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iFour Technolab offers comprehensive Microsoft based web development services. We have a dedicated team of experts who are skilled in the WPF technology delivering customized, responsive and attractive WPF based applications so that your users have excellent Windows-based UI experience.

We have diligent WPF developers in USA and you can rest assured of their expertise to deliver you WPF based applications. If you

hire the WPF developer

from our company, you get the following benefits.


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Why use WPF?

WPF is a part of the .NET framework and developers have the same programming experience with WPF as they have with the ASP.NET web development environment Windows presentation foundation has robust and exceptional features which helps the WPF and .Net developers to develop an application at a rapid pace. Some of the great features of WPF development are mentioned as below:

  • WPF is great platform powered by many MS technologies and it separates UI and business logic easily through MVC and MVVM design patterns
  • Many new tools are being introduced and implemented in the platform
  • Maintenance costs of applications and Reduction in development
  • Application developers and designer can work simultaneously on application development, which reduces the development time of your project.
  • Access to .NET framework class library
  • Enhanced Localization and Globalization features, which allow a greater number of viewers to use your applications in an economical manner
  • Declarative programming, rich 2D or 3D graphics, data binding features enable developers to create richer applications for you, which deliver consistent performance.
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Our WPF Development Services includes:

  • Custom WPF Desktop Software Development

  • WPF Enterprise Portals and Business Intelligence

  • WPF Improvements of Applications based on .NET Technology

  • WPF Components Development

  • Integration with Non.NET Applications

  • Migration and Porting to the .NET platform

  • WPF Add-ins development

  • Professional QA services

Some of Our Technical Expertise with WPF Development are mentioned below

Our WPF Developers who have in-depth knowledge of WPF Technology and are proficient in developing agile business applications that are scalable, modular and robust, possessing the following expertise:
Back End Technology Back-end Technologies
  • - C#
  • - VB
Back End Technology Front-end Technologies
  • - Winforms
  • - WPF
Design Patterns Design Patterns
  • - Entity framework
  • - Code first
Framework Framework
  • - MVVM
  • - .NET Framework 4.7
  • - .NET Framework 4.7.2
Database Database
  • - MS SQL Server
  • - MySQL
  • - MS-Access
Third Party Component 3rd Party Components
  • - Telerik components
  • - Devexpress
  • - WPF tools
  • - XAML
Code Management Project Management
  • - knowledge
  • - understanding
Payment Gateway Coherent and secure code management
  • - SVN
  • - GIT

Why hire WPF Software Developers from iFour Technolab?


dedicated WPF developers

are clued up in offering the customized and feasible solutions to abide by the business motives and organization structure for your vocation. We believe in delivering excellence to our clients. We are known for our skill set, experience, reliability, transparency and more over meeting customer expectations. Our WPF experts have worked on various applications across various business verticals. At iFour Technolab we enable you to execute assorted business roles which include people, cooperation, and enchantment. iFour Technolab is the right WPF Development Company in USA brings you the eminent and sustainable solutions for this amazing & technically advanced platform with various top features. Hire our experienced WPF Developer for development solutions.
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Our key benefits are

High quality services that add value on business and personal fronts.1
Years of experience in WPF Development 2
Timely completion of the WPF project3
We bring up to your latest Microsoft technology so that you remain highly competitive4
You get prompt technical back-up at if performance issues crop up post -deployment of WPF applications5
Interactive projects development so that there are no communication bottlenecks that delay6

Simple development with Sustainable results - Hit to Hire WPF developers!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): WPF Application Development

With iFour Technolab, Clients can find three modes of hiring WPF developers for their project works. Hire a dedicated team, Fixed Price model, and Hourly-based model.

  • Clients can go with the Dedicated team model when they require WPF developers on monthly basis to work on their eminent projects. Assisting with their astonishing services, our WPF team would become your major pillar standing with you till the end of tenure.
  • iFour can offer a Fixed price model in the case where the client has well-defined project scope and business requirements to go with.
  • The Hourly-based model is offered on the time-material model basis of hiring our WPF developers. That means the client can hire our WPF developers on an hourly basis to complete their tasks.

Please have a look over our hiring approach:

  1. Requirements walkthrough meeting.
  2. Proceeding with requirements analysis and sending CVs of resources.
  3. Finalize the developers with perfect knowledge and matching skills.
  4. Contract agreement discussion including payment procedures and conditions.
  5. Meeting the team and discussing non-technical requirements like SCRUM duration, expectations, timing, meeting schedule, and working processes.
  6. Setting up the Project work environment
  7. Finally, the project starts

Feel free to connect us from our website for further discussion.

When we talk about benefits then iFour has many. Some of the highlights that you would find in hiring our team are:

  • Fabulous opportunity to work and learn from our experienced software professionals having great sort of domain knowledge and subject understanding.
  • You can smoothly control the whole process of software development.
  • iFour Project managers who are well expertise and masterly in supervising the Software development projects would be handling your business Project.
  • Your industrial project would be deeply examined and executed by our meticulous Software Tester for the whole project life-cycle and ensure it is bug-free.
  • When you are handling the delivery of your complex, multi-technology projects, our technical experts would be in connection with you.
  • You would achieve the best quality software with IP and ownership protection.
  • The major highlight is - iFour provides you all the above benefits at affordable prices.

iFour is a leading and trusted Software development firm in USA because it has highly experienced developers at all levels worked in different domain verticals and took the businesses at different zeniths in the market. Among them, we have a team of brilliant WPF developers having 4+ years of experience and are well expert in providing sustainable solutions fitting your business requirements.

iFour is known for its best-consulting services in the market. With iFour you can find resource professionals like Full-stack Software experts, professional-grade WPF developers, Asp.Net developers, MVC.Net developers, .Net CORE developers, QA analysts, Project Managers, top-class Support engineers, SCRUM masters, UI/UX designers.

