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iFour Team - December 02, 2021

Is ASP.NET good platform to build an eCommerce website?

Table of Content 1. High security functionality that ASP.NET confers 2. Create website with the absolute minimum of functionality 3. Ability to enable simple integrations 4. Adheres to the standard.NET event-driven paradigm 5. Aesthetics and easy navigation with powerful security 6. Multiple factors should be considered 7. Conclusion Technology progression has dramatically changed the way of selling and purchasing business paradigm. E-Commerce business is a kind of...


iFour Team - November 23, 2021

Is .NET framework dead and what is its future?

Table of Content 1. Feel a gap exists between release & sustainability of the Microsoft products 2. It will never update 3. Microsoft will replace .NET with something functionally similar 4. Concentration on making .NET Core more agile and powerful 5. Future of .NET development will be Xamarin Forms 4 and Unity 8 6. There is no single sign that it will change in a midterm perspective 7. Conclusion There is nothing in the realm of technology that remains constant...


iFour Team - November 09, 2021

10 Best Alternatives to Microsoft .NET framework

Table of Content 1.Mono 2.Dolphin Smalltalk 3.Ceylon 4.JAVA 5.Delphi 6.Python 7.C# 8.Embracing Javascript 9.Swift 10.ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 11.Various Multiple Alternatives 12.Conclusion The current digital era has compelled businesses to make their online presence through various sources like websites, web applications, or mobile apps and form brand visibility. It has pushed them to the point where they must maintain active connections with their customers...


Hiren Shekhda - September 23, 2021

How to use Database First Approach in Asp.Net MVC to authorize OAuth 2.0 Rest Web APIs?

The REST Web API is a lightweight and critical component of web development for sharing data on several customer machines and devices, for example, mobile devices, desktop apps, or any Website. The permission of the REST Web API is also important for data sharing between multiple client machines and devices to protect the sensibility of data from all external violations and for authenticating the use of the target REST Web API. ...


Ishan Sarvaiya - September 17, 2021

An in-depth guide on View Result and Partial View Result in MVC

Table of Content 1. What is Action Result? 2. Types of Action Results 2.1. View Result 2.2. Partial View Result 2.3. Redirect Result 2.4. Redirect to Action Result 2.5. JSON Result 2.6. File Result 2.7. Content Result 3. Difference between ViewResult and Partial ViewResult 4. Conclusion What is Action Result? In MVC, Action Results are results of action methods or return types of the corresponding action methods. There...


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