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iFour Team - August 02, 2021

Blockchain miracle – How is it changing the world we live in?

Table of Content 1. Cybersecurity 2. Healthcare services 3. Financial 4. Blockchain in industrial processes 5. Government 6. Charity work and Blockchain 7. Retail business 8. Real estate 9. Tourism and Blockchain 10. Media 11. Conclusion Blockchain is more than just about the crypto platforms and security. It is the latest fad in technology and is increasingly finding usage across various sectors, including healthcare, media, government, and finance. It is quite...


iFour Team - June 25, 2020

Successful Real Blockchain Implementation and Use cases

By the present day, we can see that Blockchain is at different levels of success. This technology has caught the fire by underpinning the cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Apart from that, there are tons of new innovative blockchain ideas, but many among them still unproven and hypothetical. Being an incredible alternative to the traditional currency, way of handling financial transactions, and centralized banking, it is making a tremendous impact in all the industrial verticals....


iFour Team - October 18, 2019

How Blockchain is used in Real World Businesses and Organizations?

Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Long Term Cost-Benefit 3. Speed of Execution 4. Asset Management and Tracking 5. Tracking 6. Replacing Traditional Contracts 7. Smart Contracts 8. Data Compliance and Records 9. Faster Identity Checks Using Blockchain Introduction Blockchain technology has penetrated deep into several industries in recent years, particularly the banking and financial sectors. As the key advantages of blockchain technology are enhanced...


iFour Team - September 12, 2019

Major Blockchain Trends to Watch in 2019

Blockchain’s expansion over the past few years has been steady and solid. Even so, this pioneering technology still has a lot to offer and continues to hold much promise. Continuing from past year’s buzz and the arrival of regulators, blockchain is poised to evolve even further. Here in this blog we will traverse four blockchain technology trends you should watch out in 2019. These trends will help every Custom Blockchain development companies extent what to expect from blockchain...


iFour Team - August 27, 2019

Which industries will be substantially adopting Blockchain in 2019?

Table of Content 1. Introductionl 2. Transportation and Logistics Industry 3. Food industry 4. Art industry 5. Gaming Industry 6. Conclusion Introduction: Previous year’s is challenging for blockchain world. The industry's implementation of this technology was less open-minded than expected. This had a lot to do with the crypto markets turbulence. Blockchain spending by companies has been slower than anticipated, while many continuing projects...


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