Over the years, iFour is providing its astonishing and flawless services to so many global clients with varied time zones. Our WPF developers’ team is flexibly assisting them in all the feasible ways and comes to the table on the respective time zone to make project-related discussions.

Our WPF developers follow the Agile methodology. In addition to that, we use the software tools like Slack, Skype, Voice call, Jira, Microsoft Team, GoToMeeting for coordination, and communication process.

Generally, our team of developers schedule their official meeting in the morning hours. Everyone gets their specific doubts clear to overcome unnecessary time wastage in the remaining day and ensure the work goes smoothly. Apart from that, each one of our WPF developers before putting gear on work will provide the details of:

  • Previous day’s work status
  • Current tasks
  • Are they facing any type of issues while implementation or development?

In this manner, we maintain work transparency. We also create a separate timesheet of each developer with the necessary screenshots and send them to your side.

Yes, we can assure you that our WPF developers always work full-time with full-on dedication on your project.

Our WPF developers manage their source code versions using GitHub. It is a wonderful platform where you can efficiently manage and review the debugging or bug fixes of developers. However, we are also ready to go with the tool of the client’s choice.

The full form of WPF is Windows Presentation Foundation. It is commonly utilized for building extraordinary desktop applications supported by Windows Operating System. This platform overtook the scenario of traditional WinForms UI control development with its added magnificent features, strengthened capabilities, and flexibility.

MVVM stands for Model View View-Model, which plays a vital role in application development using WPF. The major purpose of using this is, that it separates business logic from the UI elements.

Some of the impressive highlights of WPF are:

  • The most important feature which the WPF is known for is styling and Skinning structure. It makes it more persuasive and powerful.
  • You can easily create a personalized visually appealing look.
  • The controls could be redesigned more simply and flexibly.
  • Windows Forms are supported, well followed by the standards of technology.
  • Reusability of existing code snippets.
  • Extended performance with easy creation and modification of GUI.

Data binding in the WPF framework is nothing but acquiring the data from one object and displaying it on GUI interface elements simultaneously. It can be a single element or multiple elements. The technology that is used for the binding process in WPF is XAML which makes it easy in binding and dispatching.

There are mainly four ways of data binding between binding source and target. They are:

  • One-way binding
  • Two-way binding
  • One-time binding
  • One-way to source binding.

The WPF developers you hire from us will be working remotely for you just like they do for us. They will manage the work following your rules and regulations. You will have complete control over them. Whenever required they will be at the table of discussion through your specified communication channel.

At iFour, we have Project Managers who are highly experienced, dexterous, and masterly in handling Software development projects with perfect supervision. They have great practical experience in managing and delivering projects with successful outcomes. One of them will be handling your project and manage it without making any compromise on factors like quality of work, time management, coding standards and practices, code quality, bug fixes, rules, etc.

By following the Peer code review process our team finds whether the acceptable coding standards are followed properly or not. On the other hand, our meritorious Project managers also do the timely code review process. In fact, every pull request in teamwork will be examined deeply before making its approval.

First of all, it never happens to us. But in case it happens, then you can inform us directly. Our team will take care of the concerns that happen especially in the communication factor between you and our WPF developers. And still, if the issue stays, then we would make an alternate replacement for that without any additional charges.

Have a look at our escalation matrix as stated below:

Software developer: With him/her you can share the project-related concerns such as expectations, bugs, improper functionality issues, etc.

Project Manager: Performance-based issues, technical concerns, developer-related complaints, bugs that are not addressed properly while project development, etc. could be discussed with the Project Manager.

Business Manager: With Business Manager, you can freely make discussions regarding technical issues, obstacles related to process level, problems based on the commercial level.

Director: This is the fourth pillar of the escalation matrix. Here you can share the non-commercial and commercial-based concerns that need to be addressed immediately.

Following ISO 9000:2015 standards and procedures our WPF developers try their level best to acquire software quality with factors such as Reliability, Efficiency, Security, Size, and Maintainability. Aside from that, our professionals also follow other strategies like the elimination of bugs that are found while web development, Planning, and Unit testing the core components, blocks of a Business Project. In the end, they will conduct a formal review process to ensure Quality compliance.

For the dedicated team model, one has to pay in advance a 50% of the monthly payment, and the remaining would be collected at the end.

In the case of the Fixed Price model, one has to put 20-30 % in advance. And for the Hourly-based price model, you need to pay one week’s payment in advance.

As a trusted and reliable IT consulting firm, we never impose hidden charges on the project. We provide every single detail clearly and accurately. We perform everything in the project transparently and share details with you so that nothing would go hidden from you.

At iFour, Security is always at the top-most level. Every WPF developer at our point signs the NDA agreement before the project begins. We are ready to sign NDA with the client as well to secure their business ideas. Not just these, we take accountability for our in-house developers and ensure you will get quality services from our end.

There is no doubt that every WPF developer would be working under your control following your regulations. Every single source code authentication, intellectual property, copyrights, etc. would be in your hands. Therefore, you own 100 % ownership of the project.

Elicit sustainability with our outlasting services. Hire us now!

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