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iFour Team - December 28, 2021

Benefits of adopting logistics software for transportation business

Table of Content 1.Imperative when it comes to supply chains 2.Allow companies to automate processes 3.Track the Vehicle in Real-Time 4.Helps to keep track of all the shipments 5.It helps to organize schedules 6.List of useful transport & logistics software 7.Conclusion Today, the world without transportation and software is just difficult to imagine. Isn’t it? Because without these two, neither vaccines could have been delivered successfully nor Pfizer have...


iFour Team - July 19, 2021

6 Benefits of the Transportation Management System

Nothing has benefited the supply chain operations as Transportation Management Software has. Transport Management System or TMS automates the basic transportation processes and provides solutions for moving cargo in all modes including intermodal movement.   Table of Content 1. Cost- Efficient Transportation 2. Load and Route Optimization 3. Real-time Tracking 4. Updates Regarding Product Deliveries And Delays 5. Accuracy in the Orders 6. Warehouse efficiency 7....


iFour Team - March 12, 2021

Top 7 Emerging Technology Trends for Transportation & Logistics Industry

Table of Content 1. Private LTE/5G networks as a major tech trend 2. Automating and streamlining the hiring process for CDL drivers 3. AR (Augmented Reality) & IOT (Internet of Things) 4. Businesses will be investing in data technologies 5. Drone + Rail Intermodal 6. To provide an advanced TMS at a low price for small carriers 7. Due to shortage of workers, step in to support supply chain processes 8. Numerous trends will be on demand 8.1. AI 8.2. Self-driving...


iFour Team - August 22, 2017

IoT in Transportation and Logistics Industry

Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Definition 3. End to End Visibility 4.Warehouse Management 5. Fleet Management 6. Conclusion 7. References Introduction Whether it is by land, air or water Transportation and Logistics are the components which plays an important role in the productivity of any Industry like software development companies USA. So, it has become essential thing to understand how to access real time data and use it for betterment for any company....

https://www.ifourtechnolab.com/pics/Report Generation Through Amazon API.webp

iFour Team - October 25, 2016

Estimated sales report generation through Amazon API (MWS Marketplace API)

Table of Content 1. What is MWS? 2. What is Estimated Sales Report? 3. Process for using Amazon API to generate Estimated Sales Report 4. Process flow diagram 5. Conclusion What is MWS? MWS (MarketPlace Web Service) is a specific service for people who sell on Amazon.com. It provides sellers with an API through which they can access their Amazon account from within their own computing systems. The Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) Fulfilment...


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