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iFour Technolab is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner and an industry leader in developing software solutions using the Microsoft technology stack. It has veteran software professionals capable of developing flawless Windows and desktop applications that precisely match client needs.

WPF stands for Windows Presentation Foundation; it is a user interface (UI) framework that creates interactive desktop applications. This presentation framework enables to build user interfaces for Windows, the web as well as for desktop applications. WPF has great flexibility in developing applications under service-oriented architecture. With outstanding experience in WPF application development, iFour can help your organization to be the top runner in the market.

WPF was first introduced as a unit of .NET Framework 3.0 in the form of a Windows library to build Windows-related applications and forms. Given the functionality support in the environment, one can build, run, execute, and manage desktop applications.

The .NET framework includes two kinds of GUI frameworks - WinForms and WPF – of which WPF is the latest. While both are used for the same purpose, WPF is supported by features like XAML, resources, styles, controls, animations, media, documents, data-binding, UI graphics, security, etc., for application development. Beginners who had worked on ASP.NET and Windows Forms related app development found it easy to work with WPF. With the addition of programming constructs, WPF helps the programmer to develop applications with enhanced properties, events, and dependencies.

We have a deep understanding of end-user requirements and help you convert them into high-performing apps using desktop application development services. Our full-stack developers are here to take your business to new heights in your niche market.

Our WPF development services

(Developing new realms with bespoke WPF development services)

iFour is among the fastest-growing offshore firms in the USA that provides IT consulting services to global clients. We also have a Microsoft certified team of experts who can deliver result-oriented business solutions that achieve targeted goals.

We offer the following services to global clients

  • Web apps development services

  • WPF enterprise portals and business intelligence

  • WPF enhancement of applications based on .NET technology

  • WPF components development

  • Integration with non.NET applications

  • Migration and porting to the .NET platform

  • WPF Add-ins development

Reach out to us today to know more about our WPF application development services or to hire WPF developers for your projects.

What makes iFour the best WPF application development company?

(New-gen technology solution, Agile approach and talented developers makes us the best)

iFour Technolab has gained remarkable traction in the software market. As a leading WPF development company, iFour Technolab offers customized and on-time WPF services to our clients worldwide. We have extensive experience in handling projects of different complexities and scope. As the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is the core of any app’s success, we apply industry-best practices and tools to customize it for you. With WPF, we create a refined user experience on Windows to offer effective services to our clients.

Let’s take a look at some of our highlights
  • Excellent quality services that add value to your business
  • Years of experience in WPF development
  • Complete technical competency and continued support
  • Assured confidentiality and timely completion of the WPF project
  • Interactive project development and continuous communication
  • Custom API development and integration for seamless business collaboration
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Sustainable back-end with flawless front-end

  • We understand that you are looking for a WPF application tailored to your business. We assure you that our professional WPF application development services would help you achieve the desired results and grow your business.

  • We work hard on the WPF app development, and release MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to enhance the user experience.

  • We also test the mobile application with our customers to gain inputs.

  • Other than application development, we provide a series of innovative custom software development solutions for your business, including application designing, analysis, QA and testing activities, installation, support, and maintenance – all within your budget.



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FAQs for WPF application development

iFour Technolab is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner having experienced, vetted, and certified professionals. We have assisted more than 50 startups and served over 15 industries with top-notch WPF development services. We believe in offering high-quality services on time adhering to strict confidentiality.

With WPF, you would get the following advantages

  • Fascinating animations support
  • Offers effective separation of UI from logic
  • Better data binding support
  • Provides in-built UI virtualization to manage large datasets
  • Support for 3D graphics and various media like video, animations, and 3D content
  • WPF enables coding in XAML even if the Visual Studio designer is not available
  • Enables effective control creation with reusability feature and offers tremendous flexibility.

Below are the major differences between WinForms and WPF:

  • WinForms is simple to use while WPF is complicated.
  • WPF offers excellent scalability compared to WinForms.
  • WPF has enhanced security features compared to WinForms.
  • WPF is far better in designing aspect compared to WinForms.
  • WPF offers incredible performance compared to WinForms.

To put it simply, WPF is better than WinForms.

In simple words, the WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) deals with communication factors such as sending, receiving, serializing the data. The WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) deals with a way of presenting or displaying UI. WCF plays a crucial role in connecting different kinds of applications and passing data with the help of endpoints.

Our WPF experts employ Agile methodologies (SCRUM) while software project development.

Of course! We ensure your project idea remains safe with us. In addition, we make our WPF professionals sign NDA to accomplish project security.

We provide you with a flexible pricing model to hire our developers based on your business needs. We have three pricing models i.e., dedicated team model, fixed-price model, hourly-based model. The pricing of each model depends on the developer’s skill-set requirement, experience level, and technology.

We consider factors such as designing, coding, development, testing, app integrations with existing systems and decide the complete cost of our services.

Yes, we can provide maintenance services for your application and troubleshoot customer concerns effectively.

Bring your business strategies to life with WPF applications

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