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Blockchain Solution for Municipality Insurance Management System

Blockchain Solution for Municipality Insurance Management System

About Customer

The customer is an organization for youth care and disabled care situated in the Netherlands. This organization supports young people and (young) adults with a complex demand for care, such as a disability, psychological problems and serious behavioral problems with treatment, counseling, living, working, learning and free time together with municipalities, healthcare organizations, companies, schools, housing associations and neighborhoods.


Often there are multiple healthcare issues such as intellectual disability and behavioral problems. So, the customer realized the need to develop the system to automate work done by

healthcare providers

and Municipality. The fund is added in the Patient's wallet in terms of the token when the request is approved by Municipality. Healthcare provider wants the municipality to upload the product then healthcare provider accepts the product request and creates a grant for the patient based on that grant invoice XML generated and it would be stored in Blockchain. After accepting an invoice, the patient treatment amount is transferred from the patient's wallet to the healthcare provider's wallet.



iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. a leading custom Blockchain software development company developed a reliable and sustainable solution for the healthcare provider and municipality. This system provides permissible

blockchain solution

which store accepts or reject invoice in the blockchain.
The system provides the following roles with its features:


  • Facile and reliable “Municipality Insurance Management Module", handles records of the municipality, healthcare providers, and patients with extensive accuracy.
  • “Users Admin Management” module manages the data of Municipality, Healthcare, and Patients
  • “Municipality Admin Management” create grants for patients and manage municipality roles such as Administrative and Contract Manager along with review invoices and read notifications.
  • “Municipality Administrative” accepts or rejects grants on behalf of the municipality which is raised by its connected healthcare providers. It has the right to read notification and view invoices.
  • “Municipality Contract Manager” module to upload products and rules of contract requests to its connected healthcare providers and withdraw accepted product requests and rules of the contract.
  • “Healthcare Provider Admin” module manages Healthcare provider roles such as Cluster Leader, Administrative, Contract Managers and Customer Office along with reading notifications and review invoices.
  • “Healthcare Cluster Leader” functionality to create grants for its patients of active products, review invoices, and read notifications of their healthcare providers.
  • “Healthcare Administrative” create grants for its patients of active products, review invoices, and read notifications of their healthcare providers.
  • “Healthcare Contract Manager” accept or reject product requests and rules of contract on behalf of the healthcare provider and accept or reject of withdrawing products and rules of products.
  • “Customer Office” manage records of patients and guardians.
  • “Patients & Guardian” functionality to view grants & Invoices, and read notifications.

Technology Used



Web Server


Programming Language

ASP.Net (C#) MVC Framework, node.js, solidity

Database Management Server



MVC/Entity framework 4.5

Client Technology

JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap

Version Control



Solidity Ethereum, Web3.js, Parity


iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. developed a sustainable and reliable solution for the healthcare provider and municipality using the permissible Blockchain. This system helped the healthcare provider and municipality to manage their patient’s details, auto-generated invoice, and product management effectively. Blockchain enhanced the security of invoices and patient details associated with information.