accuracy.

  • View activity log interface for quick updates and user activities.

  • Account Module is where the patients’ financial and claim history is viewed and to check the available balance.

  • Detailed information and customized Blockchain Dashboard’ to monitor activities happening in the Blockchain network ./p>

  • Internal refund operation is performed in the invoicing module when the patient accept invoice with unused treatment codes.

  • Internal validation for fraud when the dentist keeps using the same treatment code more than 10 times on the same day and the same patients.

  • Internal validation if treatment code is depending on some other treatment code or can’t use with other treatment code while creating an invoice.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. developed a sustainable and reliable solution that completely changed the invoicing scenario at client location. This system brought dental care in their organization in the fast processing of insurance claim requests. Blockchain improved the security of data related to invoice and patient’s details


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