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.NET framework represents many object-oriented disciplines and code innovations with a broad range of libraries and features. The iFour in-house team focuses on adapting C# with the .NET framework and implements various kinds of projects such as Windows Forms applications, Desktop applications, Mobile applications, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), etc. perfectly matching to the client needs. Additionally, we employ a Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern with industry-best development practices to enable rapid, error-free application development.

To create an edge over the competitors, clients can hire .NET developers from iFour Technolab, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner that provides sustainable solutions with excellent security. The developers would stay as an extended arm for the clients while allowing them to remain focused on their organizational goals.

iFour Technolab implements incredible software patterns and follows the best practices of architecting, and designing with C# to deliver flawless websites for businesses. This trusted C# development company in USA, helps clients to empower their business growth and sustainability seamlessly.

Why .NET C# Development Services are essential?

Dynamic platform which helps you to digitize your business

C# offers various advantages such as performance, stability, and security that helps organization to achieve its aim. Moreover, the fast implementation and customer’s ease of access which are quite essential for today’s business could be also be achieved through C#. This means clients get faster time to market while maintaining technological advantage with reduced SDLC cost.

While it’s important to move on with the digital era, we preferably use the latest version of .Net Framework available in the market. It supports extraordinary features and helps to design, develop, run and deploy different kinds of applications such as Windows, Web, Desktop application, Mobile applications, Windows Forms applications, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), etc. It also benefits us with distributed computing architecture.

Our high-end .NET C# Development Service

Amplify your business with top-notch C# development services

To cope up with any sort of development, Microsoft had implemented a framework which usually runs on Windows and provides extensive development solutions using various kind of programming languages like C#, C++, VB.Net, F#, Oz, etc. Having years of experience, we are well-versed in rendering diverse range of solutions using C# -

  • .Net Software Development - Server-side web application framework allows the developer to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.

  • C# - It is an Object oriented .Net programming language with spectacular features used to build incredible websites and apps.

  • Active Directory - Directory services that deal and manage access control for all users and computers in a Windows domain network.

  • Microsoft AZURE - Growing collection of integrated cloud services for managing applications and services through global networks of Microsoft managed data centers.

  • ADO.Net - Data access technology that programmers use to access data and data services from the database.

  • .Net MVC – This is a stunning framework that utilizes Model-View-Controller pattern to develop seamless applications.

  • Console app – These simple applications, build with C#, takes user inputs and provides output via command line console.

  • WinForms – A seamless GUI (graphical User Interface) class library that offers an easier interface to develop applications for desktop, tablet, etc.

  • Blazor - It is an open source framework and a competitor for JavaScript that enables to build spellbinding user interfaces using C#.

  • .Net Core -It is an extended version for .NET framework that helps with highly performant application development across multiple platforms suh as Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

  • ML.NET - It is a software machine learning framework for C#. With this you can effectively implement, train, and ship custom machine learning models for specific ML scenarios.

  • Asp.Net Core Docker - Devising Docker engine, this platform quickly build impeccable apps and deploys as docker images.

  • Entity Framework - It is an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) framework, that allows you to work with relational databases and manage its operations using LINQ.

Making the best use of Visual Studio and C#, iFour web developers craft spectacular websites, data-driven solutions, result-oriented applications, eCommerce platforms, and data-driven SPAs to enhance your business performance. Let’s take a look at our services

C# SAAS Development

Adopt SaaS apps to benefit your business with boosted efficiency and productivity. Our skilled team of C# developers can develop intriguing and well-structured SaaS applications that seamlessly cut your operational costs and improves business.

C# PAAS Development

Access your app development platforms remotely through PaaS cloud services. Making the best use of C#, our adroit developers can assist your business with ideal applications, testing and utilizing them in a single comprehensive environment.

C# Integration Services

To improve efficiency and performance with modern applications, businesses need to embrace third-party integration services. Our adroit team of C# developers has extensive experience in database and API integrations and helps you boost business efficiency.

C# Migration Services

Reshuffling of legacy code in your legacy application is mandatory to keep your business functional. Our highly experienced C# developers can help you with data migration solutions and effectively resolve your legacy concerns with C#.

C# Cloud Development

Build highly interactive business apps and websites through Microsoft Azure Services. Our experienced team of experts can assist you with ground-breaking C# development solutions and offer IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud services for your business.

