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iFour Team - July 14, 2021

How 5G will improve IoT Solutions?

Table of Content 1. How 5G will improve IoT Solutions? 2. 5G impacts on IoT-connected business infrastructure 3. Transformed way of data collection, analyzation, and sharing 4. Improved Speed and Size of operation 5. Supports massive scale for IoT communications 6. Improved IoT Solutions with increased spectrum 7. Stable connections and improved network reliability 8. Conclusion How 5G will improve IoT Solutions? 5G is set to bring a tremendous revolution...


iFour Team - August 22, 2017

IoT in Transportation and Logistics Industry

Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Definition 3. End to End Visibility 4.Warehouse Management 5. Fleet Management 6. Conclusion 7. References Introduction Whether it is by land, air or water Transportation and Logistics are the components which plays an important role in the productivity of any Industry like software development companies USA. So, it has become essential thing to understand how to access real time data and use it for betterment for any company....


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