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Then your search ends at iFour Technolab, an ASP.NET Development Company. iFour is a home for Microsoft certified ASP.NET high-class professionals who remain top with their domain services using the right mix of Microsoft technologies in all disciplines. Our services include both front-end as well as back-end for all kind of .NET, ASP.NET Core, and MVC projects.

With a resource bank of accomplished full-stack developers, thinkers and technology aficionados, we offer optimum, reliable and highly scalable dot net solutions to fulfil your strategic goals at a quick pace, with competitive pricing. With us, you can originate business solutions that work just as desired by you. We deal with custom .NET services that help you to find exceptional results for your business growth.

ASP.NET is a web application & development technology used to build dynamic web applications, websites, and services. We, at iFour Technolab, recognize the usage of this ever-growing platform, in this severely competitive market.

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Our enriched development solutions have assisted several organizations to overcome hurdles like augmented progress of information, high usability opportunities, and critical performance desires.

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Over the years, our .NET developers, designers, and testers have been completely focused on providing superior .NET solutions and services to our esteemed customers. We have been implementing out-of-the-box Microsoft solutions, as mentioned below and our expertise spans across an abundance of industries.

Web based Healthcare Applications
SaaS web applications
Cloud solutions
Customized Enterprise Solutions
Mobility Solutions
Products Navigation System
Custom CRM Solutions
End-to-end ERP Solutions
CMS based Corporate Websites
Outsource related solutions

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The key benefits of using ASP.NET Technology

Easy Development 1
Separation of concerns 2
Control Tool Box 3
No more complicated DLLs4
Multi-device support5
Rapid Application Development6
Web forms7
Test-Driven Development8
Support for multiple languages9
Efficient Memory Management10

With focus on data storage solutions, our Software experts can help you catering with tremendous hybrid cloud-based solutions using .NET Azure technology to host .NET application in Azure with auto-deployment on cloud server.

Clients can hire our software professionals who also work on .NET Core, a cross-platform environment to build devices and various kinds of applications related to cloud and IoT as well. With the best use of Windows Forms, WPF, UWP, our team of experts can help the clients to develop Windows Applications as per their requirement. Our team also provides services for Windows Application development by using Windows Forms, WPF and UWP.

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Live on The Edge with our Trustful ASP.NET Development Solutions!

  • Skilled and accomplished Resources

    We have a dedicated remote .NET developers, Scrum Masters, Team Leads and Architects with cutting-edge proficiency in modern ASP.NET Development.

  • Industry-Specific Practices

    Having years of experience in varied industry domains across the globe, our Microsoft professionals are well versed with the industry-specific workflows.

    The success of your .NET project certainly depends upon the kind of .NET web development company you chose. Lot of applications in the market fail even after making effortless development on it. This might be due to a lack of proper testing both functional and manual wise.

    Our .NET developers and project testers delve deeply while debugging and testing stages of the project using Microsoft Visual Studio to achieve hassle-free functionality. Being a remarkable ASP.NET development firm and offshore agency, iFour helps you to assist with the range of .NET services that provide pace to your business growth and economy.

  • Steadfast and Legitimate Technology Partner

    We stand as technology partner which accelerates client growth by means of providing key technology solutions, based on a variety of industry or domain experiences & operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ASP.NET Software Development

ASP.NET framework is recognized among one of the widely used frameworks utilized to develop enterprise-level web applications. Not just scripting languages, but also you can make use of .NET languages like VB, C#, K#, etc. to build compelling ASP.NET applications. Let’s have a look at some of the significant advantages of ASP.NET:

  • ASP.NET web applications are quicker in execution compare to interpreted scripts. Because ASP.NET is a server-side technology that processes its code on the Windows server before displaying it on a web browser.
  • ASP.NET web applications are known for their great performance. Some of the essential features like JIT compilation, early binding, native optimization support, caching services make it possible to attain a high level of performance.
  • Another major advantage of ASP.NET is that it is language-independent. You can pick up and go with any kind of programming language like VB, J#, C#, etc. to build flawless web applications.
  • There is no need to convert Type specifications while method calling in ASP.NET application building. Because the CLS (Common Language Specification) datatypes are similar for all the Dot Net applications.
  • Support for CSS, XML, new web standards.
  • Automatic maintenance of the state among controls can be possible with the support of view state.
  • Huge reduction in line of codes for large applications.

Following are some of the essential tools of ASP.NET that are recommended by esteemed ASP.NET Software development companies.

Microsoft Web platform installer, NuGet, Visual Studio Gallery, ELMAH, ReSharper, SQLComplete, NDepend, Web Essentials for Visual Studio, LINQPad, Chocolatey, JSON Formatter, BenchmarkDotNet, PowerShell.

ASP.NET Framework has a specific runtime environment called CLR (Common Language Runtime). It handles the Dot Net code execution assisting with impeccable services like Security, debugging, memory management, thread execution, verification, and compliance, etc. In fact, some ASP.NET web development companies refer Common Language Runtime as VES (Virtual Execution System).

CLS stands for Common Language Specification which defines as a set of basic rules that are set to follow each and every language of .NET Framework to make interoperability possible between each of them. You can say CLS as a subset of CTS.

Highly efficient web applications can be implemented as per the business needs by using the ASP.NET framework. Following are the key components of ASP.NET Framework:

  • Common Language Runtime
  • Dot Net Framework Class library
  • Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
  • Runtime Host
  • CTS (Common Type System)
  • Meta Data and Self describing components
  • .NET Framework Security
  • Side-by-Side Execution
  • Application Domains

The purpose of using System.String and System.StringBuilder classes are the same i.e., to store string values. But the only difference is that String class is immutable that means the assigned value cannot be altered for the object., whereas StringBuilder class is mutable which means even if you alter the value of the String object, it occupies the same space.

Net framework supports interoperability which means a code of one language can be used clearly with other languages in the same environment. Basically the .NET execution of code undergoes in two phases:

  • Compiler time process
  • Runtime process

Compiler time process:

The code written in any of the .NET languages such as C#, J#, VB, Visual C++, Jscript, etc. has their own type of compilers that compiles the written code and translate them into MSIL code i.e., Microsoft Intermediate Language Code. This MSIL could also be referred as IL (Intermediate Language).

Source code >> .NET Compiler >> Byte Code (MSIL + META Data)

Runtime process:

The CLR (Common Language Runtime) includes a JIT compiler that utilizes metadata and converts the above MSIL code into native code. This native code is then run by the OS.

Byte Code (MSIL + META Data) >> Just In Time compiler >> Native code

InProc Mode: It is the default mode of session state in ASP.NET that saves session state details on a Web server.

StateServer Mode: It stores the session state in a different process ASP.NET state service.

SQLServer Mode: SQLServer mode enables the session storage in the SQL server database.

Custom Mode: It facilitates you to define a custom storage provider.

Off Mode: In this mode the Session mode is completely disabled.

We can access the session variables using the HttpContext threads.

Syntax: System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session["loginId"]

PreInit, Init, InitComplete, PreLoad, Load, Control Events, LoadComplete, PreRender, PreRenderComplete, SaveStateComplete, Render, Unload.

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