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iFour Team - June 10, 2022

Why do you need hospitality software for your hospitality business?

Table of Content 1. Streamlined operations and exceptional customer experience 2. Increased productivity & reduced cost 3. Improves operational efficiency 4. Effective revenue management 5.Made for operations and niche needs 6. Automated systems and accurate statistics 7. Multiple reasons 8.Conclusion Working in the Hospitality sector comes with several challenges. It requires you to handle various operations such as employee management, training...


iFour Team - December 30, 2020

Top 10 Technology Trends for Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality industry is one of the highly competitive sectors in the world. Its value gets judged through the way of providing customer experience and customer satisfaction. Moving with the waves of new generation, it has become much important for the Hospitality industry to keep a proper track of the emerging technologies and trends. Doing so would not only help them to keep a finger on the pulse but also in shifting the requirements.   Table of Content 1. IOT - Internet...


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