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iFour Team - June 20, 2022

Will WPF be dead in 2022?

Table of Content 1.Microsoft has faith in WPF as a UI framework 2.Future of Microsoft is robust but aging framework is in doubt 3.We will never see the next version of WPF 4.It may indeed get phased out eventually 5.Microsoft doesn’t need to be promoting non-mobile and non-cloud technology 6.Conclusion WPF has been a terrific framework for desktop app development, with amazing capabilities that assist in UI creation. Not to mention WPF's invaluable...


Hemangi Tank - August 19, 2021

A simple guide on WPF RelativeSources

Table of Content 1. RelativeSource Modes 1.1. Self Mode 1.2. FindAncestor Mode 1.3. TemplatedParent Mode 1.4. PreviousData Mode 2. Conclusion WPF RelativeSource is a Markup Extension that assists us in binding data of an element with another source element using its relationship. It states...


iFour Team - March 03, 2021

What is new in XAML developer tools in Visual Studio 2019 for WPF & UWP?

Since the beginning of Visual Studio 2019, the visual studio has introduced a lot of the latest options for XAML developers functioning for the WPF or UWP Desktop application. Table of Content 1. XAML Live Debugging Tools 1.1. XAML Hot Reload 1.2. XAML Hot Reload available/unavailable 1.3. In-app toolbar now themed 1.4. In-app toolbar element selection behavior changes 1.5. XAML Hot Reload now supports x: bind (UWP) 1.6. Added XAML hot reload support...

https://www.ifourtechnolab.com/pics/Visual Studio.webp

iFour Team - February 26, 2021

Improvements to XAML tooling in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.7

Table of Content 1. What’s new in Visual Studio 2019? 1.1. XAML Binding Failure Troubleshooting 1.1.1. New XAML Binding failure indicator icon 1.1.2. New XAML Binding failure window 1.2. Inline Color Preview in XAML Code Editor 2. Support for an older version of Visual Studio 2.1. XAML Tools WPF/UWP 2.2. XAML Code Editor 2.3. C++ 2.4. Add a Debugger Display Attribute 2.5. Git User Experience 2.6. Git Conflict Resolution 2.7....

https://www.ifourtechnolab.com/pics/Events in WPF.webp

iFour Team - February 19, 2021

Understanding Routed Events in WPF

Table of Content 1. What are routed events in WPF? 2. Tree Structures 2.1 Logical Tree Structure 2.2 Visual Tree Structure 3. Conclusion What are routed events in WPF? A routed event is a type of event that, in an element, a tree has multiple listeners and that is handle by the routed events. A routed event is a basically CLR event and it is supported by an instance of the Routed Event class. In the WPF application, they contain multiple elements...


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