iFour Logo

IT Consulting Solutions & Services

iFour Technolab, a leading IT service provider in USA is proficient in simplifying the
client demands with sustainable and personalized IT solutions globally.

1. Our Mission

We simplify businesses through bespoke, scalable and sustainable IT solutions to accelerate growth of SMEs and enterprises.

2. Core Values

2.1 Simplicity

Simple solutions are easy to comprehend and boost adoption and acceptance. We seek simplicity in solutions, technology, people and processes.

2.2 Respect

Every employee, customer and stakeholder are important to the organization. We embrace diversity in skills, knowledge, perspective and contribution to the organization and value their individualism fostering work culture of empathy, respect and kindness.

2.3 Sustainability

We seek sustainability and far-sightedness in the solutions that we offer to customers. Our objective is to provide value-driven solutions that can catalyze customer’s sustainable growth.

2.4 Learning and unlearning

The growth stops the moment learning stops. Unlearning is even more important to align the skills in the right direction. We encourage and foster the learning and unlearning environment to enable every employee and stakeholder to achieve the highest potential.

2.5 Value creation

We create value for everyone – our customer, employee and stockholders utilizing their skills and limitations.