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IoT in Transportation and Logistics Industry

IoT in Transportation and Logistics

Whether it is by land, air or water Transportation and Logistics are the components which plays an important role in the productivity of any Industry like software development companies India. So, it has become essential thing to understand how to access real time data and use it for betterment for any company. The number of company now a days using

mobile technology

to manage daily operations but factors including fuel cost, labour cost, government regulations, transportation infrastructure, delivery time are challenging the work of strategy builders.

The revolution in IoT (Internet of things) will bring great improvements in all the Industries including custom software companies, but two areas which can get tremendous benefits from it are Transportation and Logistics.


The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items-embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

Interaction of IoT touches all the aspects of Transportation sector. Having right IoT devices at a place, companies can integrate all the data at centralized cloud place and access and share any critical data needed. Internet of things helps in visualization of data which indeed assists in doing critical analysis and taking decisions.

By implementing intelligence with the help of Iot devices,

Transportation and Logistics industry

improves themselves in following aspects:

End to End Visibility

Globally all the enterprises are focussing the efficiency of supply chain in order to improve profits and visibility. To reach at that level they have to make end to end improvements. The solution which gives complete visibility and faster detection of issues helps in making timely decisions and decreases delays.

Some mobile devices for example radio frequency identification, mobile computers and barcode scanners influence a lot in the efficiency of supply chain operations. Those companies which are using RFID today are getting approximately 100 percent accuracy in shipping and receiving goods, 99.5 percent accuracy in inventory management, 30 percent decrease in labour costs and 30 percent quicker processing of orders.

Though mobile technology has been helping the industry for many years, the usage and implementation of IoT devices can lead taking smarter decisions and enhance business intelligence.

Warehouse Management

The warehouse is one of the core part of transportation and logistics enterprises. The more effective management of warehouse the more is capable to do business and remain in competition. IoT enabled mobile devices are designed in way to track vehicles, equipment and inventory data.

By collecting the real time data from physical devices, warehouses in transportation and logistics industry share any mission critical data on centralized cloud to ensure that products are there in right location at specific time. The devices in warehouse can communicate among themselves and enhance the productivity by analysing the historical data available.

Warehouse personnel are many times moving on the foot and in vehicles, manually conduct the routine tasks. This process is time consuming and vulnerable to error which creates numerous visibility related defects including ambiguous trailer moves, goods shrinkage, consumed fuel and wasted time, warehouse gate congestion. In order to address such kind of issues, many organizations across the world uses RFID systems which fastens asset and location tracking.

Fleet Management

It has responsibility to manage everyday schedules and transportation routes. With the help of computers, scanners and RFID systems, companies can have visibility of their assets and improved streamline operations in order to keep fleets moving.

IoT devices have ability to monitor all the equipment and infrastructure in real time which helps field technicians to take action before problem arrives. Enterprises can have intelligence remotely, enabling them to maintain facilities and reducing unnecessary and reactive responses.


Advancement in mobile technology and IoT devices is dramatically enhancing the operations in transportation and logistics industry. Asset intelligence allows industry to point out the hazards in operations in real time. Improvement in this technology would surely build progressive plans to direct at innovation.


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