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Our customer is a reliable software development company in USA with branches in Greater Detroit and in Indianapolis area. It offers full spectrum of IT consulting services to its clients and help them achieve their business goals.


The industrial client realizes the need for a simple and efficient web solution with added features to solve traditional web problems effortlessly. They feel like legacy web solution is less secure and have many problems. The client aims to make web solution design more user-friendly, attractive, and efficient. They face some challenges with old web solutions so they required a new, complete, and sustainable IT solution to root out process inefficiencies. Also, the system offers resilient features to the users.

Analytical Testing Solution - 01

Technology Used

ASP.NET (C#) Framework 4.6

Programming Languages

JavaScript, HTML

Client Technology

Microsoft SQL Server






ASP MVC APIs, NET Framework


Hybrid Mobile Application


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The solution comprises of the following resilient features:

  • Role-based access control – Quick, secure, and easy access control. When logged in with appropriate credentials, the user gets authenticated and redirected to the home page.

    1. Admin can assign lims code to each user which is used for connecting files with lims code of that user.
  • Files module – Using this module, the user can simply check files related to his account lims code.
    There are various types of files available in this module and are discussed below. Besides, users can also check the folder structure, its internal files just as user directory and perform next, previous operations effectively.

    1. Reports- Users can seamlessly view downloaded files, and share them with various app users. If any concerns are faced, users can also apply for help related to a specific record or file.
    2. Chain of Custody – Here, the user can simply view and download the file.
    3. ELPAT Reports – Users can check and download different types of files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pdf.


  • Job queue module – This module displays the list of jobs that are currently in the queue

  • Account balance module – This module is responsible for obtaining client account balance requests via email.

  • Request supplies module – Using this module, clients can send a request for supplies and materials and can mail the responsible person for updates.


  • Holiday calendar module – This module displays the list of holidays

  • Manage user/clients module – Using this module, you can manage all user-profiles and filter them by their roles. You can also modify the user profile and remove the user from the system when required.

    1. Admin can set the flag, air bill, and manage all employees of the application.
  • Profile manage module – Using this module, you can manage your profile and easily modify it.

  • Manage certificates module – Using this module, the admin can manage certificates for clients and the company. These certificates will display public users on public page screens.

  • Public message module – Using this module, admin can set messages to display on the homepage and are visible to all users. Admin can also set time to display those messages.

  • Sample shipment module – Using this module, you can easily set up your sample shipment request and also send mail to a related person with details.

  • Public pages

    1. Dashboard - Dashboard displays various elements such as company details as a slider, Facebook and Twitter post integrations, current weather widget, company logo, and other related details. In addition, video integrations, how it works are also added on the home screen.
    2. Lead Testing – User can see services, sample supplies, sample analysis, and other details
    3. Certificates – User can see and download certificates
    4. Request Quote – Any user can request a quote by filling out the form available on this page.
    5. Terms – User can review terms and conditions for application
    6. About Lead – Details such as old homes and buildings, solid, yards and playground, product, drinking water, jobs, hobbies, etc. are available in this page.
    7. Contact us – Any user can fill “contact us” form and the response would be sent on the specified email.
  • Android & iOS App

    1. Login – User can log in through user name, password, face id, fingerprint login in the application
    2. Home page – User can check the menu and related details on the home page
    3. Reports – User can assess a list of files, search files, download files from a mobile application
    4. Real-time queue - User can check the list of records that are currently in the real-time queue.
    5. Request suppliers – User can add requests for request suppliers by filling the form with related details.
    6. Notify shipment – User can send weekly sample shipments and Saturday receipts on request from this page
    7. Holiday calendar – User can see holidays for a particular year set by admin.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab USA. Inc has developed a robust hybrid application that eliminates the chance of errors/omissions. The application provides complete digitization of business processes in order to minimize considerable lead timing, and provide a secure, and sustainable solution with new resilient features.



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