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Building Roof Maintenance System

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The customer is the leading consultant in the real estate domain. They offer maintenance contract that includes an annual inspection, cleaning roofs and small damage repairs. Customer works for professional building managers of housing corporations, institutional investors, hospitals/healthcare institutions, municipalities, school institutions and companies and industries throughout Netherlands.


As the number of roof’s renovation and maintenance have significantly increased in recent years, so the customer realized the need to map the digitizing process of inspection. Customer faced hurdle in maintaining data of building roof, roof elements and other inspection reports done on paper. This way of working requires a lot of time at different levels in the organization. In addition, manually keeping records of data will always be a risk to know whether the information is gathered correctly or not.

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Technology Used

Website Mobile



Web Server

Asp.NET Core 2 with C# Ionic 3

Programming Language

Microsoft SQL Server SQLLite

Database Management Server

MVC and IONIC default architecture


Angular 6 Ionic 3

Client Technology


Version Control

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  • Using Gilde Software Integration maintenance contracts, buildings and work assignments are managed. In this system, data is automatically fetched from the gilde software.

  • All the Work Assignments and job orders are assign to the employees using compatible Marlin Integration Software which can afterwards automatically fetch into the system.

  • Accurate User Management component is responsible for managing users, user roles, authentication based user login, authorization, registration process etc.

  • One can add its roof, advice, inspection elements, roof constructions, observed defects etc. using Building Management function. The component can manage buildings records that are imported from the third party software named "Glide”.

  • Roof elements and roof construction are managed in Roof Management module. The component is used to manage roofs which are created for particular building in which one can add its Condition, Advice, Defects, Cleaning Tasks, Repair Tasks, Drawing etc. Particular roof data is used by inspector to perform the inspection of roof.

  • Customised Work Order Management module is used to manage the contracts or job orders that are imported from the third party software named "Marlin" of the building in which Tasks of particular building are managed. The status of the tasks, job orders are displayed on the work order board to track the inspection process

  • Outstanding digital inspection, reports are displayed with status in the Interactive Dashboard.

  • Users can perform the task related to job orders in the offline mode by making sketch of defects or can take photos as well. Information such as cleaning roof, repair damages, advice planned maintenance, corrective planned maintenance, capture roof defects, inventory of roof elements and inventory of roof construction is then synced to web via network using Roof Inspection Management module.

  • Easy to perform Role based access helps users to access this module according to their role like owner, admin, and inspector etc.

  • Coherent and interactive Master Data Management handles master record of unit, work type, construction type, parts and roof components.

  • Settings are there to manage contracts, clients and work assignments.

image Conclusion/Results

With the robust and sustainable solution provided by the iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd the customer able to help building managers to digitize inspection process and inspection reports generation. With the new system, the complex process of paper work is now simplified, elapsing less time and reduced risks.


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