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iFour Team - June 27, 2022

Why do .NET developers choose Angular over React?

Table of Content 1. Angular offers several built-in libraries similar to .NET 2. Angular's syntax is much closer to C# 3. Angular uses TypeScript, a strongly-typed language 4. .NET ecosystem usually contains all necessary stuff out of the box 5. Angular comes with slick tooling and highly efficient architecture 6. Angular is a lot simpler to use, especially when you are not an expert in JavaScript/a> 7. Conclusion Front-end development isn’t easy,...


iFour Team - June 03, 2022

Why Angular is the future of enterprise web applications?

Table of Content 1.Open source and heavily supported by Google 2. It comes with highly efficient architecture 3. It's designed to be as agile as possible 4. Power of Typescript, Angular CLI and Angular Universal 5. Less coding efforts 6. Easy Command-Line Interface (CLI) 7. It is compatible with ReactJS & other leading frameworks 8. Offer multiple options 9. Conclusion The future of Angular is extremely bright. It is a versatile framework that enables...


iFour Team - May 31, 2022

Future of Angular: Web App or Mobile App? Why?

Table of Content 1. Web application 1.1 Provide benefits of being web-based 1.2Positioned itself as the framework for web applications 1.3Enhanced with the integration of MDC Weblinks 1.4Support by adding directives to host elements 2. Mobile Application 2.1 Most popular option when it comes to creating an app with JavaScript 2.2Switch from Angular to Ivy for the language service 2.3 Improved application performance by incorporating important styles...


iFour Team - December 07, 2021

Top 6 Angular UI Frameworks for Web Development

Table of Content 1. Angular Material 2. Ngx Bootstrap 3. Prime NG 4. Teradata Covalent 5. Suave UI 6. Lumix 7. Conclusion Maintaining a business website or application has become a necessity in today’s digital world. Businesses must hunt...


iFour Team - December 01, 2021

Top 7 Alternatives to Angular - #4 is Trending Quickly

Table of Content 1. Mithril 2. Aurelia 3. Meteor 4. React 5. Vue.js 6. Backbone.js 7. Angular Material 8. Conclusion In this fast-paced digital world, businesses need to keep themselves prepared for the next to stay competitive in the market. According to the facts, over 2.5 million new websites get launched every day while 175 new websites get developed every minute globally. This is how business competitors are making their dependency and online presence. User...


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