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Comparative Analysis of Blazor Angular React Vue and Node for Web development

Comparative Analysis of Blazor, Angular, React, Vue and Node for Web development

Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. User Interface 3. Performance 4. Security and Identity 5. Response Time 6. Easy Learning Curve 7. Focus on devices 8. Data Accessibility 9. Complexity 10. Data binding 11. Deployment and Hosting 12. Framework Evolution 13. Community Support 14. Adoption & Popularity 15. Version Migration 16. Easy integration 17. Final Choice Introduction There are a huge number of front-end frameworks available...

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What is Property binding and how to implement it in Angular

What is Property binding and how to implement it in Angular?

Table of Content 1. What is Data binding? 2. What is Property binding? 3. Conclusion What is Data binding? Data binding is one of the most key features in Angular. Data binding in Angular works by synchronizing the data in the components with the UI so that it reflects the present value of the data. When the value in the data changes it is detected by Data binding and the changes are reflected in the View, this will make the HTML...

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What is TempData and How to Use in MVC

What is TempData and How to Use in MVC?

TempData is used to transfer data from the view to the controller, the controller to the view, or from an action method to another action method of the same or a different controller. TempData temporarily saves data and deletes it automatically after a value is recovered. Table of Content 1. TempData can be used in a couple of scenarios. 2. Why is TempData required in the ASP.NET MVC application? 3. What does TempData on MVC? 4. How to transfer and retrieve TempData...

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B2B Software Solutions for E Commerce

B2B Software Solutions for E-Commerce

With the Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce industry generating 12.2 trillion dollars a year as of 2019, it's evident that B2B e-commerce is here to stay. That is, it’s expected to grow 10% every year over the next 5 years. Following this growth, a variety of tools have emerged for business process improvement. These include e-commerce platforms. With such a wide array of options at your disposal, it’s a decision that may take a lot of consideration on your...

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Building A Restful API in ASP NET MVC 5

Building A Restful API in ASP.NET MVC 5

In ASP.NET MVC architecture, when the request comes to our application, MVC Framework drops this request to action in a controller, this action returns the view most of the time which is then analyzed by the razor view engine, and finally, the HTML markup is returned to the client. So, HTML tagging is generated on the server and then sent back to the client in this approach. Table of Content 1. What is the benefit of this approach? 2. Restful Convention 3....

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