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.NET Development Services

(Where Excellence Meets Innovation: Your Trusted Custom .NET Development Company)

dotnet software development

Get Secure and Scalable Applications with .NET Development Services

iFour Technolab is a premier .NET development company that helps you build secure, scalable, and cross-platform software applications for various industries - legal, fintech, education, or healthcare.

With a committed team of .NET developers, we ensure quality service at all levels. We stick to industry best practices and employ advanced security measures to secure your dynamic websites, software, and multi-platform applications.

We follow MVC.NET development service architecture for scalable business applications and make them adjust to changing work demands. Ready to elevate your business with secure, scalable .NET applications?

  • Microsoft .NET Development

    .NET is a powerful platform equipped with tools, languages, and libraries to develop applications of different types for Windows. We specifically use it to offer CTOs with web and desktop application development services .

  • ASP.NET Core Development Services

    This application framework is versatile, open-source, and works across different platforms to meet the needs of C-level executives. We employ this tool to help them with modern, cloud-enabled web applications.

  • ASP.NET Development Services

    We employ this framework to provide a full range of custom software development services, whether it's for interactive websites or data-focused web applications, no matter the field - Healthcare, Legal, and Fintech.

  • .NET Core Development

    .NET CORE is a versatile, open-source, and cross-platform app development framework that simplifies your software compatibility needs. Using this, we build modern, cloud-ready, web-connected applications for different industry sectors.

  • Ooui with C#

    Ooui is a DOTNET-based small UI library that uses web technologies and works on different platforms. Being a top C# development company, we help you use Ooui to bring C# to the web, so you can make interactive UI for any device.

  • SharpLang

    Our experts help you leverage SharpLang to run .NET applications with optimized performance. What’s unique about this platform is it enables you to compile C# and codes of other language to any Low-level virtual machine (LLVM).

  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

    Being a #1 WPF application development company , we have a resource pool of WPF developers to help you design rich desktop applications using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF framework).

  • Azure Cloud Development

    Our experts are well-versed with Microsoft Azure to assist you with scalable cloud solutions. We ensure a superior user experience for all your needs be it CI/CD Pipeline deployment, Azure SQL database, or Azure App services.

  • Xamarin App development

    We have adroit Xamarin developers who guide you in building native mobile applications for iOS and Android using Xamarin. Our solutions are customized right according to your unique needs and ensure a user-friendly experience at all levels.

  • MS Power Apps development

    We use Power Apps to create low-code applications for various industries. When you adopt our Power Apps consulting services Power Apps consulting services, you get cost-effective apps quickly, helping you stand out from competitors.

  • Blazor Web Development Services

    Experts believe that Blazor could surely be the next big thing in .NET development services. We have vetted Blazor experts to help you create full-stack web applications using .NET and C# without the need for JavaScript coding.


Our .NET Development Services

Custom .NET Software Development

As a leading .NET software development company, iFour specializes in creating custom .NET software development solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Our expert team delivers scalable, high-performance applications that drive efficiency and innovation.

.NET Web Development

Our .NET development services include comprehensive .NET web development, providing you with robust, secure, and user-friendly web applications. Trust iFour to build web solutions that enhance your online presence and meet your business objectives.

Desktop App Development

iFour is your go-to .NET software development company for desktop app development. We create powerful, intuitive desktop applications that streamline operations and boost productivity, ensuring seamless user experiences across devices.

Mobile App Development

With our .NET development services, iFour develops innovative mobile applications that deliver superior performance and user engagement. Our mobile app solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of your business and its users.

.NET Cloud Integration Services

iFour offers top-tier .NET cloud integration services, helping you leverage the full potential of cloud technologies. Our solutions provide scalability, flexibility, and security, ensuring your applications can handle growing workloads and demand spikes.

.NET CMS Application Development

As a premier .NET development company, iFour excels in .NET CMS application development. We create content management systems that are easy to use, highly customizable, and optimized for performance, enhancing your content delivery and management capabilities.

.NET Migration and Modernization Services

iFour's .NET migration and modernization services help you transition from legacy systems to modern .NET platforms. Our expertise ensures minimal disruption and maximizes the benefits of upgraded technology, enhancing efficiency and functionality.

Support and Maintenance

Our .NET software development company provides comprehensive support and maintenance services. We ensure your applications run smoothly and efficiently, offering continuous improvements and quick resolutions to any issues that arise.

API Development Services

iFour's API development services are designed to create secure, reliable, and efficient APIs that enhance the functionality of your applications. Our .NET development services ensure seamless integration and communication between your systems.

API Integration Services

Our API integration services enable your applications to interact flawlessly with other software systems. iFour ensures smooth and secure integration, enhancing the overall functionality and performance of your software ecosystem.

Dashboard and Analytics

iFour provides robust dashboard and analytics solutions, turning your data into actionable insights. Our .NET development services include the creation of intuitive, real-time dashboards that help you make informed business decisions.

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Experience the power of innovation with .NET software development services

Why choose iFour as .NET Software Development Company?

iFour Technolab, a noted DOT NET development company in USA, is a home for Microsoft-certified professionals who are experts in a variety of Microsoft technologies. We provide both front-end as well as back-end services for all kinds of projects - .NET, .NET Core, and MVC .NET development services.

We have a resource bank of accomplished professionals and technology enthusiasts who can help you with the best, reliable and highly scalable custom .NET development services to fulfil your strategic goals quickly and competitively.

