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Truckload board management system


Performing tasks manually imposed many limitations such as real-time communication, inability to manage logistics, calculate shortest paths, forecast weather, and insecure payment methods. To eliminate such concerns and manage transportation effectively, the customer realized the need for an automated solution.

Truckload board management system - 01

Technology Used

Angular 14

Front end

.NET Core 5.0

Back end

SQL Server 2019




Truckload board management system - 02
Truckload board management system - 03

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  • Carriers

    1. “Carriers module” includes key information such as address, contacts, services, ownership, financial documents, technologies, and many more which helps to transport goods.
    2. It allows you to schedule, and manage vehicles used for transportation.
  • Company & users management

    1. This module allows you to register your company and generate users for it. The company can monitor the daily workflow of job assignments.
  • Customer management

    1. This module manages users who intend to carry their goods from one place to another.
  • Order management

    1. With the “Orders management” module, orders are generated in response to user requests.
    2. For each order, essentials such as finance, carrier, pickup and delivery, warehouse, and so on are managed.
  • Truck management & tracking board

    1. There are various types of trucks, including carrier trucks, system trucks, and transactional vehicles. It determines the most effective way to connect the truck and order.
  • History management

    1. It manages the history of entities such as customers, carriers, warehouses, and vehicle history, which may help users in future truck management planning.
  • Finance

    1. This module manages the financial data for clients, carriers, and the firm.

image Conclusion/Results

We created a cutting-edge system that allowed client to better manage his business process. It is laser-focused on providing automated, secure, and real-time services, all of which are critical in the logistics and shipping sectors. It also benefited the client by reducing wait times and timely delivery. Looking to hire .NET Core developers? Connect us from our website now.


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