Custom Fleet Management Software Development

Escalate your business efficiency with the help of fleet management software

Fleet management consists of varied vehicles like cars, rail, vans and all kind of automobiles, airplanes, helicopters as well as ships. Fleet management includes various functions, such as providing finance for vehicles, maintenance of vehicles, vehicle tracking, vehicle diagnostics, driver management, speed management, fuel management, and health and safety management. Fleet management faces many problems; below is the list of few major challenges:

  • Avoiding data overload
  • Integrating fleet data into existing software systems
  • Making sure all assets are fully utilized
  • Managing a very big team is a big challenge.
  • Finding specific fleet information quickly
  • Software systems that are scalable and able to handle rapid growth
  • Controlling the unauthorized usage of firm assets
  • Driver safety and efficiency
  • Cost-cutting initiatives
  • Fuel price instability

Role of IT in the Fleet industry

Strengthen IT expertise to remold your inventive ideas into reality
IT plays a vital role in the Fleet industry. The Cloud-based system gives complete visibility of the entire fleet and hence we can manage it everywhere by mobile application in the smart device. Big data for analytics and evaluation are becoming a bigger trend among fleet management systems everywhere.
These data sets can help impact decisions on vehicle maintenance, driver safety, fleet fuelling, etc. Tracking vehicles and their routes will continue to help decrease the amount of time. Telematics is the technology behind GPS. Using this technology, fleet teams will now be able to track fleet vehicles to determine the most efficient route, closest truck to a job site, etc.

Our proficiency

Substantiate cutting-edge Fleet management software by engaging innovative technologies

We have provided effortless solutions for Fleet industries and helped them to get on the track turning their ventures into an incredible success. Our software services for Fleet Industry include:

Custom Fleet Management software Custom Fleet Management software
Custom fleet management software is specially developed to meet a specific purpose and business processes. The fleet management system will help you enhance your drivers' profile by offering data such as the average speed when driving, the route selected, and also how the way they drive. With this information, you can assist them boost your drivers' performance and reduce bad habits while driving.
Route planning software Route planning software
Our robust route planning software lets you hasten your optimized routes to a Driver App. Frequently, driver apps ensure your drivers know where to go, reference any exceptional instructions for a stop, and gather proof-of-delivery.
Driver Management software Driver Management software
Driver management system allows you to get an extensive look at your drivers, their efficiency and the overall safety of your assets. A driver management system can automatically upload necessary information for your fleet and telematics data.
Data Transfer for Fleet systems Data Transfer for Fleet systems
iFour Technolab, a leading Fleet custom software development company, delivers robust and sustainable transportation software with a capability to optimize extraction of data using Windows Service.
Task management and scheduler system Task management and scheduler system
We utilize latest technology which conceptualizes a comprehensive solution with different modules and features for cab service providers. It provides various administrative services including automated vehicle maintenance scheduling and tracking, cashiering integration, online account management etc.
Delivery Management software Delivery Management software
A delivery management platform digitalizes core logistics operations like consigning, task allocation, vehicle tracking, route planning and more. It joins your drivers or couriers out on the road with the staff in your back office.

How iFour can help Fleet Industry?

Explore our vigorous fleet software solutions that assists to inflate your firm efficiently

Today, every business makes its dependency on reliable vehicles at some point. Transportation and Fleet Industries are fully reliant on these commute sources. Managing a large number of vehicles at a time is not an easy task. One needs to find better and efficient business solutions like fleet management system development for their on-going Industries. This is where iFour Technolab comes into the picture.


It can manage hundreds of vehicles system and handles the potential of manual labour. Some other benefits this software can accord like automate the complex and time-consuming processes, limit the unwanted expenses, performance enhancement, safety, etc.

This Offshore firm has meritorious fleet software developers that can provide IT consulting services to develop Fleet Maintenance software that focuses on the preventive maintenance aspect and repairs of Business vehicles for the Fleet industry.

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Our team can help the Fleet Industrial clients in implementing the custom Fleet Management software. This software gives the overall picture of employers’ vehicles used for commercial purposes and keeps track of them.

Apart from that iFour Technolab can also deliver its services to implement significant fleet-related software such as GPS Tracking software, Insurance rating software, Route Planning software, Warehouse Management software, fleet software development, etc.

iFour also has an excellent team of Android and iOS developers that can help in building mobile applications related to Transport industries that lend customers to book the vehicle for pick and drop purpose with real-time vehicle tracking.

Being one of the leading fleet software companies in India and the best fleet management system provider, iFour has delivered magnificent services to both outsource as well as technical clients globally.

How iFour delivers business value?

iFour delivers robust fleet asset management software for your business

iFour Technolab is a leading custom software development company in India for the Fleet industry. iFour team is intensively focused on providing automated, secured and real-time services.

