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iFour Team - April 02, 2018

Digital Payment Using Apple Pay

Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Types of Payments 3. How to use Apple Pay? 4. Device compatibilities 5. Network supports 6. Safety 7. If your iOS device lose then... Introduction Apple Pay services initially released by Apple in October, 2014. Basically it is launched for digital secure payment transaction. It is a contact payment technology. Users can make payments with iOS apps, Apple watch or from website. From iOS 11 user can do Apple Pay with...

https://www.ifourtechnolab.com/pics/Top 10 Payment Gateway Options.webp

iFour Team - November 08, 2016

Top 10 Payment Gateway options in India for custom eCommerce service provider

Table of Content 1. What is a payment gateway 2. How payment gateways work 3. Top 10 payment gateways in India 3.1.InstaMojo Payment Gateway 3.2.EBS Payment Gateway 3.3.CCAvenue Payment Gateway 3.4. PayPal Payment Gateway 3.5.Citrus Payment Gateway 3.6.PayUbiz Payment Gateway 3.7.Atom Paynet Payment Gateway 3.8.ZaakPay Payment Gateway 3.9. DirecPay Payment Gateway 3.10.Emvantage Payment Gateway 3.11.PayKun Payment Gateway What...

https://www.ifourtechnolab.com/pics/Blockchain for Secure Transaction.webp

iFour Team - October 04, 2016

Blockchain A forward step to secure transaction

Table of Content 1. What is Blockchain 2. Security feature in blockchain 3. Workflow Of Blockchain 4. Disadvantages of Blockchain 5. Applications of Blockchain 6. Conclusion What is Blockchain Security is paramount in financial transactions.  Software outsourcing companies have witnessed that cyber breaches are advancing at a higher rate than technology advancements. Blockchain is seen as the next big thing for safe and secure financial transactions....


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