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Maternity Healthcare Solution


The customer wanted a complete web-based solution to facilitate maternity care. Managing high volumes of information related to maternity service customers, employee details, finances, administrative tasks, customer profiles, tracking user requests in real-time are tedious tasks. As a result, healthcare officers faced tremendous challenges as they had to depend largely on manual and paper-based information.

They needed a flexible registration process for their customers so that all the essential and relevant information about the offer, provision, and declaration of maternity care could be accessed and processed everywhere.

Maternity Healthcare Solution - 01

Technology Used

ASP.NET Core (C#) Framework (.NET core 3.1)

Programming Languages

TypeScript , Angular9

Client Technology

Microsoft SQL Server

Database Management Server



Maternity Healthcare Solution - 02
Maternity Healthcare Solution - 03

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The solution consists of the following features:

  • Organization Structure – Here organizations can seamlessly manage different configurations.

    1. Layout – It displays the Organization and Administration information that has to be managed. It also enables you to -
      1. Manage multiple addresses for the organization
      2. Assign multiple administration for one organization
    2. Settings – To manage different types of configuration (General, Scheduling, Base Rosters, Plan Teams, Communication, Wage Components, Manage Automatic Tasks, BabyConnect)
    3. Reference Tables – Manage the master table in this menu like Type Of COA, Type of dossier, etc.
    4. External Relations – With this, you can effectively manage third-party resources
    5. Finances – It enables you to manage financial information like CAO, Product and Salary Export
      1. In CAO, manage multiple information like CAO, leave rights, working hours, and waiting period for compensation.
      2. Manage different types of products
      3. Manage the salary export detail with a different type of configuration like Type of employment, action, etc.
    6. Filters – With this, you can filter and manage the Content, Communication and System Characteristics.
    7. Templates – To manage Communication, Invoice, Question Setup, Questionnaire and Customer Portal template.
      1. To manage communication template for use in the communication module
      2. Manage Invoice configuration
      3. Set up different types of questions with a conditional base
      4. Provide the questionnaire facility with multiple questions and answers
      5. Create a custom portal for different clients
    8. Zorgmail – Manage the address book configuration and Email configuration administrator-wise
      1. Configure various addresses for email communication
      2. Manage the email configuration based on the requirement of the organization with a specific administrator
    9. Customer Portal – Manage customer portal information like profile, Url, pregnancy report, etc.
  • Administration Structure – Manage administration-wise configuration

    1. Layout – Manage administrator information with work unit configuration
    2. External Relation – Manage the administrator-wise third-party resources
    3. Settings – Configure the basic Intake (Pregnancy) information
    4. Authorization – Configure the role and permission (administrator-wise)
  • Client – Using this module, you can manage client details with client dossiers quickly and efficiently

    1. Manage different types of information like basic details, address, registration, etc.
    2. Manage the Delivery information like Assistance parts, Delivery, Assistance care, Born child, Admission, discharge, etc.
    3. To provide a payment facility
    4. Manage documents (It includes details such as sonography, last visited, progress reports, medicines, etc.)
  • Planning – This module is responsible for managing Enrollment capacity, Intake capacity, Duty Roster capacity, Intake planning, Team Agenda and Capacity planning.

    1. Matching and Delivery
    2. Duty Roster
    3. Klapper
  • Employees – This module is responsible for employee information management.

    1. Manage basic employee information
    2. Configure employee characteristics
    3. Manage multiple contact information employee wise
    4. Perform different activities
    5. Provide leave facility
    6. To display pending leave and available leave
    7. To track records of annual expenditure
    8. Manage salary period
  • Finances – This module is responsible to manage all finance configurations like Invoice, Outstanding amount, Salary details, Wage component ledger, etc.

    1. Provide the invoice details for the products sold
    2. Maintain the invoices of multiple products
    3. Track all invoices, return invoices, and invoice line return information
    4. Manage the invoicing rule (Approved and Rejected)
    5. Generate salary slips with configuration
    6. Provide the export invoice functionality
    7. Export to client debtor information
  • Management – This module manages the Hours and Expense information with a report

    1. The customer can easily get an overview of hours and hourly expenses
    2. Manage the hours and expense information.
    3. Provide one more facility for activity
    4. Show the monthly agreement report for employees
    5. Export multiple reports like sales per period, age analysis, work progress, amount past due, credited vs paid vs outstanding
  • Help – This module displays all the placeholder information.

    1. Easily identify the variable placeholder
  • Communication – This module automatically manages various documents, emails, scheduled emails to send, contact time, messages, etc.

    1. Manage the document with different options like Automatic, Manual and Run.
    2. Perform the email functionality with a different option like Inbox, Outbox, Unknown client email, and Archive email
    3. Manage contact information with clients, external relations and employees.
    4. Show the message with multiple filters as Answered and Unanswered with Subject

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab has developed a robust web application that eliminates the possibility of error/omissions. The web application provides complete healthcare (maternity care) solutions.


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