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iFour Team - May 27, 2022

A complete guide on eCommerce conversion rate optimization

Table of Content 1. Define your goals 2. Know your target audience 3. Simplified UI/UX design, simple navigation, and high resolution images 4. Design a dedicated landing page for visitors 5. Essential information with CTA images and videos for the product 6. Keep shopping cart visible to your customers 7. Sell your product and gain customer trust 8. A satisfying browsing experience 9. Provide personalized outfits 10.Display discounts and provide advanced research 11....


iFour Team - May 26, 2022

A comprehensive guide on the Construction management software

Table of Content 1. Mobile compatibility and inventory management 2. Accurately forecast job costs and monitor them 3. STACK 4. On-premises software is better suited to larger businesses 5. Multiple features needed 6. Conclusion Construction management software has been a sensible investment and a path to success for many Real estate organizations. It provides incredible features that help manage various projects (both small and medium) across multiple sites,...


Madeline Miller - May 05, 2022

Java And Environment Variables: A Brief Overview

Java is one of many programming languages that have shown much promise in the coding world. With that said, there are many components to consider, when working with Java, including environment variables. Environment variables help you configure Java applications without having to store settings in code outside where they need to be. Essentially, you can configure Java applications without jeopardizing the database or caching servers, which are often vital for third-party APIs. In fact, you...


iFour Team - March 25, 2022

What you need to know about Cloud Compliance & Compliance Reporting

Table of Content 1. Why does Compliance matter in the Cloud? 2. How to achieve Cloud Compliance? 3. How do you access Cloud Compliance? 4. Why is Compliance Reporting important? 5. What makes Compliance Reporting effective? 6. Final thoughts According to Gartner, Inc.'s latest forecast, the global end-user spending on public cloud services would surpass $482 billion in 2022. More companies are moving to the cloud to reduce costs and improve business resilience and...


iFour Team - March 15, 2022

7 proven Tips to Secure Your Ecommerce Website

Table of Content 1. What is e-commerce security? 1.1 Choose a Secure E-Commerce Platform 1.2 Implement SSL Certificate 1.3 Maintain a Security-Focused Mindset 1.4 Choose a Strong Hosting 1.5 Update Your Site & Plug-ins Regularly 1.6 Keep your site up to date 1.7 Monitor Transactions 2. Final verdict Ecommerce...


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