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Fleet management consists of managing vehicles such as cars, rail, vans, airplanes, helicopters, ships and other kinds of automobiles. It includes various functions, such as providing finance for vehicles, maintenance, vehicle tracking, vehicle diagnostics, driver management, speed management, fuel management, and health and safety management.

However, fleet management also faces several challenges which include -

  • Avoiding data overload
  • Integrating fleet data into existing software systems
  • Making sure all assets are fully utilized
  • Managing a big team is a challenge
  • Finding specific fleet information quickly
  • Software systems that are scalable and able to handle rapid growth
  • Controlling the unauthorized usage of firm assets
  • Driver safety and efficiency
  • Cost-cutting initiatives
  • Fuel price instability

Role of IT in the Fleet industry

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IT plays a vital role in the Fleet industry. The cloud-based system provides a complete visual of the fleet, which makes it possible to manage it from anywhere by using a mobile application on a smart device. Big data for analytics and evaluation are becoming an important trend among fleet management systems everywhere.

These data sets can help impact decisions on vehicle maintenance, driver safety, fleet fueling, etc. Tracking vehicles and their routes will help decrease the amount of time taken. Telematics is the technology behind GPS. Using this technology, fleet teams will now be able to track fleet vehicles to determine the most efficient route, the closest truck to a job site, etc.

fleet software development services

Our proficiency

(Cutting-edge fleet management software using innovative technologies)

We have provided simplified solutions for fleet industries and helped them turn their ventures into incredible success stories. Our software services for the Fleet industry include –

  • Custom fleet management software

    Custom fleet management software has been specially developed to meet the specific needs of your business processes. The fleet management system will help you improve your drivers’ profile by offering data such as the average speed when driving, the route selected, and also the way they drive. With this information, you can boost your drivers’ performance and reduce the incidence of accidents while driving.

  • Route planning software

    Our robust route planning software lets you convey the best routes to a Driver App. The driver apps ensure that your drivers know where to go, provide specific instructions related to stops, and gather proof-of-delivery.

  • Driver management software

    Driver management system allows you to get an extensive look at your drivers, their efficiency and the overall safety of your assets. A driver management system can automatically upload the necessary information for your fleet and telematics data.

  • Data transfer for fleet systems

    iFour Technolab, a leading fleet custom software development company, delivers robust and sustainable transportation software with the ability to optimize the extraction of data using Windows service.

  • Task management and scheduler system

    We utilize latest technology, which conceptualizes a comprehensive solution with different modules and features for cab service providers. It provides various administrative services including automated vehicle maintenance scheduling and tracking, cashiering integration, online account management, etc.

  • Delivery management software

    A delivery management platform digitalizes core logistics operations like consigning, task allocation, vehicle tracking, route planning and more. It connects your drivers or couriers who are on the road with the staff in your back office.

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Kick-start your fleet business with innovative software solutions

  • Our team can help clients by developing custom fleet management software to give the overall picture of vehicles used for commercial purposes and keep track of them.

  • iFour Technolab can also deliver services to implement other fleet-related software such as GPS tracking software, insurance rating software, route planning software, warehouse management software, fleet software development, etc.

  • iFour has an excellent team of Android and iOS developers who can help you with various mobile applications with real-time vehicle tracking features.

  • As one of the leading fleet software companies in USA and a high-quality fleet software service provider, iFour has delivered outstanding services to both general as well as technical clients worldwide.

  • We build features that enable real-time access to vehicle and asset locations, track goods, monitor fuel consumption, mileage, vehicle health as well as driver behavior.

  • This solution also speeds up logistic activities. Our custom software solutions offer automated fleet services and powerful data handling facilities with great performance.

  • In addition, our fleet software experts ensure the collection of crucial data like distance travelled, GPS location, vehicle mishandling, fuel utilization, the pace of the vehicle, etc., and store it in the databases. The data is analyzed and processed, and the final reports are presented to customers.

  • Another important fact to note is that the solutions provided by our software experts have been created with the latest technology and implemented by following the Agile methodology. Our solutions are highly secure and reliable.


Fleet management case study

iFour Technolab has wide experience in developing customized software for fleet industry firms. Some of our projects are:

These applications streamline fleet industries’ operations by minimizing risks related to vehicles and decreasing the overall costs. The real purpose of this application is to provide low-cost transportation solutions which may or may not involve an organization owning vehicles.

There is huge competition among fleet firms and those with a strategic focus will benefit, as clients want greater cost-effectiveness in the delivery of fleet services. iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. provides sustainable custom software development services that allow real-time tracking of fleets, which can help manage them better.



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FAQs for Fleet software development services

iFour Technolab is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner with over 10 years of market experience and offers competent software solutions to various industrial clients. When you partner with iFour, you will get –

  • Experienced, vetted, and certified experts
  • Top-rated services within the budget
  • Custom solutions with flawless features
  • Strict confidentiality and excellent security
  • High accuracy and complete transparency
  • On-time project delivery

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. is an esteemed Fleet software development company, that offers top-rated software services to clients. After assessing the client’s requirements, our business analysts meet up with the development team to discuss the project work scope. The final print with all details such as project tools, technology stack, timeline, and the team would be shared with the client through Skype or email.

We offer these custom software solutions and services for the Fleet industrial clients -

  • Custom Fleet management software
  • Route planning software
  • Driver management software
  • Delivery management software
  • Mobile application development services
  • Third-party integration services

Our software professionals use these technologies while developing bespoke Fleet software - .NET MVC, Node.js, Angular, .NET Core, Java, React Native, React.js, Flutter, Xamarin, and Ionic.

Yes, we offer native and hybrid mobile app development services to the Fleet clients and deliver flawless applications for their business needs.

Yes, we assist the Fleet industry with third-party integration services for their existing system.

We need to check your source code and its behavior with other modules. If we find your codebase is of high quality, we will proceed to work with it, else we will start new development.

At iFour, we take every required measure to enhance security and make every software professional sign an NDA to remain your project idea secret.

Our professionals use popular tools such as Slack, Skype, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting to coordinate with clients and team members while Fleet project development.

Our Network Administrators employ token-based authentication system and data encryption strategies to enhance security. They also make use of effective tools such as firewalls, and antivirus to protect from unauthorized access and provide a secure barrier.

Our experts use Bitbucket and GitHub to manage your fleet industry project source code.

You would be the true owner of your Fleet software project. We will hand you complete ownership rights at the end of project tenure.

Depending on your development approach and processes, either the project manager, business analyst, or the development team would be in direct contact with you to provide project updates.

Yes, we offer maintenance services for the Fleet software project and resolve customer concerns in the least possible time.

We consider factors such as project complexity, risk factors involved, external dependencies, technology and other business factors while deciding the complete cost of your custom software project.

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