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Blockchain-based Building Management System

Blockchain-based Building Management System

About Customer

The customer is a leading consultant in the real estate domain situated in the Netherlands. The customer provides a platform that links information directly to physical objects such as buildings and products. The platform ensures that this information remains available quickly and easily throughout the entire life cycle. Depending on your role, you get access to the right information that supports you and your organization.


The customer spends a lot of time finding out where their products are (buildings, products, materials and raw materials) throughout the entire life cycle. The client also observed that finding the right information about the product is time-consuming and tedious. It even regularly happens that the correct information is no longer available. If reuse of products is considered, it is important to know the condition of the product. If this is not known, the product will disappear as waste. Increases the predictability and profitability of organizations through objective and transparent information of products and processes.


iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. a leading

custom Blockchain development companies in India

developed a reliable and innovative system for the customer. The system manages building components or elements in 3D view in order to manage and take measurements and statistics online without visiting the site in person. Component or element can be anything ranging from window to glass door. The solution comprises following features:
  • “Construction Project Management" functionality that contains details of the whole building mall, or kind of construction. The project has properties like Project Name, Project Number, Location, Start and End date, etc.
  • Effectively “Manage Building Components” using this module. This is the sub-components of projects which contains details of the window, curtain wall, etc. It is also managing details of sub-components like height, width, the status of components (Pending, In Production, Ready). If you want to add a product, then there are 3 different ways:
    1.Upload MBD
    2.Upload XLS
    3.Manual Add Product
  • “Building Information Modeling (BIM) - 2D/3D” helping professionals design, build, and maintain higher-quality, more energy-efficient buildings. Using this function admin can add IFC file for 2D or 3D model view.
  • “User Administration” feature consist of three different roles such as:
    1.“Organizational Admin” allows to manage all things except organization management and invite users.
    2.“System Admin" manages the entire system except for the shared project.
    3.“Basic User” can view shared projects, and whatever rights provided by organization admin basic user only can access that’s rights.

Technology Used



Programming Language

NodeJs, AngularJs

Database Management Server


Software development method

Agile Methodology

Client Technology

Java Script, JQuery, Bootstrap

Version Control



iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. developed a

sustainable and reliable solution

for real estate. This system increases the predictability and profitability of the organizations through objective and transparent information of products and processes. This solution helped to know the status of components and see how construction is remaining of projects.