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The customer is a reliable practice-building solutions provider offering services to attorneys for years. The firm is dedicated to professional development and offers support to practitioners through education, collegiality, practice development, and document drafting.


A feasible record management tool is what every lawyer would like to have to manage their work. As it is difficult to maintain and manage non-digital files of large number of customers, an efficient solution to add clauses, offer documentation and handle assembly process is what is required to provide quality service to them.

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Technology Used

Typescript, office JavaScript

Scripting Languages

Angular, Microsoft Word JavaScript API, Nx.dev Framework, Auth0 API

Client Technology


Database Management Server

JavaScript-based office JS Microsoft Word Add-in


Angular, Microsoft Word JavaScript API, Nx.dev Framework


JavaScript-based office JS Microsoft Word Add-in


Law Practice Management System - 02
Law Practice Management System - 03

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This Word Add-in supports different document assembly terms:

  • Auth0 - Auth0 is a third-party API used for authentication. It helps to manage user accessibility for an application.

  • NgRx - NgRx is an open-source library, inspired by Redux, that provides reactive state management for an Angular application. NgRx interacts with a data store via streams. The data store is linked to the components and services to make the angular data management process simple. NgRx controls our application from a single source, rather than injecting services everywhere and managing the communication across them.

    In addition, we have used Selectors and Façade, where Façade acts as a mediator between the Angular component and NgRx store.

  • Clause Editor – The clause editor is the landing page of the plug-in where the user can insert a clause after a particular section or paragraph of a Word document. The inserted clause can be of different types, i.e., add, edit and delete. Each of these clauses has a different styling view in a document for identification. The clause editor also has an orphan clause. Orphan clauses are the ones that do not relate to any paragraph or anchor in the given word document. Here, the user can also edit clauses, overwrite or delete any clause from a particular place in the document. This editor can help to add document-specific clauses as well as clauses which are generalized and can be part of the library.

  • Orphan clause – Orphan clauses are the ones that are not related to any paragraph or anchor in the given Word document. Users can, later on, relate this clause to a paragraph in a Word document and insert that particular clause in the document when needed.

  • Customizations - Customization of clauses comprises a list of all the inserted, updated and removed clauses that are specified for the particular document; the user can view a particular clause and edit data. Moreover, he/she can also remove the original clause when needed.


  • Document Info - The document information section displays information like document type, Matter, Folder name, etc.

  • Clause Library - As the name suggests, the Clause Library is nothing but a virtual library that contains all the generalized clauses which are used frequently. One can also insert or attach a particular clause from the library to the current document. The clause library also has a search functionality to look for particular clauses from the list of clauses. There is also a customized filter in the clause library to filter clauses based on the associated document type.

  • View Clause - A user can view the added clauses from the ‘Library’ as well as from 'Customization’. This displays the title, description and clause text as well as clause information. A user can edit, remove or insert a particular clause from the view clause.

  • Clause Information - This section provides information about when and by which user a particular clause was created or modified.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab USA. Inc. has developed a robust desktop-based document drafting software, which can help lawyers to generate an array of law-based clauses, and manage their documentation and assembly processes effortlessly.


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