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Shipment Process Management System

Shipment Process Management System

About Customer

Customer is based from United States and it uses Amazon e-Commerce platform to sell used books. It largely emphasizes on providing quality services at lowest prices with cutting edge pricing technology and latest

supply chain methods

. It has brought scale and innovation to processing and selling used books allowing them to ship even faster to their customers.


Customer's traditional approach of performing tasks manually had many limitations such as inability in tracking shipment flow and status, generating invoices, book price setting, and reviewing the sales. These difficulties often degraded the sales efficiency and profits. Customer realized the need to develop a complete solution that could provide a smooth automated shipment process.


iFour Technolab, a

leading AngularJS development company

, built a robust web application with multi-browser compatibility and responsive web design.

The solution comprises the following features:

  • E-Commerce Integration - Amazon Marketplace Web Service to exchange data on listings, orders, payments, reports, etc.
  • Role based Access Control Mechanism - for Admin users and Client users to prevent misuse of the application functionalities
  • Interactive Dashboards – to increase the sales efficiency
  • Hassle-free Shipment Process Management module for planning cost estimation and completion
  • Scan Dashboard to accept or reject scanned books based on the Amazon's response
  • Automated Book Price Generation based on Amazon's Book price
  • Automated Shipment Generation and Estimation based on weight and dimension of the shipment box
  • Shipment label PDF generation and download to ensure that the shipment is processed at the Amazon fulfillment center quickly and accurately
  • Shipment Dashboard to check items based on status Working, Shipped, Receiving, In Transit, Closed, Deleted, Cancelled, At Warehouse
  • Informative and Interactive Dashboards to view Shipment Sales Reports, Estimated Sales Report and Overall Sales Report
  • Data Analysis Report of the delivered items
  • Long Term Storage Fee (LTSF) Reports to review Sales Rank, Unsold Books, Average Price
  • Yearly and Quarterly Report Card
  • Automated Feedback tracking to review the responses of the customers
  • Source and Site and Warehouse details to track the flow of books
  • Automated Shipment Tracking and notifications on status updates
  • Help Dashboard to educate the new users by providing videos
  • Invoice PDF generation and Download

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Technology Used



Web Server

Microsoft Azure

Programming Language

C#, Angular JS, HTML 5



Database Management Server

Microsoft SQL Server



Client Technology

JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX

Version Control



With the comprehensive solution provided by iFour Technolab, the customer is now able to deliver services with significant decrease in overall costs. Time consuming administrative tasks are now automated thus increasing the sales process efficiency. Customer is able to perform better estimates, review reports on sales resulting into improved decision making and increased sales and profits. Post implementation support from iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. has developed a long-term bonding with the customer.