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Digital Inspection And Survey Management

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Our customer is a reliable software development company in USA with branches in Greater Detroit and in Indianapolis area. It offers full spectrum of IT consulting services to its clients and help them achieve their business goals.


Many projects require environmental clearances, which include inspection and job surveys. Such activities can be time consuming, since much of the work is manual, including record keeping, writing, translating, and submitting reports, among others.

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Technology Used


Programming Languages

JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, HTML

Client Technology

Microsoft SQL Server








Hybrid mobile application


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This hybrid application comprises the following features:

  • Deal

    1. Deal is the starting point for any inspection survey. Users can create a deal that contains different stages like pass, fail, etc. If the deal is passed, a new job is created in the system for that deal and it can be taken forward to the next process.
  • Pipeline and stage

    1. Users can create pipelines to manage deals and mark their status easily.
    2. User can create and manage the different stages for a particular pipeline under deal management. The stage properties are also maintained simultaneously.
  • Job

    1. Job contains client details, billing information, job information with different settings as well as job sheets, which are managed for clients. Users can add and manage different tasks for jobs.
  • Question pool

    1. Users can create and manage questions of different types, such as, text input, single select, multi-select, file, tables, checkboxes, dropdowns, etc., along with their options and create a pool of questions for inspection.
  • Mobile App - inspection


    1. Users can create different inspection types and add questions from the question pool to the required inspection types. They can manage the order of questions, assign groups to questions, set dependent questions and prepare a whole list of inspection questions.
  • Mobile App - inspection job

    1. Users can review the inspection in the mobile app, collect data and add to a particular inspection type. After the inspection process, the user can sync data to the server. Users can also perform other actions like reviewing the inspection, add samples, materials, and survey rooms for inspection, send samples to the laboratory, download reports, etc.
  • Mobile App - inspection job samples

    1. Users can create different types of samples for each inspection and can send those samples for testing purposes to the laboratory from the website.
  • Mobile App - inspection job materials and surveys

    1. Users can create material along with images and functional descriptions. They can also create survey rooms for such material to conduct their surveys.
  • Web - inspection

    1. Users can see all the inspections which are submitted from the mobile app and can view or download a list of inspection reports.
    2. Users can view all the answers submitted from the app, and update and manage them from the website. They can also publish them to the lab and manage materials along with their survey rooms added from the mobile app.
  • Tasks

    1. Users can set reminders with priority levels related to their jobs and deals or set a reminder for their follow-up process to ensure easy and efficient management.
  • Alerts

    1. Users can view the alerts for their jobs, task, deals and inspections.
  • Role-based access control

    1. With appropriate login credentials, the user gets authenticated and redirected to the dashboard based on the user access rights, thereby enabling secure control.
  • Dashboard

    1. Once the user is authenticated, he gets redirected to the dashboard where he can view monthly inspection reports and keep a record of the latest inspections carried out from the app, along with the required details.
  • Job scheduling

    1. Using a job scheduling module, jobs can be scheduled for technicians with ease.
  • Sales report

    1. Users can simply view and download all the sales-related reports such as deal count report, lost deal report, etc., to track and keep a record of all the processes conducted with the relevant details.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab USA. Inc. has developed a robust hybrid application that helps to attain maximum productivity with the least effort to manage inspections and survey jobs for those inspections. The customer is moving towards complete digitization of business processes to significantly reduce lead time for inspections and survey jobs. Digital inspections will provide complete tracking of inspections without risking the inherent translation inefficiencies related to paper surveys and eliminate the possibility of error/omissions.


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