C# Server-side Development

Any software that operates on the server with great stability and durability is considered server-side software development. Our professional C# experts can build seamless server-side software solutions for your business using C# language.

C# Windows Development

Leveraging C# with platforms like WPF, WinForms, and universal Windows, our team of C# professionals build impressive UIs, standalone intranet applications, Windows desktop applications to efficiently streamline your business activities.

C# Mobile Development

Bring your business to the next level with highly performant mobile applications. We indulge C# with Xamarin framework, utilize Telerik App builder platform to develop feature-rich, and cross-platform mobile applications and attain desired results.

Why hire us?

iFour provides distinctive solution tailored to your needs

iFour, a premier .NET web development company in USA, offers a customer-centric solution from small to large enterprises with integration abilities to ERP and CRM. iFour Technolab provides solutions for B2B, B2C, and B2E using C#, JavaScript and other Microsoft stack. Over and above, we also help customers with incredible hybrid apps using Xamarin and Telerik App builder. With our impeccable services, clients across various sectors have realized immediate returns while ensuring long term competitive advantages in the market.

Benefits of using our services:

Inventive solution set1
User friendly features2
Scalability and flexibility3
Domain Expertise4
Instant content updates5
Customized Services6
Cost-Effective Solutions7
Stability and Transparency8
Flexible Engagement Models9
IP Protection and high security10

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Our Agile Approach
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FAQs for C# development services:

iFour Technolab, an esteemed .NET web development company has a dexterous and highly talented team of developers who can assist you with Microsoft technologies like:
.NET, .NET Core, Dot Net MVC, C#, MS SQL Server, WCF, WPF, IIS, Active Directory for Windows domain network, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Silverlight, etc.

Being a component-oriented language, C# is remarkably known for its features which makes it a first choice for project development. Some of the features of C# are interoperability, type safety, scalability, simplicity, updatable, object oriented, standard libraries, automatic garbage collection, etc.

C# facilitates three types of comments i.e., Single-line, Multiple line comments, and XML comments.

  • Single line comments - //
  • Multiple line comments - /**/
  • XML comments - ///

Certainly not! Because when a specific catch block when gets execute, the cursor moves directly to finally block and performs further process.

Our team of C# developers use three kinds of IDEs i.e., Visual Studio (VS), Visual Studio Express (VSE), Visual Web Developer. However, we mainly focus on Visual Studio for C# development.

Below given are the tools that are recommended by esteemed C# development companies and one should have knowledge about:
NuGet, ELMAH, Microsoft Web platform installer, Web essentials for Visual Studio, BenchmarkDotNet, Chocolatey, NDepend, ReSharper, SQLComplete, Visual Studio Gallery, LINQPad, PowerShell, JSON Formatter.

NUnit is an impeccable unit-testing framework that simply isolates whole .NET application into diverse modules making it possible to test independently.

The major advantage you can find with the .NET Core framework is - it is compatible with all the platforms like Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Besides, with the features of C#, it helps with excellent testability and provides awesome performance to applications. More importantly, the utilization of asynchronous patterns makes it even faster. This open-source framework supports code-reusability features and offers fabulous security to applications.

Generally, a CMS is a type of software program that allows us to write, edit, publish, and maintain the content from a central interface. It is greatly helpful in managing the workflows under a collaborative environment probably by using certain procedures. Following are the popular .NET Content Management Systems available for content management:

  1. Umbraco
  2. DNN (Dot Net Nuke)
  3. Kentico CMS
  4. mojoPortal
  5. Sitefinity
  6. Sitecore
  7. Orchard
  8. Composite C1

Ado.Net is one of the most essential components of the .Net framework. Because without this, you cannot connect to the database and work on its data. Now talking about the fundamental objects, they are as follows.

  1. DataSet
  2. DataReader

ExecuteScalar:  It is used where your SQL query needs to return a single value.
ExecuteReader: It returns the set of rows after the execution of a command object.
ExecuteNonQuery:  It is used to execute SQL queries and returns the number of rows that are affected (by insert, update, or delete). It never returns any data.

Just as we have a ContentPlaceHolder in webforms of .NET, we have RenderBody in MVC.Net.
It is used to render child views or pages and it exists in the layout page of the project.

Yes, depending on your project type, size, modules, features, functionalities, etc., we offer 90-120 days of warranty for your C# development project.

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