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iFour Team - October 29, 2021

Trending Law Practice Management Software That can Boost Your Legal Business

Table of Content 1. Clio 2. Podio 3. Contract Wrangler 4. LEAP 5. Smokeball 6. Client Database System Software 7. Use of various applications 8. Conclusion A Law practice management software is a complete case management solution specially designed to manage routine operations effectively and help legal businesses function smoothly. This software usually offers various modules such as appointment scheduling, reporting, document sharing, storing, and so on. In fact,...


iFour Team - November 19, 2020

Top 10 Technology Trends in Legal Industry

It is just wondering to know that the investment record point for technology in the Legal industries had reached to $1bn in the year 2019. Looking at this fact, we can imagine how consistently technology is growing in the Legal sector. Technology adoption in the law firms would impeccably improve the working strategies and help in accuracy with fewer efforts. Over time, we are constantly facing the latest technology trends in this digital world and these trends have the calibre to challenge...


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