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Blockchain-based Building Management System

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The customer is a leading consultant in the real estate domain situated in the Netherlands. They maintain a platform that provides information links to physical objects such as buildings and products. The platform ensures that this information remains publicly available and easily accessible throughout the life cycle of a real estate project. Depending on the role, access to the relevant information is provided.


The customer spends a lot of time trying to pinpoint the location of the components of building management (buildings, related products, materials, and raw materials) throughout the project life cycle. The client also observed that finding the right information about the product is time-consuming and tedious. Often, the correct information is no longer available, if a project is spread over a longer time. If a product can be reused, it is necessary to know its condition and whether it can be reused. If this information is not available readily, the product may be written off as waste.

Blockchain-based Building Management System - 01

Technology Used



Node.js, Angular

Programming Language


Database Management Server

Agile Methodology

Software development method

JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap

Client Technology


Version Control

Blockchain-based Building Management System - 02
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The solution comprises the following features:

  • Construction Project Management” functionality that contains details of the building or any other construction. The project has properties like Project Name, Project Number, Location, Start and End date, etc.

  • Effectively “Manage Building Components” using this module. This is the sub-component of projects which contains details of the window, curtain wall, etc. It also manages the details of sub-components like height, width, the status of components (Pending, In Production, Ready). There are three ways to add a product, if necessary.
    1.Upload MBD
    2.Upload XLS
    3.Manual Add Product

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) - 2D/3D” helps professionals design, build, and maintain higher-quality, more energy-efficient buildings. Using this function, admin can add the IFC file for a 2D or 3D model view.

  • “User Administration” feature consist of three different roles:
    1.“Organizational Admin” allows management of all activities, except organization management and invite users.
    2.“System Admin" manages the entire system, except for the shared project.
    3.“Basic User” can view shared projects, and access whatever rights the organization admin may allow.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. developed a sustainable and dependable solution for real estate. This system increases the predictability and profitability of the organizations through objective and transparent information related to products and processes. This solution helped the customer with information related to the status of components as well as pending projects.


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