Our company experts develop custom software that helps the transportation business by minimizing risk related to vehicles and provides full compliance with government legislation.

We provide solutions that provide real-time access to vehicle and asset location, fuel consumption, mileage, vehicle health as well as driver behavior and compliance.

This solution also speeds up logistic activities. Our custom software solutions offer automated fleet services and powerful data handling facilities with great performance.

In addition to that, our fleet software experts ensure the crucial data collection like Distance travelled, GPS location, vehicle mishandling, fuel utilization, the pace of vehicle, etc. and store in the databases, which are then sent to online software that organizes the final reports and keeps the track.

Fleet Management Case Study

iFour Technolab has a great experience in serving customized software to fleet industry firms and some of our projects are:

These applications streamline fleet industries operations with minimizing risk related to vehicles and decreasing overall costs. The real purpose of this application is to provide low-cost transportation solutions which may or may not involve an organization owning vehicles.

There is huge competition in fleet firms and those with a strategic focus will benefit, as clients want greater cost-effectiveness in the delivery of fleet services. iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. condensed powerful and sustainable custom software development services that allow the customer to give real-time tracking services and fleet run smarter, better and on time.

FAQs for Fleet Industry Software Development:

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. is such an organization that constantly aims to give wings to the client business in the market. This eminent Fleet software development company have dexterous Business Analysts who connect the client and gather the business requirements. By arranging a meeting with the team of developers and project managers, they finalize the needs such as technology stack, tools, timescale, design, web server, framework, etc. The final details would be shared with the client for further process.

We have provided effortless solutions for Fleet industries and helped them to get on the track turning their ventures into an incredible success. Our software services for Fleet Industry include:

  1. Custom Fleet Management software
  2. Route planning software
  3. Driver Management software
  4. Delivery Management software
  5. Mobile application development services
  6. Third-party integration services

Delivery Management software is a digital platform through which one can manage logistics-related operations such as dispatch, task allocation, route analysis, vehicle tracking, etc. The following are the advantages of Delivery Management software:

  1. Employers can manage the delivery vehicles from anywhere remotely.
  2. It provides a real-time tracking feature while pickup and delivery.
  3. Employers can assign seamless tasks to the vehicle drivers, which would be notified in their driver apps.
  4. Customers, Agents, and employers would have real-time communication, and eventually, evade obstacles from occurring.
  5. As it provides hassle-free customer delivery with increased customer satisfaction, it ultimately increases customer count and business growth.

This eminent Fleet Website development company assists the Feet industrial clients with next-level IT solutions using popular technologies such as:
Asp.Net Core, Mobile technologies, Asp.Net, Angular JS, PHP, JavaScript, WPF, Node.Js, etc.

This prominent Mobile App development company serves the Fleet industry with amazing Mobile app services for their business needs. Having proficiency in iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, iFour mobile app developers deal with hybrid and native app development services.

Yes, we have top-class professionals who would assist the clients of the Fleet industry with third-party integrations into their existing systems.

At iFour, our professional software developers follow certain rules and regulations to decide your old project codebase.

  1. Reviewing your Fleet project codebase to understand the exact processes and operations.
  2. Inspecting the source code’s quality, its output, and performance.
  3. Our developers would proceed with your code if and only if it meets the latest standards and features. Otherwise, they start the development from scratch to avoid unexpected and complex errors in the future.

We take every required step of security for the Fleet industry project and take extra care of the client’s property and data privacy. All the software developers and project managers who work on the Fleet project would sign the NDA contract to ensure project secrecy.

This Fantastic Fleet software service provider utilizes popular communication tools such as Slack, Skype, Gmail, Microsoft Team, GoToMeeting, JIRA, voice call, etc. to coordinate with clients and team members.

We have adroit Network Administrators who are master in maintaining security over the working environment. By using antivirus, Firewall, etc. they build the barrier against unauthorized access. Apart from that, they keep password-protected access mechanisms for the work and only genuine developers would be given the access right.

Our meritorious developers manage the source code version control of the Fleet industry using GitHub and Bitbucket.

No doubt you will be the genuine owner of your Fleet industry project. We will hand you all your ownership rights, IP copyrights, etc. just after the project deployment.

Being recognized as an esteemed Fleet management software development company in India, we have screened the team of dexterous project managers who have high expertise in project handling. Without making any compromise on timescale, code strategy, UI, work quality, etc., one of them would be monitoring your Fleet management software project.

Yes, we also serve the Fleet industrial clients with software maintenance services. We have deft L2 support engineers who maintain the tickets in the in-house system and troubleshoot the software concerns in time.

Based on the type, modules, complexity, size of your Fleet Management software project, we can offer 90-120 days of the warranty period and resolve the concerns of your project.