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Eliza Sadler - October 22, 2021

Mobile Startup on Flutter: An Implementation Plan

Table of Content 1.Understanding Flutter 2.Why Flutter for startup app? 3.Flutter Vs. other cross-platform frameworks 4. Drawbacks of Flutter 5.Conclusion The key to success in any business is to create products and services that are accessible and acceptable to the users. Turning a startup into a multimillion-dollar business requires one to consider improving the quality of their brand. In this digital era, it is important to have an application that can run on multiple...


Eliza Sadler - October 22, 2021

Native Vs. Cross-Platform Development: How Not to Throw Money Down the Chimney

Table of Content 1. What’s Native App Development? 2. Advantages of Native App Development 3. Disadvantages of Native App Development 4. What’s cross-platform app development? 5.Advantages of a Cross-Platform App Development 6. Disadvantages of Cross-Platform App Development 7.What to consider before choosing native apps or cross-platform apps for building a mobile app? 8. Conclusion There are two main options if you are looking to build a mobile app....


iFour Team - October 16, 2020

Why to choose Syncfusion Xamarin UI Control?

Table of Content 1. What is Syncfusion? 2. Installation in Syncfusion packages 2.1. NuGetpackage 2.2. ConsoleManager 3. Control of syncfusion 3.1. DataGrid Control 3.2. Button (sfButton) 3.3. ComboBox (sfcombobox)/a> 3.4. Calendar(sfCalendar) 3.5. ListView (sfListview): 3.6. Picker 4. Conclusion What is Syncfusion? Syncfusion is a software company located in north Korea. It is use to convert the tools into component...


iFour Team - June 26, 2020

Expert Recommendations for Hybrid Mobile App Development Platforms

Hybrid mobile app development is a strategical way of building cross-platform mobile apps that is cost-effective. Making the worlds of both Native and Html5, these are developed using web technologies such as Html5, JavaScript, and then wrapped them into a native container which has access to extraordinary features. There are a lot of options available in the market to pick for your Hybrid Mobile Application development. Nowadays, Xamarin and Ionic frameworks are the trending platforms for...


iFour Team - October 19, 2016

Top 10 Hybrid mobile application development technology considerations

Table of Content 1. What is hybrid mobile app development? 2. PhoneGap 3. Xamarin 4. Onsen UI 5. Appcelerator 6. Intel XDK 7. Nativescript 8. Telerik AppBuilder 9.Monocross 10.React Native 11.Ionic 12.Conclusion What is hybrid mobile app development? There are many cross-platform mobile app development platforms available in the market like PhoneGap, Xamarin, Telerik AppBuilder and many more. We discuss here top ten technology considerations...


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