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Madeline Miller - May 05, 2022

Java And Environment Variables: A Brief Overview

Java is one of many programming languages that have shown much promise in the coding world. With that said, there are many components to consider, when working with Java, including environment variables. Environment variables help you configure Java applications without having to store settings in code outside where they need to be. Essentially, you can configure Java applications without jeopardizing the database or caching servers, which are often vital for third-party APIs. In fact, you...


Yash Shukla - September 13, 2021

A complete guide on Behavioral Design Pattern and Chain of Responsibility Pattern in Java

Table of Content 1. What is Behavioral Design Pattern? 2. Types of Behavioral Design Pattern: 3. What is a Chain of Responsibility Pattern? 4. Advantages of using Chain of Responsibility Pattern: 5. Example for Chain of Responsibility Pattern: 6. Conclusion In...


Yash Shukla - July 21, 2021

A Complete Guide on Structural Design Pattern in Java

Table of Content 1. What is a Structural Design Pattern? 2. What are the types of Structural Design Pattern? 3. What is an Adapter Pattern? 4. Advantages of Adapter Pattern 5. UML Class diagram for the example 6. Specifications for the Adapter Pattern 7. Conclusion In this blog, first, we’ll have some overview about Structural Design Pattern, why we use it, its types and we’ll understand about adapter pattern which is a type of structural design pattern....


iFour Team - July 01, 2021

A complete guide about JUnit 5

Table of Content 1. What is JUnit 5? 2. JUnit 5 Annotations 3. How to use JUnit 5? 4. Annotations and Its Examples 5. Class Assertions and its methods 6. Conclusion What is JUnit 5? JUnit...


iFour Team - June 20, 2021

A Guide on Java Stream API

Table of Content 1. What is Java Stream API? 2. Different Methods for Streams 2.1. Intermediate methods 2.2. Terminal methods 3. Extra Examples 4. Conclusion ...


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