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iFour Team - June 14, 2022

Why do you need retail software for your retail business?

Table of Content 1.Speed & accuracy 2.Automation and optimization of retail operations 3.Real-time visibility 4.Retail software can streamline your business environment 5.Businesses make decisions based on data 6.Needful during unprecedented times 7.Quality software integration 8.Run your business from anywhere 9.Save you massive amount of time 10.Manage, track, and store important data 11.Retail software makes this process easier 12.POS System to right inventory...

https://www.ifourtechnolab.com/pics/Top 10 Emerging Technology.webp

iFour Team - March 08, 2021

Top 10 Emerging Technology Trends for Retail Industry

Having cutthroat competition in today’s market, the success of your retail industry would definitely depend on how well you perform to meet customer demands. Offering a flawless user experience is always an imperative need for the retail industry. With the waves of emerging technologies, retail industries have become more reliant on them to provide an easy and incredible user experience. Digital transformation, cloud services, networking, etc. are some of the ways the retailers are...


iFour Team - May 05, 2017

Robotics as the Future of Retail

Table of Content 1. Why is robotics required in retail stores? 2. Some existing robots in the retail industry 3. How do robots increase the efficiency in retail? 4. Will the future of retail be human-less? In this era of technological advancement, almost everything has been automated with the help from software development companies. Robotics is considered to be the next thing that will take over all the industries. One such industry where robotics has already made its...


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