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iFour Team - June 29, 2022

A comprehensive guide on how to hire Frontend developers in 2022

Table of Content 1.What frontend stack to choose for your project? 2.Where to find the right frontend developers? 3.Hiring frontend developers: a step-by-step guide 4.Technical assessment 5.Communication and personality assessment 6.Conclusion Frontend or the client-side or the representation layer of a web project is responsible for the look, feel, and user interaction attributes. In contrast to the backend or server-side or business logic layer of the web...


iFour Team - June 28, 2022

Why construction software is essential for your construction business?

Table of Content 1. Increased profits with reduced risks 2. Powerful integration with accounting software 3. Streamlines key operations with the power of automation 4. Helping construction companies mitigate risks 5. To improve performance by reducing inefficiencies 6. Multiple benefits 7. Conclusion Effective communication with stakeholders is critical in the construction business especially when you have multiple projects to manage. Therefore, finding a...


iFour Team - June 27, 2022

Why do .NET developers choose Angular over React?

Table of Content 1. Angular offers several built-in libraries similar to .NET 2. Angular's syntax is much closer to C# 3. Angular uses TypeScript, a strongly-typed language 4. .NET ecosystem usually contains all necessary stuff out of the box 5. Angular comes with slick tooling and highly efficient architecture 6. Angular is a lot simpler to use, especially when you are not an expert in JavaScript/a> 7. Conclusion Front-end development isn’t easy,...


iFour Team - June 26, 2022

React v18.0: A guide to its new features and updates

Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Concurrency in React 18 3. Automatic Batching 4. StartTransition API 5. Suspense on the server 6. How to upgrade React 17 to React 18 7. Conclusion Introduction ReactJS is an open-source, component-based JavaScript front-end toolkit that allows you to develop a single-page application (SPAs). It is developed by Facebook in 2013. This library allows the reusing of UI components. The new version of React v18.0 was...


iFour Team - June 23, 2022

13 reasons why finance software is essential for your financial business

Table of Content 1. Better comprehension of financial needs 2. Track finances efficiently 3. Accurate, and up-to-date information access 4. Automated processes with data-driven reports 5. Organized data and streamlined processes 6. Reduces financial errors 7. Secure and smooth transactions 8. Integration, easy access, and simplified tax management 9. Keeps track of operations 10. Online transactions, and better operational efficiency 11. Real-time visibility on company's...


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