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iFour Team - March 15, 2022

Why Is React-Native Best For Mobile App Development?

Table of Content 1. Code Reusability Saves Time and Resources 2. Easy Code Changes with Hot Reloading 3. Support for Third-Party Plugins 4. Modular Architecture 5. Native Look & Feel 6. Lower learning curve 7. React Native uses less memory 8. Fastest growing technology 9. On a Final Note The popularity of React Native as a robust cross-platform app development framework has already been established. A whole array of leading brands such as Airbnb, Wix,...

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iFour Team - February 22, 2018

Mobile application development ideas by software company

Nowadays, Mobile application development is on another level due to technology proliferation and availability of resources like good mobile application development companies good mobile application development companies. There are various unique mobile apps in the market. But now, aim is to build applications which will be user friendly but also helpful to user in a real manner. Few of application ideas which help users to achieve their basic daily needs with ease are mentioned below Table...


iFour Team - February 19, 2018

10 Mobile app development ideas for 2018

Every day we see tons of mobile apps being released by Mobile application development companies. The success of any mobile app depends on user interface, uniqueness of the idea, usability, marketing, performance of the app and many other factors. Based on our experience mobile app development, we hereby present few mobile app development ideas that one can consider this year. Table of Content 1. Voice Based Journey Planner 2. Corruption control mobile app 3. Public...


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