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iFour Team - June 28, 2022

Why construction software is essential for your construction business?

Table of Content 1. Increased profits with reduced risks 2. Powerful integration with accounting software 3. Streamlines key operations with the power of automation 4. Helping construction companies mitigate risks 5. To improve performance by reducing inefficiencies 6. Multiple benefits 7. Conclusion Effective communication with stakeholders is critical in the construction business especially when you have multiple projects to manage. Therefore, finding a...


iFour Team - May 26, 2022

A comprehensive guide on the Construction management software

Table of Content 1. Mobile compatibility and inventory management 2. Accurately forecast job costs and monitor them 3. STACK 4. On-premises software is better suited to larger businesses 5. Multiple features needed 6. Conclusion Construction management software has been a sensible investment and a path to success for many Real estate organizations. It provides incredible features that help manage various projects (both small and medium) across multiple sites,...


iFour Team - February 08, 2021

Top 11 Emerging Technology Trends for Construction Industry

Construction sector is one of the vast verticals in the world and has great value in the market. It has a great impact on our lives as we are completely surrounded by this industry. With the rapid advancement in technology, extensive transformations have got introduced in this sector. Technology plays an awesome role in the construction industry and overcomes so many perilous disasters from occurring. Many innovations such as IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), Automation,...


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