With us, you can create business solutions that best suit your requirements. We provide custom .NET development services that help you achieve exceptional results for your business growth.

  • Skilled and accomplished resources

    We have dedicated remote .NET developers, Scrum masters, Team leads and Architects with cutting-edge proficiency in modern .NET development. Discover the incredible offerings of this renowned DOT NET development company and experience the transformative services that have the potential to elevate your success to new horizons.

  • Industry-specific practices

    Our Microsoft professionals are well-versed in industry-specific workflows, thanks to years of experience in diverse industry domains globally. Our team of Quality Analysts thoroughly examine and test projects to ensure smooth functionality and flawless user experience.

    Future-Proof your business with an innovative .NET Application Development Company.

  • Cross-functional development mastery

    We help C-level executives with simple, scalable, and sustainable DOT NET software development services innovatively. With outstanding expertise and grip over DOT NET development frameworks, we help you with powerful web applications, custom software, and cross-functional developments.

  • Agile and self-governing teams

    We have a highly skilled team of software professionals at all levels. They follow the Agile process of development and maintain complete transparency and accuracy throughout the software development lifecycle. We maintain self-governing teams and each one manages its tasks with commitment and responsibility.

  • Top-class security at all levels

    At iFour, we prioritize "Security at all levels" with our reliable DOT NET application development services. We implement top-notch security measures and advanced DOT NET tools to shield your applications from vulnerabilities. We ensure compliance at every phase of development to secure your data. Rely on iFour for comprehensive security in your business solutions.

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner

  • Over a decade of industry expertise

  • Resource bank of 120 Microsoft-certified professionals

  • Driven by over 7 SCRUM masters

  • Premier services powered by Agile methodologies

  • Serving clients in 4 different global locations

  • Broad experience across more than 15 industries

  • Trusted by over 10,000 business users

  • Proud to have 300+ satisfied clients in our portfolio

Benefits of Our .NET Software Development Services

Our team of software specialists specializes in data storage solutions, offering exceptional hybrid cloud-based options utilizing .NET Azure technology. We can assist in configuring your .NET application for automatic deployment on the Azure cloud server.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Hire ASP.NET developers from us right away. With our ASP.NET development services, we ensure your applications are reliable, robust, and perfectly tailored to your unique needs.

Benefits of .NET CORE Development:

  • Easy development

  • Separation of projects and concerns

  • Control tool box

  • No more complicated DLLs

  • Thousands of class libraries to use

  • Multi-device support

  • Rapid application development

  • Webforms and MVC architecture

  • Test-driven development

  • Multiple languages support

  • Efficient memory management



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Our Agile approach

agile approach

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Healthcare Healthcare


Bespoke Healthcare software services and solutions

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Bespoke Legal software development service provider

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Custom Financial software development service provider

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Aviation Aviation


Custom Aviation software development company

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Hospitality Hospitality


Hospitality software development services provider

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Education Education


Bespoke Educational software development company

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Custom Fleet software services provider

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Custom Environmental software development services

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Transportation And Logistics

Custom Logistics software development services

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e-Commerce and Retail software solutions provider

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Bespoke Construction software development company

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FAQs for DOT NET Development Services

iFour Technolab is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner having experienced, vetted, and certified professionals. We have more than 10 years of market presence, assisted over 15 industries, and helped over 50 Startups to get their business on track. More importantly, our bespoke software solutions are qualitative, secure, and affordable.

There are two ways to hire .NET developers i.e., Hire a dedicated team and an Hourly-based model.

You can choose the best one depending on your business requirement.

Here is our hiring process:

  • Requirements gathering and meeting
  • Sharing CV of our resources
  • Shortlisting developers
  • Contract agreement and payment process
  • Team introduction and project discussion
  • Work environment setup
  • Project begins

For more details, contact us now.

Following are the advantages of the .NET framework -

  • Quicker execution for websites and apps
  • Language independency
  • JIT compilation and native optimization support
  • Multiple language support
  • Support for CSS, XML, new web standards
  • Reduced lines of code and many more

Here are the key components of the .NET Framework:

  • Common Language Runtime
  • .NET framework class library
  • Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
  • Runtime host
  • CTS (Common Type System)
  • Metadata and self-describing components
  • .NET framework security
  • Side-by-side execution
  • Application domains

We use the following .NET-based CMS platforms for content management

  • DotNetNuke (DNN)
  • Kentico
  • Umbraco

We have dexterous experts at all levels. You can hire Xamarin developers, .NET developers, .NET Core developers, WPF developers, Azure experts, Blazor developers SCRUM masters, project managers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, and support engineers.

We follow Agile methodology for .NET project development. This approach enables us to reduce uncertainty and enables rapid development through sprints, and lean management.

Our dexterous experts use Bitbucket and GitHub to manage the source code of your .NET project. It is a simple yet powerful platform that allows to review changes, bug fixes, and debugging easily. However, we are also open to using any tool of the client’s choice.

Our software professionals follow specific procedures to ensure software quality. Further, we also conduct periodic code reviews to enhance project quality and performance.

Our experts use Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Skype, Slack, and GoToMeeting for client communication while .NET software project development.

Yes, we sign NDA with our experts to enhance security for client projects.

No, there wouldn’t be any hidden charges in your .NET web development project. We offer top-notch software services at affordable charges and maintain complete transparency throughout the project duration.

Yes, we will provide you with complete ownership rights at the end of your project tenure.

Yes, we have diligent support engineers who provide L2 support and manage customer concerns effectively.

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